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an Inquisition held at Wycombe on 16 June , 1477 , before Richard Fowler , Thomas Hampden of Hampden , John Gyfford , Richard Lovell , and Richard Maryot , justices of the peace, and justices appointed to hear and

as lowly and hertly as y canne: and if ye be remembrid, y spake with your Maistyrschip at London for John Shepewasshe of Whatelyngton for a tenement that y have there, þat he holdyth of me: and y undyrstode þat

none as yit þat be trew, save we intend here, with Godes grace, to begynne shippynge apon Monday next. Syr, John Saye is deed, our lord have mercy apon his soull. To my righte worshipful mayster, Syr Willm . Stonor

in 1485 ( Letter -Book , L., 219). Sir Harry Fenn was a clerk in holy orders and brother of John Fenn ( P.C.C. , 17 Wattys). The original is very imperfect. From A.C. , xlvi, 210 * . .

and feithfull maister. Wreton at Pusey a Neweyeres yeve, with the hond of your old servaunt, H. Dogett . Syr, John Wagge kan enforme your maistershep of my disese & c. To my maister syr Will. Stonore, Kny[ght ] .

Stonor . Item, a Byll of Wyllyam Wel|bekk of iiij xx li. payable in August . Item, a Byll of John Pasmere , skynner, payable in Februar next comyng, C. li. Item, Remanent payable at Myhelmasse come twelmonth of C.

later than 13 April . From A.C. , xlvi, 45. After all humble recommendacion & c. I have spokyn with John Harecort, and he sweryth he wull do for yow, and purposyth to sytt in the Ester wyke, but he

third wife soon after their marriage, and so to be assigned to 1482 . Anne Stonor was daughter of John Neville , Marquis of Montagu , and was staying at Taunton with the Marquess of Dorset , whose wife was

defe[nd. And Syr ] , this me semys it wer well don . . . [I have ] spake with John Ford to be your fermor at Horton , y have confortyd hym ther[in ] , and he is for


of him self þat þei schullen deme a riȝtful doom & not after þe face. And in his passion tyme John vii. 24. crist bade a synful harlot & cursed to bere wittenesse of euyle in cas ȝif crist had

helle; & so prestis ben con|streyned bi bodily peynes & deþ to leue goddis wille & precept for contrarie comaundement of goddis traitour, & in caas a deuyl in flech, as ihū crist seiþ of iudas scarioþ. John vi. 70.

of heere patroun & holynesse of here ordre. & þus seiþ ion soþeliche þat þer ben now many [1 ] John ii. [18. ] makid anticristis; for alle þise men þat ben aȝen crist in here loue, þei louen not

[etc. ut supra ] wittness the erthe that did quake wittness stonys that all to brake witness mari wittness seynt John and othir wittness many one In to witness of which thyng my nowne seale ther to I hyng and

Sone of Kyng John the iij., in the morowe of Seynte lucie virgen, afore Richard , Bissh op of Salesburye , mathewe ffiȝt Hereberte, Raph Hareng, Water ffolioth, James of Poterne, Water de ripariis, Morice Tureville, John Wykenolte, Justices iorneying,

which opposes the physician Master John with the Beard to the knight Sir John Mandeville , thus splitting into two doubles the names of one individual. In Chapter VII . of this version Sir John writes of his stay at

Syr Water and Jahne his ffurst wyff. Of Margete and Isabell : Margete was weddyd un[to ] John Hunteley: Isabell was weddyd unto John Popham . That þese persons, all or some of þeyse wer þe chyldryn of þe seyde

son Myles , whose daughter Isabel married Reginald Beauchamp ; the Beauchamp line of descent was Myles , Myles , John , Richard , Myles of Hicham, and Robert ; Robert ' s daughter Isabel married Thomas Ramsey , father

the missing words have been restored (in brackets) conjecturally. " My lady your mother " is Margaret , widow of John Croke ; her title is one of courtesy only. From A.C. , xlvi., 237. Jhesus . A o xviij.

, and our lord be with you both. Also, Madam, yff it lyke you, I have bene with my brodyr, John Betson , ffor money, and be my trouth I can none have off hym, he hath shewid me that

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