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Iacob coheires of þe same repromyssyoun. (1434) Proc.Privy C. 4.261 Herry, sone & heire to Sir John Gray, coheir to þe lordship of Powys. (c1439) Proc.Chanc.PRO ser.C 1 file 9 no.111 John Poere and Margery his Wif..coheirs of William Faseman.

OF cordier (a) A ropemaker; (b) fig. one who weaves a cord. (1207) Fine R.King John 399 Germanus Corder, Civis London. (1207) Fine R.King John 453 Radulphus Corder. (1307) Will Court Hust. Gldh 1.194 Roger le Corder. 1402(1347) Assess.Edw.III in

meraltie of the said Thomas. (1441) Proc.Privy C. 5.166 John Combe, John Balmar, John Steere, late maires of Colchester..heringe tell that one Thomas Bocher..had empeached hem to þe Kyng..þe said John the tyme of their meiraltees..shold be untrewe to

203 Thomas Chyvalier junior taillour. (1423) Reg.Chichele in Cant.Yk.S.42 Lamb 69 268 John Barton, junior. (1448) Acc.St.Mary Thame in BBOAJ 13 52 The accomptes of John Kyng and John Benet, junr., Proctours or Yconomi of the prebendal Chirche of Thame.

Jon n. Also john , johan . AF ; cp. CF Jehan , Johan & L Johannes . (a) John; -- used as a familiar name for a priest; sire ; (b) used as a contemptuous name for a person

Clarensewe king of Armes, atte prayer, instaunce, and request of the said John have made herein due serche and founde the right armes of the seid John..Which armes I, the seid Clarensewe, King of Armes, conferme unto the seid John.

eny Graunt or Grauntez by us made unto John Browne, undir Clerk of oure Kechyn, of certein Eschete Londs within the Countees of Lincoln and Rutland. (1454) Proc.Privy C. 6.226 The countynghous John Brekenoke, clerk of þe countrollement Richard Dalafeld,

John FitzGeffrey were dede. (1442) RParl. 5.58a The seide Cardinall, Archebisshop, and Lord Hungerford, or any of their coffeffiez now passid to God. (1450) RParl. 5.186b The which ground and soyll we hadde of the feoffement of the said

superior of a Franciscan house. c1450 Lond.Chron.Cleo. Cleo C.4 143 John Wellys whas maden be the kyng custos or wardeyn of Norwich. (1465) Rec.Mercers in Blades Caxton 148 John lambert, John Warde..Custoses. (1466) Rec.Mercers in Blades Caxton 148 A lettre

LetBk B 122 John le Leuter. (1306) in Grossmann Fruhmittelengl.zeugnisse 46 Janin le lutur. (1310) in Thuresson ME Occup.Terms 187 Joh. le Luter. (1344-5) Will Court Hust. Gldh 1.476 La Leutour [Isabella, called, late wife of John de Aconia called]

orfever(e . OF (a) A goldsmith; (b) as surname. (1305) in G.Otto Handwerkernamen 27 Orfevre. (1421) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 7.358 [John Wynne], orfever,[and John Claveryng], draper. a1450 Cat.Plays Yk. p.xxi Orfeuers, Goldbeters, Monemakers. -?-(1312) Reg.Freemen York in Sur.Soc.96 14 Johannes Barri, orfeuer.

Raungers of oure said Forestes. (1464) RParl. 5.543b Provided alwey that this Acte..extende John of the Raungers within oure Forest of Dene..and to John Kendale..oon of the Raungers..within the seid Forest. (1327) in Thuresson ME Occup.Terms 72 Sim.

do the same to oure articles of provis. (1473-5) Proc.Chanc. in Cal.PCEliz. 2.p.lx John Saunder seith that the new mater variaunt from her bill..nevertheles..the seide John Saunder rejoyneth & seith that..the said Richard Saunder was seased of the seide

be made to þe same John the son and Agnes, and to þe heires male of their ij bodyes begoton; for defaute of suche issue, the remeigner to the Right heires of the saide Sir John Bussy. (a1450) Contract in

that the said Petition or Acte extende not to the hurte or prejudice of the seid John Doune, of eny Graunte or Grauntes made by us unto hym, of the office of Ridership within the Forest of Delamare and Moudrein,

of the] ryngeldie [and] raglotie [of Turkelin, in the principality of Wales]. (1347) Reg.Edw.Blk.Pr. 1.121 [Order to Master John de John de Eccleshale..the bailiwicks of] raglotie, ryngildie [and] wodewardie [of the commote of Iscorvey]. (1347) Reg.Edw.Blk.Pr. 1.133 [He

Item, one old Portuous noted with chapiters, orysons, and lessons of the gyft of Sir John Gower, Priest..and one super altar of the same Sir John ys gyft. (?1474) Stonor 1.146 Item, j superaltare for þe awter. c1475 Wycl.Antichr.(2) Dub

John Witer. (1221) in Reaney Dict.Br.Surnames 380 Henry le Witere. (1275) in Fransson Surn. 177 Joh. le Wytere. (1310) in Fransson Surn. 177 Andrew le Whytere. (1320) in Fransson Surn. 177 Thom. le Whittere. (1346) in Fransson Surn. 177

brother..has exhibitt & shewide to me a bill of notabill costez. (1467) Paston 4.284 A newe contryved processe..that is exhibited and putte in my lordys courte of Audience..In a processe exhibit in John Pastons lyf tyme by Sir William Yelverton.

of it. [A service required of certain tenants]. (a1216) Inquis.King John in BGAS 2 297 Terra Othulf solebat operare tribus diebus in ebdomada et iij bederipas et iij feneisuns et tholnetum. (1403) Inquis.Hen.IV in BGAS 18 67 Omnes illi tenentes..debent

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