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A malefactor. (a1434) Proc.Chanc. in Cal.PCEliz. 1.p.xxiv Oon John Wynde with othir mo unknowen..have broken up the walles and cloystre of the sayd priorie..the sayd illedoers, [etc.]. a1500(1422) Yonge SSecr. Rwl B.490 189/2 Whan the behowyth and [read: an] ill

mover n. MWel. amobre . In phrase: the office of , an office conferring the right to receive the Amober (in Welsh Laws, a fee payable to the lord when a maid of his manor married), the Mobarship. (1473)

as surname. c1330(?c1300) Guy(1) Auch 1330 Comeþ Gij soft rideing Opon a mulet [vr. litell mule] ambling. c1330(?c1300) Guy(1) Auch 1339 Sir Gij of þat mulet aliȝt. (1205) Fine R.King John 305 Ricardus Mulet. (1233) Close R.Hen.III 303 Petrum Mulet.

ouele adj. AF ; cp. CF ivel . Equal. (c1290) Britton 2 Lamb 403 79 Qe le surplus soit parti par ouweles porciouns. (1430) Deed Yks. in YASRS 63 103 Thomas Lambton..ȝeldyng ȝerely be ȝere viij marke..on to..John at

(1493) LRed Bk.Bristol 2.134 This is the avewe that we John Dymmok..Burgesses, Masons, and Carpynters off Bristow..[made] of, yn, and apon a wall leyng in baffstret..The avew made the xij day of Marche. a1500 Henley Husb. Sln 686 42 The

en la gard le Roe..xiij s. iiij d. a1486 Arms Chivalry Mrg M 775 43 To arme a man: ffirste ye muste sette on Sabatones..And then griffus & then quisses [vr. Quysshews]. (1287-8) Let.Bk.Lond.A Gldh LetBk A 107 John Quissedeche.

ser.C 1 file 9 no.121 William Auncell enfeoffed John Beriard..John Bacoun..vnder þis condicioun that þe seid feoffes shulden refeoffe þe seid þe landes. (1441) Pet.Chanc. in Seld.Soc.10 132 William Pertsoille..enfeoffed therof John FitzGeffrey and Richard Parker..on trust to thentente

, vars. of maniier . Altering, repairing. (1411) Fabric R.Norwich in Nrf.Archaeol.15 181 [Paid to John Marwe in part of payment for] remennyng [of 1 door in the East end of the Guildhall]. (1477-8) Acc.St.Michael Bath in SANHS 25 77

4 193 Hit was appoynted be the counsell of bothe parties, for perill of a remitter be cause the saide John the son was at that tyme far with in age, þat astate of the saide lifelode shulde be made

A remustering of troops. (1443) Proc.Privy C. 5.293 A letre to John Yerde, squier, commandyng him þat with..þe Kinges armee he go over..and ..þat he see þe remoustres of hem..and þat he come..ayen into England..bringing with him to þe King

church duties are performed, residentiary. (1428) Doc. in Sur.Soc.85 7 Yar att yat tyme come Maistre John Selow, chanon residencier of ye kyrk of Yorke. a1475 Russell Bk.Nurt. Hrl 4011 1069 Alle prechers residencers and persones þat ar greable ..þey

revenciọn n. Also revention . AL reventio , -ionis revenue. Revenue, income. (1439) RParl. 5.10b The seid Priour and Covent..have provided..Reventions and Possessions of the yeerly value of xxti Marc'..and therof have do made astate to you. (1461) RParl.

ME fẹ n.(2). ?Payment in lieu of the feudal service of riding in the lord's retinue [cp. fẹ n.(2) 1. (c)]. (1350-51) Acc.Chester in LCRS 59 190 [14 d. of John de Qwyteby for] Rydfee, [1 ox..for] Rydfee [2 cows].

(c1360) R.Arms Norwich in Nrf.Archaeol.14 306 Joh'es Mannyng, Rollere. (1274) in Fransson Surn. 129 Joh. le Rollere. (1296) Pat.R.Edw.I 205 John le Rolour. (1297) Sub.R.Yks. in YASRS 16 115 Rob. Roller. (1309) in Fransson Surn. 129 Thom. le Rollere. (1337)

immorteisen v. P.ppl. immortesed . Cp. amortisen & enmorteisen . To alienate (property) in mortmain. (1459) Paston 3.148 To ordeyne, founde, and stablishe, withinne the gret mancion..a collage of a prioury of vj religeous personis..and to inmorteise and graunte

which is due or required. (1445) Grocer Lond. Kingdon 288/14 Payd of the goodes of John Waldenz and Robert Gayton by the award of the Felashipp to make Implement of iijcj li. xix s. vj d. -- xxxj li. xix

the personification of this virtue. (1447) Shillingford 1 Bysekyth yow full mykely John Shillyngford..consyderyng the gode and gracyous lordship and endyfferency that they fynde yn yow that they have moste feyth, hope, and truste ther yn. c1500(?a1475) Ass.Gods Trin-C R.3.19

surname. (c1390) Chaucer CT.NP. Manly-Rickert B.4002 Be blithe though thow ryde vp on a iade [vr. chade]; What though thyn hors be bothe foul and lene, If he wol serue thee, rekke nat a bene. (1311) Pat.R.Edw.II 368 John Jade.

A trickster or cheat in a game of chance; (b) as surname. (1382) Doc. in Riley Mem.Lond. 458 [John Edward..was..found being a common] hasardour [and] joukere. (1296) Sub.R.Sus. in Sus.RS 10 69 Johanne Juker. (1324) Pat.R.Edw.II 51 Ralph le

seller of jubbes . (1275) Hundred R.Tower 1 426 Walterus Juberkyn. (1298) Close R.Edw.I 228 Roger Jubber. 1662(1277-8) Bk.Vale Royal in LCRS 68 Hrl 2064 203 [For wages of carpenters..paid to] Richard le Jobbere, John le Despencer..[working and making huts].

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