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61. J. H. Fisher, John Gower, Moral Philosopher and Friend of Chaucer (NY, 1959), classifies as 'First version unrevised' (p. 305, Appendix A, MS 25, listed as Castle Howard MS). See also Macaulay, Complete Works of John Gower, p. cli.

Description England, Manchester, John Rylands Library MS Eng. 63 MS Appellation: Ox (Manly and Rickert) Title: Canterbury Tales (Fragment) Author: Chaucer Contents: Canterbury Tales, one page ending Miller's Prologue and three for beginning of Miller's Tale. Language: English Date Range:

illustrated the first. Other Names (not owners): None Further Information: James, Catalogue of MSS in Corpus CHrist College, Cambridge, 2.186; Ronald Waldron, John Trevisa's Translation of the Polychronicon of Ranulph Higden, Book VI, Middle English Texts 35 (2004), p. xxxvi.

explicit passus secundus de dobest. Explicit peeres plouheman scriptum per Thomam Dankastre'. Marginal Headings: Lemmata and Latin passages in red ink, textura, by scribe. Other Names (not owners): John Meade owned in early 16th century (f89v). Further Information: Dutschke, 1.183-184.

and blue paraphs Flourished Initials: 3-line red/blue decorated initials at passus beginnings. Latin underlined in rubric. Other Names (not owners): John Thomas Table of Contents: No table of contents. Flourished Initials: 3-line red/blue decorated initials at passus beginnings. Latin underlined

of passus are 3-5-line initials in blue with red flourishing. Other Names (not owners): Ralph Coppinger; T. Long of Dorchester; John Thynne. Nicholas Brigham. Flourished Initials: Initial letters at beginnings of passus are 3-5-line initials in blue with red flourishing.

Library MS Osborn fa.45 MS Appellation: olim Schøyen collection, previously John Holloway Title: Piers Plowman (fragment) Author: Langland Contents: Piers Plowman (fragment) Language: English and Latin Material: Paper No of Folios: 2 folios Pagination: None Quiring: n/a Signatures: None Catchwords:

margin and top border. Writing Space: 225 x 137 Other Names (not owners): On f78r is 'Elizabeth Ayeloff'. The name 'John Hill' occurs on f156r. Further Information: 'Ex dono Henr. Howard Norfolciensis' on first folio of Mandeville's Travels. Manly and

genus' signed WB, presumably the William Browne of f4. On f1v is 'This book has been in the hands of John Stow, whose writing appears in many parts of it. See pp. 31, 47, 67, 142, 151. [Note by Mr

a separate booklet. 2. The Life of William Fitz-william, son of John Fitz-william of Sprodburrough 3. Of Knighthode and Bataile 4. The Cook's Tale 5. Poetical Astrology by John Glanvill. Language: English Date Range: 1525-1550 Scribal Hands: Morganus Scribe Knighthood

and William Mander (also 17th century) on f165v. Other 17th century names scribbled throughout the manuscript include: John Birde (f2), Thomas Nakeam (f35), John Navall (f48), William Lame (ff55, 89, 161), William Buttan (f161). Flourished Initials: Large blue initials flourished

f44v), 'Thes boke howthe John Peter þe menstrell', earlier script than beginning of a dating clause at bottom of this leaf, dating in reign of Henry VIII.; f48 (Luard uses old so f45 for him), 'John Yarrade' and 'Wylliam Bryan',

Life of Our Lady Author: Lydgate Contents: Lydgate, Life of Our Lady Language: English Scribal Hands: John Brode Material: Paper No of Folios: Parchment pastedown with writing + 109 paper leaves and parchment pastedown with writing. Pagination: Modern pencil foliation

285: 'Ceste liure est asture a John Lyle' (about A.D. 1500)[bottom f1]: 'By me Thomas Lyst' (Lysl?), [doesn't say where] 'Arth: Cotton' with motto [right margin f1] (16th cent): 'Nich Lysle[/Lyle],' [f1 and f65v] 'John Webb,' [f1] 'E. Southerne,' [f1

of the Privy Seal (d. 1586). Later owned by John Selden (d. 1654), donated to the Bodleian in 1659. Flourished Initials: Gold with grey/brown flourishing, blue with red, Further Information: Manly, John M. and Rickert, E. The Text of the

amicorum qui continet in se folia 89'; 'Lumley' bottom folio 2; folio 90v bottom 'Iste liber constat John Treglysty [?unserycer?], and 'Connstat John Treglysty' twice more above this. Flourished Initials: Spaces left for 2-line initials at beginning (f2) and start

in the initial (swan) on f1 that of John of Gaunt or of his son Henry IV before his accession to the throne (see Dutschke 1.40). Further Information: Dutschke, 1.35-41. Takamiya 98: John Gower, Confessio Amantis, Book IV, 2351-2530, MS

recto sides in Knight's Tale. Other Names (not owners): Old shelfmark 'Arch. C. Bodl. 93 on fol.xi; John Cowland (16th century) on f270; John [erased]y' on f270v Table of Contents: Imperfect at beginning and end. Flourished Initials: 9-10-line black ink

display script following for first line of a prologue or tale. Other Names (not owners): Given to Library by Dr. John Fortho (newer front flyleaf). Flourished Initials: 6-line, black with red highlights and tall elongated display script following for first

'Anthony Ferre his bok'. On f332 is 'John Burgh booke'. On f 338 is 'Thomas Yarburgh'. In margin of f132v is 'By me Thomas'. On f166 is 'Thomas Are'. Later belonged to John Theyer. Flourished Initials: Blue initials with red

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