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San Pietro at Signa;[N150] inside the front cover is the armorial book-plate (motto COR NON JECUR) of John Haddon Hindley,[N151] and that of John Lee of Doctors Commons, London, as well as the label and sale catalogue entry of Howell

Origin: Provenance: On 1r. in a 15c. hand is the name "Cawsod"; 1r. and 215v. carry the signature of Sir John Rouclyffe Kt; 212v. bears a name that is almost indistinct, perhaps "Arfferton"; on 216r. in a 16c. hand is

pencil is the note ÔPresented by C. G. Schutz Esq. of CelleÕ; inside front cover is the armorial book-plate of John Thomas Simes (motto DEO NON FORTUNA), and in ink ÔNo.1117Õ, and then in pencil ÔCau. 9.K.11Õ written over an

There are six miniatures (71 x 48 or 72 x 46mm.) in blue, red, green, sepia, gold, white, vermilion, depicting John the Evangelist (3v.), Christ at prayer in the Garden of Gethse mane (9v.), Crucifixion (20r.), Pentecost (24r.), Trinity (28r.),

place: Origin: evidence from names points to an Augustinian foundation in the Low Countries, almost certainly to a church of John Baptist Provenance: Record hist source: Sinclair no. 233 Seal: Signatures: a few quire signatures remain Support: vellum, paper Surrogates:

in medallions (187v.), three Apostles and the Man of Sorrows (188r.), Three Marys, Peter, John and Image of Pity in medallions (216v.), five Apostles, Flagellation, John finding Angel in the Tomb, in seven medallions (217r.). The work is said to

of incunabula and early printed books.] Sale, 11 February 1913 (see Av.), then as lot no.1167 in the J. Pearson[N9 John Pearson, nineteenth-century bibliophile and founder of a distinguished house of London booksellers.] Sale on 7 December 1924 at which

from an English book sellerÕs catalogue, entry no.768, and the armorial book-plate of Sir Charles Nicholson, Bart. [N121] Most probably John George Cochrane (1781Ñ1852), bibliographer and librarian of the London Library. [N122] Shakespearian scholar and book collector (1820Ñ89). Record hist

white, mauve, yellow. Fourteen large miniatures (95 x 70mm.) with the same hues and with Renaissance architectural frames, depicting 13r. John the Evangelist, 21r. Annunciation, 33r. Visitation, 46r. Nativity, 49r. Shepherds with an angel holding a scroll bearing the words

- Wiltshire, England the Clifford family of Chudleigh - Ugbrook House, Devon Origin: Provenance: fol. 165r. in 16c. hand ÔLiber John VernelliÕ partly repeated on iir., ivr. and 166r. has ÔLiber IohannisÕ with the surname effaced; in another 16c. hand

inserted inside front cover is the mention 'K. theca' and below is the armorial book-plate (motto VERUM ATQUE DECENS) of John Lee with his autograph note 'J. Lee. Doctors Commons. Repaired. August. 1835. no.26/93'; Br. in different 19c. hands are

desc: red rubrics; caps and initials in gold, red, and blue. One historiated initial (39 x 38mm.) depicting Mary and John at the foot of the Cross (1r.) Dimensions: 170 x 122 mm Extent: 9 folios; part of a four

x 30mm.) in gold, blue, red, mauve, and white tracery; ten historiated initials with the same colouring, portraying Stephen (10v.), John the Evangelist (13v.), Innocents (16v.), a saintÕs head (22v.), Purification (26r.), Matthew (32v.), Tiburtius, Valerianus and Maximus (38r.), Paul

and spine have the shelf-mark *fo96/R66Hb; on Ar., Bv., 1r., 72v. is the stamp PUBLIC LIBRARY OF VICTORIA. Signature of John, Lord Lumley (1534?-1609) identical with the one that constitutes pl.II of S. Jayne and F. R. Johnson, The Lumley

to the frame of a miniature. Three miniatures (the first two 85 x 60, the third 90 x 60mm.) depicting John the Evangelist on a chequer-board and lozenge ground (13r.), David in prayer on a similar ground (22r.), Burial Service

309v.b, 311r.b, 315r.b. One historiated initial (40 x 40mm depicting Christ (7r.b). One miniature (155 x l20mm portraying Mary and John at the foot of the Cross (182r.a). Dimensions: 335 x 245 mm Extent: iii + 395 Foliation: Hand desc:

173r. has an erasure; 296v. "Md that I christofor Wallys of tottones in the"; by a 17c. hand "This is John Peter (?) this boke" occurs on 175r. (almost erased), 221r., 275r., 279v., 352r., 389v.; on 216v. in a 17c.

Master of the Lower School at Harrow and an original member of the Roxburghe Club. [N115] This is the well-known John Polwarth Junior (d.1856) who was active as a book binder in Queen's Row, Pimlico between 1808 and 1831, cf.

Items: I Breviarium Acquisition: The volume was for a long time in the possession of Sir John Sulman,[175] whose family presented it in 1967 [N175] Architect and art patron (1849-1934), cf. Aust.Enc., Vol.VIII, pp.352-3. Binding: binding contemporary brown calf over

French Ôegregius pictor FranciscusÕ see P. dÕAncona and E. Aeschlimann, Dictionnaire des Miniaturistes, 2nd ed., Milan 1949, p.78.] they depict John the Evangelist (7r.), Trinity with Mercy, Truth, Justice and Peace in the foreground (15r.), Visitation (27r.), Nativity (34v.), Shepherds

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