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Norhamptonshire knights, John Picard of London, William Wenloke of Bedfordshire, John Olneye of Warwickshire aforesaid ( sic ) and John de Styuecle of Huntingdonshire to John bishop of Hereford, William Forth, Thomas More, John Abraham, John Doune and John Prat

John Orkysle, Richard Kyng, Thomas Kyng, and John Cotelere, and William North, of Coldekenyngton, and Alice, his wife. Premises in Uphalleford. Anno 8. 36 . William Abbot, John Orkysle, Bartholomew Kyng, John Cotelere, William Stocke, and John Segood, and

10. 59 . John Langford, of Edelmyngton, and John Danyell, of Edelmyngton, and John Castowe, of London, brewer, and Joan, his wife. Land in Edelmyngton. Anno 10. 60 . John Drayton, John Hill, and John Snell, and John Castowe, of

citizen of London, John Cornewaleys and Thomas Pyncheon, son and heir of John Pyncheoun citizen and alderman of London, to John Wakerynge, Henry Keys clerks, Robert Darcy, William Hanyngfelde, William Totham, John Baryngton, John Snwkshille and John Reynold. Grant of

John Skynner of Reygate 'gentilman' and Richard Skynner of Pekham 'gentilman' both co. Surrey, to John Frecok of London 'taillour.' Recognisance for 100 l ., to be levied etc. in Surrey. Condition, that they and John Plente clerk and

of John Pakhardy, the other in Kirkegate between a messuage sometime of John Frankissh and a messuage of John Gyliot. Witnesses: Roger de Hewyk, Simon Warde, Christopher Maylloure knights, John de Shyrwode, Robert de Brounhous, John de Topclyf, John de

of Bedford. Writ of supersedeas , by mainprise of John Coket of Luton, William Taillour, John Fisshe and Hugh Spytel, all of Luton, in favour of John Stanbrigge (Stambrigge), Thomas Pikot, John Goldsmyth and Thomas Bailly, all of Luton chaplains,

thereto pertaining, sometime of John Chiselden the father, which lord Bardolf and the others had by demise of John Boyvile, Edward Langford, Thomas Langford, Hugh Boyvile, John Burnegyll, William Beaufo esquires, John Tasburgh, Edmund Roche and John Pylton. Witnesses: Thomas

John Burgoyne the younger and William Fulborne, and Master Robert and the others had by gift of the said John Colvylle. Witnesses: Robert Sherdelowe knight, William Fulbourne, John Freberne, Roger Salman, John Jekell. Dated 5 August 21 Richard II.

John, as Richard Shropshire esquire has made oath in chancery. Memorandum of a mainprise under a pain of 100 l ., made in chancery 8 November this year by Richard Clendoun, John Coke and John Bray of Norhamptonshire and

to John Parke clerk. Memorandum of a like mainprise, mutatis mutandis , made 29 November by John Grene of Somerset esquire, John Hauley of Devon the younger, Thomas Lancastre of Worcestershire and James Billyngforde of London esquire for John Parke

said Bartholomew, John Harewelle, John Brace (by name of John Braz) and Nicholas, by virtue whereof they were, and yet are so seised, and that the said manors are not held of the king. 1 Tested by John duke of

Witnesses: John Oyledebef, Henry Hede, John Drayton of Luffwyke, John Castelone and John Course of Islyp. 1472. Ibid . Gift with warranty of seven acres of land in Luffwyke, abutting on Thrapstone village, to be held by the said John

any security for keeping the peace at suit of John Godeman of London 'cordewayner,' and order by mainprise of Robert Bornes of London, John London 'sadelere,' John Myles 'haburdasshere' and John Herst 'flecchere,' both of London, the said Robert under

Maurice Bruyn knight, John Tyrell, Robert Darcy, John Burgoyne, Richard Fox esquires, John Symounde of Toppesfelde, Thomas Enefelde, Richard Fitz Nicole of Halstede, John Beche of Colcestre, Henry Stampe of Leyre Bretoun, Richard Haryelle clerk and John Walton clerk, their

These witnessyng: Richard Chok sergeant atte lawe, Thomas Yong, Thomas Uvedale squier, John Orchard, John Sydenham, Thomas Dowrissh, John Denys. Wretyn 6 Novembre, 37 Henry VI. English . Memorandum of acknowledgment by the said John,John and Thomas, 10 November.

William prior of Spyneye, brothers John Bodekesham, John Lode, Thomas Smyth, William Halle and Richard Eversdoun canons his fellows, Peter Ruddok, John Refham, John Heywarde, John Palfreyman, John Bysshop, John Dunche, Henry Carter, John Brice, John Berewey and Robert Cooke

John de Scardeburgh of Yorkshire and William Janyn of Wrotham of Kent to set free John Crawele and John Tebaud of Wrotham, if taken at suit of the prior of the cathedral church of Rochester for debt. Robert Hotot,

which he is bound to John Malwayn, which sum ought to pertain to the king by reason of a great sum due to him by John Malwayn, by the mainprise of John de Colby, knight, John de Carleton, clerk, of

Robert, John de Kent, John Frost, John de Legburn, John Baudewyn, John de Feryby, John de Seton, John Danyel and Walter, averring that the said John de Thorle grievously threatened them in life and limbs; but the said John de

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