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Geographies of Orthodoxy: Mapping English Pseudo-Bonaventuran Lives of Christ, 1350-1550 icon

Geographies of Orthodoxy: Mapping English Pseudo-Bonaventuran Lives of Christ, 1350-1550

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fol. 132r, ll. 20-1). Graffitti N/A Names recorded, signatures, ex libris marks   Fol. 17v "Rob e rt Bunting", C16-17. "John Barton", C17-18?. "Jhn Gealton[s] (Goultons?) book of men the my [ ____?] of Jhn Barton", C16? Notes This very

all good may 3eue’, (in Robbins and Cutler no. 553.5), fol. 103r, a filler text added in the C16. 3. John Lydgate, Life of the Vigin , 7-line excerpt (eds. J.A. Lauritis, R.A. Klinefelter, V.F. Gallagher in Duquesne Studies, Philological

from Christ's words to Mary at the bridal gathering (81:22-8) Fol. 31v: the idea of 'poverty of spirit' (82:40-83:3), cf. John Rylands MS 98 Fol. 32r: discussion of people saying 'priuate praieres' instead of the Pater Noster , or saying

influence of Secretary forms; similar to scripts being developed by metropolitan scribes such as the so-called Selden scribe (see Manchester, John Rylands Library MS 98). B: uncalligraphic Anglicana . C: - D: -   Estimated Date of Hands A: c.

esse factum de eo’). In some contrast to the Latin, the English adaptation thus draws John more directly into the centre of the narrative: John figures as central to the emotional pathos and affective responses that surround the dead figure

standing up; Christ cuts the lamb; Christ predicts the Betrayal; Christ reveals the name of the betrayer to John; Christ holds John to his chest; a model of love 129-178 - 'The secunde poynt of þe soper' - Christ washes

Manchester, John Rylands Library MS Eng. 98. Described by: Ryan Perry Revision date: June 1st, 2010 Heading Nicholas Love, Mirror of the Blessed Life , prob. 1420s. Condition Lacks opening folio, and the outer side of fol. 1 is mottled

grants / & by þe present charter confer / yht'. Perhaps pertinently, Curzon's father John was escheator for Derbyshire and is likely to have known John Throckmorton, the nephew of Joan Clopton. 107r: ‘Thys ys george langgam ys rytenge Thys

related MS have a version of the same 'prologue', slightly altered to reflect differing contents and organisation in the books, John Rylands University Library MS Eng. 85. Durham Cathedral Library MS A. iv. 22 and British Library MS Cotton Titus

: Kraus Reprint ; Georg Olms 1980), pp. 533-4 (description of CUL MS Ff. vi. 31). Wendy Scase, 'Reginald Pecock, John Carpenter and John Colop's 'Common-Profit' Books: Aspects of Book Ownership in Fifteenth-Century London', Medium Aevum, 61.2 (1992), pp. 261-74.

of the Passion sequence of the Latin Meditationes vitae Christi ,generally thought to be by the Italian Franciscan f riar John of Caulibus. With a few exceptions, which chiefly are in the form of minor omissions and structural alterations, the

signatures, ex libris marks The MS belonged to Stephen Batman (click for link to DNB entry) , and afterwards Archbishop John Whitgift (click for link to DNB entry) ; the MS came to Trinity College as part of Whitgift's collection.

C17 hands. Names recorded, signatures, ex libris marks Fol. 5r: "John Shelmerdine His booke"; on fol. 38r this name is repeated with the date "Anno Dom 1690" C17. Fol. 45r: "John Holme Rector of Brewrton in Cheshire His Booke Anno

obvious signs of theoligico-political engagement with the Mirror .   Graffitti Names recorded, signatures, ex libris marks Fol. 170v: '1680 JOHN ELGER'. Notes The fact that both booklets were copied by the same scribe and with the same limner/ design

a charter seal with the wounds of Christ within it with text around the rim beginning, 'Wulneris hoc signum'. 7. John Lydgate, Kings of England , begins, 'This myghti wyllyam duke', ends, 'and regne here in his right. Amen'; IMEV

Gospel of Nicodemus , fols 120v-124r. This is the portion of the text found in BL Egerton MS 2658 and John Rylands MS 895 that comes after the Liber Aureus de Passione et Resurreccione in those MSS. As the Liber

is yt semeth unto me that jhon should be the elder', beside discussion of the relative ages of Jesus and John, 57:7-14, fol. 26, C16? 'X', beside, 56:9-10, fol. 25r; 68:21 ff, fol. 33v; 96:26-8, fol. 49r; 112:37 ff., fol.

providing more minor divisions; side notes in boxes occur on fols 21v-27 (this boxing is reminiscent of the annotation in John Rylands MS 895) the notae coinciding with red paraphs in the text- red paraphs also occur on fols 31v-33r

and Religion in the Later Middle Ages: Philological Studies in Honor of Siegfried Wenzel , ed. Richard G. Newhauser and John A. Alford (MRTS, Binghamton, 1995), pp. 179-90. Sargent Groupings α 1 | α 2 Sargent Pages Intro, 88, 97,

“EX LIBRIS VIC. AP. (Vicars Apostolic) SEP. DISTRIC.”- Bishop’s collection, 1840-1850 (8 districts) London, w, e,c, w, lancs, yorks, North (John Briggs?), Diocese set up after 1850- Briggs died in 1861, Cornthwaite moved from York to Leeds, and the collection

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