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1357-8 John Stodey Stephen Caundish and Barth. Frostelyng 33 " 1358-9 John Lovekyn John Bernes and John Bures 34 " 1359-60 Simon Dolsell (Donfeld or Doffelde) Simon Bedyngton (Radyngton, G.) and John Chichester 35 " 1360-1 John Wroth John Deynes

, John, 1, 10, 67 Buckingham , John, 46, 116 Bulcote , William, 49 Bullock , Walter, 103 Bulneys , John, 15 Burbache , John, 67, 103 Burbache , Robert, 74 Burdet , John, 62, 77 Burges , John, 22,

, John (c. 1423), 49 Everdon , John de (d. 1335), 8 Everino , see Vernhio Ewyn , William, 65 Excestre , John, 43 Excestre , William de, 29 Exon , John de, see Strange Exonia , John de (John

father of John. Witnesses: Robert Neweport, John Barley, John Leventhorp, John Grey, William Geddyngge, John Basset, John Clero. Dated Claverynge, 11 June 8 Henry IV. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 15 June. June 15. Westminster. John Cateryke clerk to John Bathe clerk.

the said John son of John for his life, and that the castle, manors, commotes and moiety are held in chief by barony, and the said lands are held of another than the king; and John son of John is

Marny knight. Attornment etc. ( as before ). Witnesses: John Colyn parson of Stifforde, Thomas Bellyous of Alvythele, John Bellyous his son, John Stodeye, Lawrence Bradele, John Leyre of Leyre Bretoun, John Wade of Orsete, Richard Glovere of Billerica. Dated

John Sylvester, each of London 'brewer.' Membrane 8 d . Thomas Cotere, Richard Horewode clerks, John Norbury, John Derham esquires and John Walsche of Lynforde to John Peryan esquire, Thomas Beauforde earl of Dorset, Sir Hugh Luterell knight, Sir

VI October 1424 October 1424 Oct. 28. Westminster. John Barton clerk to Master John Southam clerk. Recognisance for 40 marks, to be levied etc. in Oxfordshire. John Partenay of London chaplain to John Day of Louth 'draper,' his heirs and

Thomas Stewarde of Beeston co. Norffolk 'husbondman' and John Runhale citizen of Norwich to William Alnewyke bishop of Norwich, John Wodehous esquire, William Prestwyke, Thomas Haseley clerks, John Excetre notary public, John Benet and Thomas Walpoolle chaplains, their heirs and

Cromewelle lord Cromewelle, John Scroope lord Scroope knights, Robert Darcy, Bartholomew Brokesby esquires, Thomas Mollesley, Walter Kebell and John Massy any issues thereof taken; as it is found by inquisition, taken before the escheator, that John Bohun, John Wilteshire knights,

Close Rolls, Henry VI 1455 1455 Membrane 6 d . John Plomer citizen and grocer of London, to John Grene 'gentilman,' John Yonge, John Blaunche and Thomas Couper citizens and grocers of London, their executors and assigns. Gift of

and John Cornyssh the younger, to George Isbare. ( Like ) recognisance. ( Like ) condition for appearance of John Cornyssh. Oct. 17. Westminster. Hugh Whete, John Silvestre, John Fox, William Lincoln ( all as above ) and John Cornyssh

William Cryour 'brewer,' Philip Gylberde 'chaundeler' and John Carter 'bocher,' all of London, in favour of Thomas Croydoun 'chaundeler,' Henry 'Thomasservant Croydoun' and John 'Thomasservant Croydoun' at suit of John son of John Lincoln averring threats. Memorandum of a mainprise

Waryn, John Moyne, Robert Turburvyle knights, John Gawayn, John Neuton. Dated 15 March 14 Henry IV. Robert Lovell to John Roger or Nicholas Coventre clerk. Letter of attorney, appointing them to deliver to Maud his mother and to John lord

not to trouble John son of John de Peyton esquire, or suffer him to be troubled for his homage; as upon the finding of an inquisition, taken by Philip Ingelfelde escheator in Essex, that Thomas Priour, John Danyell of Yeselham,

at Michaelmas next to answer John Byngley, servant of John Blythe keeper of the rolls, concerning a debt of 40 s . which he unjustly withholds. Membrane 10 d . 601 May 24. Indenture between John Isley esquire, and Richard

same. Like writ, mutatis mutandis , by mainprise of John atte Were of Devon, William Marcowe and John Conyton, each of Cornwall, and John Whityton of London 'brewer,' in favour of William Archer at suit of John Forster the elder.

Walter Halybrede clerk, John Borham, John Pyngstone of Borham and John Bonkstret of Little Waltham to Thomas Broun 'gentilman' and John Ardeley. Letter of attorney, appointing them to give Walter Hungerforde knight lord of Heytisbury and Hommet, John Tiptoft knight

quinzaine of St. John Baptist 3 Henry VI between Henry Blakemore clerk, William Payne, John Neburgh, John Storke and John Cheverell plaintiffs and Ralph Busshe esquire, Eleanor his wife and John Chydyoke knight, then esquire, son of John Chydyoke knight,

to John Kempe. Receipt and acquittance for 20 s . Dated 6 November 31 Henry VI. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 6 November. John Maryon, son of Richard Maryon of High Estern, to John Chisehull esquire, Walter Wrytill 'gentilman' and John Maryon

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