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in Pipe R.Soc.n.s.10 157 Walterus Finor. (1384) in Fransson Surn. 134 John Hugyn, fynour. a1456(a1449) Lydg. Semblable Ashm 59 37 Þe craffty ffynour cane þe golde wele fyne. c1450(?a1400) Parl.3 Ages Add 31042 587 [Arestotle]..was a fyne philozophire and a

rim); a flanch, a flasque. (c1460) Bk.Arms in Anc.5 Hrl 2169 185 [Ermyne] ij flaunchys [azure with ] vj whetherys of golde. (c1460) Bk.Arms in Anc.5 Hrl 2169 188 [John Olney] beryth gowlys besaunte, ij flaunchys of sabyll ij leberdys.

freytenge of the stoffe be water, xj d. (1435) Doc.Merchant York in Sur.Soc.129 44 Item, resayved of William Gaunt for freghtyng of a shippe of Berwyk, vj s..resayved of John Denom for freghtyng of a shippe, iij s. iiij d.

freshing ger. (a) Refreshing; (b) replenishing. c1475 Gregory's Chron. Eg 1995 84 Kyng John..made his pepylle to cary a way alle maner of vytayle, that Kyng Edwarde shulde have no maner of freschynge for hys mayne. (1422) Plea &

, fulhtere n. From verb. Johannes the ful(lu)htere , John the Baptist. a1150(c1125) Vsp.D.Hom.Fest.Virg. Vsp D.14 39/227 Elisabeth, Johannes moder þaes fulhteres. c1175(OE) Bod.Hom.Dom.Quadr. Bod 343 42/19 Swa Iohannes ðe fulluhtere cwaeð. c1175(?OE) Bod.Hom. Bod 343 50/12 Iohannes þe fulluhtere.

A maker of saddletrees. (c1200) Doc.Ireland in RS 53 37 Ricardus le fuster. (1207) Fine R.King John 453 Willielmus Fuster. (1431) Feudal Aids 2 422 Johannes Fuster. a1450 Cat.Plays Yk. p.xxvi Sellers, Verrours, Fuystours. 1607(?a1425) Chester Pl. Hrl 2124 7/156

of gnashing with the teeth: accompanied by clicking or chattering. (c1384) WBible(1) Roy 1.B.6 3 John 10 I shal moneste his werkes whiche he doith, garringe [vrr. garrende, chatirynge; L garriens], or chidinge, in to us with yuele wordis. (a1387)

in phr.: of eie , clear of sight, sharp-sighted. a1400(a1325) Cursor Vsp A.3 13448 For-þi to þe arn lickest es he [John], þat es na foxl [vr. foul] sua ferr mai se, And es na foxl sa gleg of ei.

book; clerk of the , a record clerk in the king's countinghouse. (1454) Proc.Privy C. 6.226 The countynghous: John Brekenoke, clerk of þe countrollement, j yoman. Ric. Delafeld, underclerc of þe countrollement. (1472-3) RParl. 6.58b And that like othe

Radulfus Crakescheld. (1243) Doc. in Sur.Soc.127 27 Ricardus Crakepol. (c1275) Rec.Norwich 1 217 Willelmus Cracketayle. (1279) Hundred R.Tower 2 417 Simon Crakebon. (1320) Pat.R.Edw.II 541 John Crakestreng. (1355) R.Arms Norwich in Nrf.Archaeol.14 300 Henricus Taillour Crakessheld cum baculo & cutell.

forecastell aboue in the Dekke. (1496) in Sandahl ME Sea Terms 1 186 The dekke ovyr the somercastell. (1466) Acc.Howard in RC 57 348 My mastyr paid to John Felawe, for xij yerdes of dekke for the spynas, iij s.

Resentfully, angrily. (c1432) Proc.Chanc. in Cal.PCEliz. 1.p.xxiv The sayd John Glover cast doune the sayd writ dispitefully in the strete, sayng oponly he wold not receyve nor obey hit. c1450(a1425) MOTest M.7 Boys SeldSup 52 st.7 Þe kyng spake full

kyng and kayser and þe coroned pope May desauowe þat þey dude. (c1434) Anc.Pet.(PRO) 336.15865 A feyned warrant..the seyde John Durward has disavoed of record. (1473-4) Deed Yks. in YASRS 50 160 He shall not..disagree nor disavowe any accion or

B.2115 Namoore of this!..thow makest me So wery of thy verray lewednesse..Myne erys aken of thy drasty speche..This may wel be rym dogerel [vr. dogrel]. (1277) Pleas Som. in Som.RS 41 94 William Doggerel. (1300) Close R.Edw.I 398 John Dogerel.

63 103 In like fourme salle he paye his ferme..enduryng ye life of ye sayde John. (1453) Will York in Sur.Soc.30 192 I will yat..Manfeld have v marcs yeerly payde enduryng his lyfe. a1500 Wars Alex. Dub 213 1188 In

also the rights or obligations of a third party. [Cp. Blackstone Commentaries 3.27.448]. (c1475) Proc.Chanc. in Cal.PCEliz. 2.p.lviii This is the title and answer of John Saunder..[who] by auctorite of this court is ruled to enterplede with the seide Johan.

be paied to the Bysshopp of Rouchester, wyche x s., for ese of the lordeshipp, was parcelled owte be sir John of Leneham and other that were lordes of Benecrouche, that every man knewe what he shulde bere to the

basilicas associated with the patriarchs of the chief sees: St. John Lateran, St. Peter's, St. Paul's, Santa Maria Maggiore, and San Lorenzo fuori le Mura. c1450 Capgr. Rome Bod 423 41 It is neythir on of þe uii cherches ne

piper n. From pipe n.(1). A workman who lays or repairs pipes, a plumber. (1456) Doc. in Gilbert Cal.Dublin 1 291 Hit was ordeyned and made by a semble..that the feys that the pyperys had befor thys tym for

Rep.5 App. 494b For a rombolde of whyttynge, 5 d. For a mary of gurnardes, and for ii pirlis, bowt of John Edirtone, 2 s. 8 d. (c1481) Acc.Howard in RC 61 105 For..ij solys, a prylle, and xij whytynges.

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