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bot crist alane in forme of man god son of heuen yat sall deme vs And y er -for seynt John says openly yus one line fol. 66rone line God haues gyfen to his son sais he All ye dome

er o ur of þ e gret Can hath iij wyffes & his p ri ncypall wyfe was pret er John ys doghter þ e folke of þ s contrye be-gynnyth to do all hyr thyngys yn þ e nwe

ydemed to peyne worþily For hure defens is þanne to hem wel vncouþ As þ er of telleþ to vs john e wiþ his mouþ fol. 68v he seiþ addno/add stede of defens schal be yfounde whanne crist schal be

for god allmyghty For the tone may noght be loued w t owte n ye toy er for als saynte John n in his gospell y t co m mau n demente he says we haue of god almy3ty fol.

Oxford, Bodleian Library, Douce 302 Text: Poems of John Audelay fol. 12va xxii Apon a day saynt gregore Song his mas at rome truly C ri st to hi m he con apere Jn e þe fegure of his autere

whed ur But in þe morowe he come to Bathe & þ er was foloed of þe bischopp and called John and was aft ur an n holy man and eu er -mor full deuoute aft ur to our lady

reference: Oxford, Bodleian Library, Greaves 57 Text: John Mirk's Instructions for Parish Priests Tranche 1 fol. 4vAnd also þ u most as þ u Dost preche The cosenage of Folowyng teche And if þ u wolt conne þ t well

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