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and John Bertram. Recognisance for 1,750 marks payable by instalments, to be levied etc. in the counties aforesaid. Thomas Broun esquire, John Fortescu, Richard Walsshe of Lynforde, Robert Charyngworth 'gentilman' and John Bradley to Richard John, Edmund Vaile and John

VI November 1442 November 1442 Nov. 27. Westminster. John Langton clerk, William Flete and Robert Cogsale, each of London 'mercer,' to John Stopyndoun clerk keeper of the chancery rolls, Nicholas Wymbyssh, John Bate and Thomas Kirkeby clerks. Recognisance for 100

mainprise of William Knotte, John Tonynton, John Caldewelle and John Hostyler of the parish of St. Andrew Holbourne without Old Temple bar, in favour of Richard Fraunceys at suit of John Trappe, William Bacoun and John Prentys averring threats, and

l ., made in chancery 20 February this year by John Mounteney knight of Yorkshire, John Colepepir of Kent, Thomas Oxenbrigge of Sussex and John Hilton of Yorkshire for John Barlay, and of an undertaking by him under the same

Gerard to Master John Swafesey clerk and John Watford. Recognisance for 20 marks, to be levied etc. in Surrey. Feb. 16. Westminster. Hugh de Biseley to William Baste of Dertmuth, Water Halle of Cornwall, John Trentemars and John atte Mede

the said John and of Margaret sometime his wife. Witnesses: John Sibile, Thomas Withemere, Alexander Shot, Richard Jueler, John Keer. Dated Bromlegh, 18 August 19 Richard II. Memorandum of acknowledgment at Bromlegh 15 December this year before John Colpepir, by

Lincoln. Writ of supersedeas , by mainprise of John Toupe, William Geddyng, William Smythy and John Aunifordsoun of Lincolnshire, in favour of John Worme of Boterwyke, Ellen Worme his daughter and John de Worme of Haltoft at suit of the

Isle of Wight, delivering to John Keynes the son any issues thereof taken; as the king has learned by inquisition, taken by the escheator, that John Keynes the elder gave that manor to the said John his son and Margery

Henry Shelford clerk, John Harpour. Dated London, 6 April 10 Henry V. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 10 July. Nicholas bishop of Bath and Wells, William Kenolmersshe clerk, Hugh Lutrell, John Pelham knights, John Leventhorp, John Tyrell esquires, John Barton the younger,

abbot on the north: which tenement the above John Meryden held jointly with Robert son of John Noreys of Westminster and Alice Grene his mother, by demise and confirmation by charter of John Water of London and Thomas Walter, 'yoman'

co. Kent, sometime of John Chipstede, shall before Easter next make estate to John of the same: for which John will pay Thomas Maplesdon 200 marks by instalments, if he be not put out by John Wylkes, and thus cause

Close Rolls, Edward II December 1310 December 1310 Dec. 18. Berwick-on-Tweed. To John de Leek, elect of Dunkeld. Order to certify the king whether or not he appointed John de Hustthwait, the king's treasurer of the Agenois, to receive from

before the justices of the Bench between John le White of Stonford and him, for that the bishop should render John the son and heir of John de Luscote to the said John: wherefore the justices are ordered not to

him from prison if he is taken, by a certain mainprise, as Robert de Hardres, knight, John de Vieleston, John de Bereford and John Frere the elder have mainperned before the king in chancery for Stephen, who it is said,

and the said John for leaving the said John's service before the term agreed. Membrane 22 d . John Askewyth citizen of London, with assent of Henry Hareburgh clerk, John Elmede chaplain, John Vyncent, John Haddoun and John atte Hille

Perers, John Otys, William Porige, Walter Seful, John Forster, Edmund Hoddysdoun, Richard Awncell, Richa rd Brokysbourne, Thomas Kynge, John atte Hyde, Robert Rowchestre, Thomas Loye. Dated 20 November 18 Richard II. Memorandum of acknowledgment by John Deye and John Cliefe,

Langrysshe, Rammesdoun and the parish of Estmoen co. Suthampton, which John Champfl our esquire had by gift of John Garton. Witnesses: John Fromonde, Richard Wayte, John Tighale, John Langrysshe, John atte Rithe. Dated 1 November 13 Henry IV. Memorandum of

mainprise of John May, John Lad of Ottynge, John Brayn and William Arderne of Kent, in favour of William Lad, John Colyn, John Dene, John Wopol and John Gylys the younger, all of Elham, at suit of John Fayrhaud for

order by mainprise of John Croftes 'copersmyth,' James Coke 'coteller,' John Forger 'juynour' and John Byshop 'juynour' of London to set free John Croftes, Nicholas Croftes, Thomas Croftes, William Slevehurst, William Grymbourne, John Hoede and John Trouell, if taken at

in Stistede that were of John Mille 'taillour,' which the said Henry, with John Maistre and Alice late the wife of John Mille, had by demise of John Fabyan, Thomas Paycok, John Marssh and John Paycok 'cosyn' of Coggeshale, and

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