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the cronicles of Engelond / this was translated by good avyse / owt of ffrensh into Englyse / By sire John the maundeuyle / that hath ben person but a whyle / Jn Brunham Thorp that little town / God

Edward I-Edward III have been annotated in a C17-C18 hand. Erasures? Some erasure of 'pope', esp. 95v-103v (reign of king John). Graffiti? Sgrafitti Style of hands Anglicana with marked secretary influence; the script is considerably less formal than the comparatively

which were replaced in the C16 were removed on grounds of theological politics; the excisions relate to Brie, 164:15-168:4 (king John submits to the Pope); 301:12-303:30 (contains several positive references to the papacy); 309:10-311:34 (reference to papal dispensation and to

line through the name of Saint Thomas of Canterbury, and fols 56v-58v, large pen-strokes through the text's account of king John. Graffiti? Sgrafitti Style of hands Calligraphic anglicana with marked secretary influence; double-compartment 'a' formed by a horizontal stroke through

Wherfore the petir penys were first granntid'; no. 2, 'Glastyngbury fundatur'. There are several notes which have been attributed to John Stowe, eg.: Fol. 26r: 'they wore(?) shipynge at a place on th e west parte of London, for th

be placed between fols 179 and 180. Interestingly, the misbound section begins with the 'lord Cobban of Kent' (John Oldcastle) and 'John Cheyne', who are here persecuted by a tyrannous Richard II; as these figures would become known as Lollard

in the C15; the binding of the two items into one book predated or was cotemporal with the ownership of 'John ffleming', whose annotation may be found in both items. Contents 1. The Three Kings of Cologne , fols 1-23v

Mortimer the earl of March, (Brie 259:33-260:4) Fol. 88r: Lionel, duke of Clarence weds then dies, (Brie 321:4-6) Fol. 89r: John of Gaunt and his brother wed daughters of king Pedro, (Brie 325:4ff) Much of the underlining in the ms.

Cookham, Winkfield etc.) during the reigns of Edward III (deed 1) and Henry VI (deeds 2-5), largely involving Elena and John Pedill. Related Manuscripts It is interesting that scribe C in this manuscript and the scribes of Columbia UL MS.

above. Fol. 33r: A reader reveals geographic knowledge, '{Chippenham xvii my__cropped fro Bristowe', (Brie, 109:11), poss. C15. Fol. 50r: 'Kyng John lete n__cropped the hy3e cros of cropped & was lorde tho__cropped', (Brie, 154:12), poss. C15. Fol. 86r, Latin annotation

beside new denomination of coin by Edward III, (Brie, 304:7-11), C15. Fol. 125v: 'No ta ' with dashed line, beside John Balliol offers the Scottish crown to Edward III, (Brie, 307:4-8), C15. For further C15-C19 annotation, see the long description.

cf. Cambridge, Trinity College MS. R.5.43. Fol. 175v: phrase ‘that was the Lorde of Cobham’ (in reference to the Lollard John Oldcastle) has been erased. The lordship of Cobham was fairly local to Dartford where the manuscript was housed, inciting

description). Annotation and Marginalia Some Latin and English side notes, (two of which have been taken from the B-version of John Hardyng's Chronicle ) are added to the Brut text by scribe A. This is potentially of interest since BL

Manchester, John Rylands University Library MS. Eng. 206 Incipit Begins, 'Here may a man heren howe that Englonde was first called Albion and thurgh whom it had the name'. Matheson Version CV-1333 Matheson Number 9 Pages in Mathson, The Prose

hand Fol. 125r: corrections to text provided in margins with the incorrect word underlined, 'vmp'replaced with 'Dumpere' (Brie, 273:20), and 'John' replaced with 'Edward' (Brie, 273:24), poss. C17. Fol. 151r: unclear words in margin, poss. written in charcoal. Fol. 164v:

and clergy, (Brie, 331). Fol. 161r: Line extends along margin of text relating to the treason and execution of Sir John Munsterworth, (Brie, 331-2). Fol. 161v: repeats names from the text. Fol. 162r: vertical line extends along margin of text

Fol. 103v: annotation relating to the muster of Richard II's adherents, (Brie, 353:20-4) 2. Fol. 104r: 'of (th)e de(th) of John of Gaunte', poss. C15. 3. Fol. 106r: 'Stella Comata', poss. scribal 4. Fol. 108r: several nota signs, (Brie, 370:12

, perhaps through a library collection. Sample of non-scribal annotation: Fol. 9r: A C16 reader makes an intertextual reference to John Bale's Acts of English Votaries (1546); 'Merlin the great south sayer of wales was an father yet knowne

5: Lydgate, Serpent of Division , fols. 49r-57v 6: Brut Chronicle, fols. 59r-211v. Related Manuscripts This manuscript is associated with John Shirley, and although none of the hands in the ms. appear to belong to Shirley it is likely that

Manchester, John Rylands University Library MS. Eng. 103 Incipit Table of contents begins on fol. 1r, 'Here may a man hure Engelonde was ferst called Albyon and thorugh wham it hadde the name'. Heading on fol. 9r, 'Here may a

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