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my grete chere this day made me at your place, but not for your park spoort, where in your defaut John , your parker, þat wold have bene my frende, is my gret enmye. I have received your letter con|teynyng

Mensam. ASCRIBED TO JOHN LIDGATE . [MS. Harl . 2251 ,? about 1460 A.D. , fol. 153 or 148. The parts between brackets [ ] , and various readings, are from Mr Halliwell ' s print in Reliquiæ Antiquæ ,

Stonor to his son Richard and the latter ' s wife Cicely ; Richard and Cicely were the parents of John de Stonor , the judge. From Ancient Deeds , C. 221. The seal is lost. Sciant presentes et futuri

31. JOHN HALONTON TO EDMUND DE STONOR c. 1380 From A.C. , xlvi, 20. Reverencias cumulatas et honores, graciarumque laudabilium repetitas acciones cum mei interioris hominis affectu animose fulminatas. Cum humane nature racio interius dinoscatur exigere angustatum quemlibet suis amicis

i, 31). This latter is no doubt the tene|ment in St. Peter by Paul ' s Wharf , which Sir John de Stonor held in 1354 , and is probably the one which Scrope wished to hire. From A.C. ,

AT HORTON [ c. 1425 ] John Hamme was farmer at Horton in 1419 -20 ; see last letter. From Ch. Misc. , 37, i, 34. Memorandum quod ista billa indentata facit mensionem de certis parcellis subscriptis post eg ressum

to " your sons " makes it unlikely that it was earlier than 1465 . Thomas Hampden ' s father, John Hampden , was half-brother of the first Thomas Stonor . The writer of the postscript is clearly his wife

suit well enough. Humphrey Forster of Harpsdon, Berks , married Alice , sister of Thomas Stonor . Pury is probably John Pury , squire, of Oxford and Berks , and Dalamar, Delamere of Aldermaston . From A.C. , xlvi, 48.

ples yow, I wold þei wer better. Also syr, ye shall R[esseyve ] , by the grace off God in John Somers barge now comynge to Henley a pype rede wyne ffrom my broder: I trust it shall ples your

, husband of Elizabeth Stonor ' s sister Margaret . " My brodyr Crooke " is probably her own brother John . If " my husbond ' s terement " refers to the anniversary of Thomas Ryche ' s death,

de|partyd ther came no passag ffrom Calys. Forder , syr, I pray you that ye wolde woche-saffe ffore to sen John Mathew unto Hendelay, ffor to breke the ffardell, and to wrythe schuche thyngys [as ] is in hyt, and

. The date of the year is omitted in the invocation in the original. Laurence Fyncham was a trustee for John and Elizabeth Fenn —see vol. i, p. xxix. This letter may refer to the same business as Nos. 183

þe he myȝte entrete here for þe parlour and Chapell . Also y pray youe remembre þat þe Stuard and John Mathewe myȝte be with me on Moneday nexte: ande as for yowr stuffe at Hurley may be broughte to

but it may have relation to two suits for trespass which Sir William Stonor , Richard Page , and John Matthew brought against Margaret Fyssher of Henley , widow, and Thomas Pratte of Henley , yeoman, in Trinity Term ,

, he was one of the sureties for the payment of £758 19s. o½d. due to the orphan children of John Fenne (see vol. i, p. xxx). He died in January , 1510 , and was buried at St. Stephen

with alle suche servyse as y can or may. Please your Maistershipp have enknowliche, y have delivered your letters to John Hochyn and to William Baker : and y have caused them to wrete unto you a aunswer, which ye

Peter Marmyon. There were similar grants of 100 s . to Robert , and of 40 s . each to John and Peter , sons of Peter Mar |myon (see Ch. Misc. , 37, ix, 40). The " Requests "

as feiþ is ground of alle oþur vertues, so in-fidelite is ground of alle oþur synnes. ¶ and herfor [ John xvi. 8. ] seiþ crist þat god schal reproue þe worlde first of þis synne, for it groundiþ alle

Witnes the Vaile that then did ryue and men that rose from dead to lyue Witnes my Mother and St John and other then their many one R & B Or D? M r Lambert a Justice of Peace in

Re |corda, Trinity Term , 1467 , m. 2, re John Love of Hungerford , and m. 5, re Sir Richard Harcourt and John Croston , executors of Sir John Lovell of Lovell . From Ch. Misc. , 37, iii,

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