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Your servant Christoffyre " is probably Christopher Holland . As to John Elmys see No. 60. Hugh Fenne was a ward of Stonor , see vol. i, p. xxix. The signature and postscript are autograph. From A.C. , xlvi, 120.

, near Wallingford , in Berkshire , had a lawsuit between 1467 and 1472 with John Colyngrygge. Colyngrygge and his wife Isabell , together with John FitzRobert, and his wife Agnes , pleaded that William Makney , great-grandfather ( besayll

helps to determine the dates of all this series of Letters. As to the Exeter Almhouse see further No. 285. John Agecomb or Edgcombe was Residentiary of Exeter and Vicar of Ermington , see No. 285. Christopher Coke was a

2. CARTA LIBERA St. John ' s Coll . Camb . MS. E. 24, f. 22a. Variant readings from St. John ' s Coll . MS. D. 8, f. 174 b are reco rded in the footnotes. The rimes would

frend hast þou non, bote seint Iohan mournynde, Johan mournynde: Die Handschrift zeigt " John mournynde " , und über dem n des Wortes " John " ein Zeichen, welches als " a " oder als " to " gelesen

en Aquitaine. " On arriving at Bordeaux they offer their services to King John of Gascony, who is at war with the Saracen King Bege (Borgons); John willingly accepts their aid, and Renaud conducts the war so successfully, that Bege

Cal . Close Rolls , Ed . III, ii, 429). The genealogy of the following document is therefore hopelessly wrong. John de Stonor , the chief justice, held Bierton by knight-service of the Earl of Ormonde ( Feudal Aids ).

11. JOHN DE BEVERLE TO EDMUND DE STONOR 1 JANUARY , [ 1378 ] From A.C. , xlvi, 11. Trescher amy et ffiable compaignon. Pur ce qe je maffie entierment de voz, sieurement espoirant de vostre eide avoir et sage

of Goodrich , third baron Talbot , died in 1387 . He was grandfather of John Talbot , Earl of Shrewsbury . From A.C. , xlvi, 30. Trescher et tresame cosyn, molt vous merciouns de ceo qe vous avetz ease

le dit Manoir, dounte vous plaise savoir qe si vous plaise estre a Borstall ice mescredy prochein avenir, je froy John Bracy et le persone de Pottenham vous encountrer illoqes. Et en cas qe vous ne plaise illoqes venir, veuillez

to do with Ermington . " Wonard " may possibly be William Wynnard, grandfather of Agnes Stonor (see No. 261). John Cottesmore , who was afterwards ( 1429 - 1439 ) a judge of the Common Pleas and chief justice

kyng, Richard , Erle of Warrewik and Sar., grete chamberleyn of England , and the right trusty and welbelovyd knyght, John Wenlok, Lord Wenlok , oure seid sovereyn lordez deputeez and commissarez on that oon partie, and the noble and

Stokfeld, et Robertus Mercer , collectors of the Kyngges sylver chosin in þe hund ird of Benfeld & c. To John Wylkys, Constabull off Ritherfeld Pippard . In þe kyngges name We commaunde yow to levey of the persones underwrityn

Mull pro Ricardo Drayton xxj die Julii A o vj to E. iiij ti et deinceps. In primis paid to John of Devenshire proctor of the fraternite of Seynt Elen in Abendon for makyng of the seid Richard brother there,

be that ȝowr conscyense do groge ther at, that ȝe wod do make astate wnto me, my brothyr Clopton , John Grene , and Tomas Hyhcham, gentylmen. Syr, I thynke nat dyseryt hym of one fote of land. ȝe be

. Furthermore, I have spokyn with my Master Wyllyam Marmyun , and he hath spokyn with the Warden and with John Denyun, and as for the nexte corte they hathe founde a wey þat ther schull no thyng be do,

letter. The draft Award—No. 109—shows that the matter in dispute related to the estate of Wittonstall ' s stepson, John Cottesmore , who was a ward of Thomas Stonor , and married one of his guardian ' s daughters, probably

Cotymore ' s " son shows that this is earlier, though probably not much earlier, than No. 136. John Cotys|more was a ward of Thomas Stonor and married one of his daughters, per|haps in 1470 (see No. 110). It would

s mark appears as in Nos. 162 and 163. Master Wrohnton is probably John Wroughton , an Oxfordshire squire, and cousin of William Stonor (see vol. i, p. xix). From A.C. , xlvi, 108. Jhesu . A o . M.

thought ye and yours shew gretely the contrarie; for your servaunts and longyng to yow, Harry Parson , Christofre and John Parson , came into ther tenauntes housis and toke a wey conynges, fox nettes: wich conynges were take in

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