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Westminster. John Coke chaplain to the king. Recognisance for 10,000 l ., to be levied etc. ( as before ). The said John to the said abbot and convent. ( Like ) recognisance. Feb. 15. Westminster. Edmund Damat chaplain, John

Lee, John Straunge, John Holkham, Nicholas de Massyngham, Thomas de Welle, John Rokewode, John Quenyld and the sheriffs of Norffolk, Suffolk and Hertfordshire, in favour of the abbot of Rameseye. July 15. St. Albans. John Lodewyke, John Westwycombe, John Kentynge,

, John [Cheap ] , - John [ColemSt ] , - Philip, Gernemuta , v . Yernemuthe. Geruays , John, Geruois , John, Junior, Gy , John, Gyffrat , John, Gildere , Ralph le, Gyle , John, Gyles , John,

Parys, John Fisshelak, Henry Wolman and John Malhum, all of York, in favour of John de Kendale the younger at suit of John Burgeys clerk against him and Joan who was wife of John de Kendale, executors of John de

John de Bolton of York 'taillour,' John de York 'mercer,' William Redhode 'draper,' Stephen Barnebyman 'bocher,' Thomas son of John de Santon 'draper,' John Crosseby 'taillour,' John Candeler of Jubretgate, John Chaffare 'bocher,' Henry Chaloner 'webster,' John Fisshere 'carpenter,'

January this year by John Newenham clerk, John Appelby of London 'brewer,' John Coser 'scryvener' and John Boteler 'barbour,' both of London, for John Lyster, that he shall do or procure no hurt or harm to John Moreby prior of

mutatis mutandis , by mainprise of John Crulefelde 'haberdassher,' John Clerke 'haberdassher' John Wynkeler 'brouderer' and Robert Barbour 'haberdassher,' all of London, in favour of John Sauvage of London 'wyredrawer' at suit of John Tevent of London 'masoun.' March 11.

of Essex. Writ of supersedeas , by mainprise of John Dyer of Maldoun and Lawrence Isebronde, in favour of John Fairstede at suit of John Hende citizen of London and John Whiterike respectively for trespass. Dec. 1. Westminster. To the

Writ of supersedeas , by mainprise of Hugh Clerk, John Davy, Adam Vynour and John Watkyn of London, in favour of John Trappe 'skynnere,' William Bacoun 'sadellere,' John Kersle and John Prentys 'fullere' at suit of Richard Fraunceys averring threats.

Close Rolls, Richard II 1381 1381 John de Compton of Mildecombe to Bernard Brocas knight, John de Bukyngham, John de Campeden, John Rouceby, Thomas Cooke, John Ketene clerks, William Walleworth, William Haldene, William Worfton, Thomas Dru and Stephen Hayme,

mainprise of John Bateman 'grocer,' Richard Nevylle 'grocer,' both of London, and John Gamelyngeye of Cambridgeshire and upon the undertaking of John Bassyngburne, in respect of taking of him any security for keeping the peace at suit of John Pynke

mainprise of Thomas Thorp, John Foxton, Thomas Hyndman of Leycestershire and John Dawes of Warwickshire, in favour of John Page of Neuton Harcourt, Richard Houbard, Richard Persoun, William Bogger and John Hancoke at suit of John de Folkyngham parson of

Close Rolls, Edward IV 1448 1448 636 John Moredon, to John Barnewell, 'gentilman,' John Fuller, 'draper,' and John Pierson, 'taillour'; their executors and assigns. Gift of all his goods and chattels within the realm and of all debts to

Witnesses: Robert de la Lee, Thomas Huberd, William de Welde, John de Welde, John Beauchamp. Dated at Reyndon on Saturday the feast of Epiphany, 14 Edward III. Memorandum that John came in chancery at Westminster on 8 January and acknowledged

free Richard Nesynge of Wengrave, John his son, Thomas Pascall of Ayllesbury, Mary his wife, John Palmer of Wengrave, Robert Bateman chaplain and Thomas Partryche, if taken at suit of John Kyllyngworth, John Justyn and John Holand [ for trespass

the said ) John Stourton, Walter Hungerford, Robert Shotesbroke knight, James Fitz James, John Wyke, John Clyfdon and John Personys and to the heirs of John Stourton, that he and the said Walter, James, John,John and John are dead,

John Fayrefax of Derbyshire, in favour of John Wyke at suit of John Burgoyne the younger, executor of John Campe, for render of 10 l . To the sheriff of Middlesex. Like writ, mutatis mutandis , in favour of

of her purparty, keeping in his hand until further order the purparty of John son of John; and John son of John proved his age before John Knyvet late escheator in Hertfordshire, and for half a mark paid in the

John atte Yate the elder, John Perot, Richard Stare, Henry Dashefen, William Dashefen, John Webbe, Roger Webbe, John Potter, John Lythulle, William Toye, Richard Watkys, Henry del Hylle, Adam de Nounham, John Wyllot, Thomas Rolfe, John Lyne, William Perot,

Close Rolls, Edward III January 1353 January 1353 Jan. 27. Westminster. John son of Beatrice Walwayn and John Crane of Yakheam acknowledge that they owe to John Frisel of Welyngton, 40 l .; to be levied, in default of

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