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answered. (1457) Proc.Chanc. in Cal.PCEliz. 2.p.xxxix This is the rejonder of John Goold to the unsquar of Willm Petyt. (1473-5) Proc.Chanc. in Cal.PCEliz. 2.p.lx This is the rejoinder of John Saunder to the replicacion of Jone Saunder. a1475 Contract in

feloniousli adv. Cp. OF adj. felenieus . So as to commit felony. (1447-8) Shillingford 83 One John Barton, felon..feloniously hadde robbyd the churche of Morchard.

aner adj. Prob. derived from anerli . Solitary, lonely. a1400(a1325) Cursor Vsp A.3 12799 Of aner [Frf: anly; Trin-C: onlych] lijf þat þou [John the Baptist, in the wilderness] here ledes.

forn-ordeined ppl. Predestined, foreordained. a1425 WBible(1) Prol.Mark CC 145 4.86 [Dc 369(2): He, prechinge the] forn ordeyned [John, Zakaries sone].

fortin adj. OF The mighty;--in personal names. (1201) Fine R.King John 174 Walterus Fortin. (1340) Ayenb. Arun 57 204 Non ne wes strenger þanne samson fortin, ne wiser þanne salomon.

fulhtnere n. Also fulcnere . Johan the fulhtnere, John the Baptist. a1225(?a1200) Trin.Hom. Trin-C B.14.52 131 Nis non more þenne iohan þe fulcnere.

dimisen v. From dimise . To transfer (property to sb.). (1447) RParl. 5.129b John his Testament dimised to the saide Katerine all the stuff of his Houshold, Halle, Chambre and Kychyn.

disheredacọn n. Cp. AL dishereditatio . Deprivation (of heritage). (1421) Proc.Chanc. in Cal.PCEliz. 1.p.xvi These ben the desesis and wrongys idoon to Rauf atte mayntenance of John Tyrell, in disheredacon [read: ?dishereditacion] of the heryta[ge].

domestical adj. Cp. domestic adj. Serving a household; servaunt . (1459) Paston 3.157 John Kyrtlyng, parson of Arkesey, my right trusty chapeleyn and servaunt domysticall.

enprocuren v. To bring about (an action). (a1443) Proc.Chanc.PRO ser.C 1 file 9 no.385 The which writtes the seide John Hauke..of grete malis hath enprocured to be retorned into the Chauncery.

enterpledaunt ppl. as n. A litigant in a lawsuit whose settlement will determine the status of a third party as well as the rights of the immediate litigants. (c1475) Proc.Chanc. in Cal.PCEliz. 2.p.lx The seid John Saunder, now enterpledant.

parrand n. ?Blend of paraunt , paraunce , & perand , ppl. of peren v.(1). In phrase: heir of , heir apparent. (1458) Deed Norris in LCRS 93 133 [John..son and] ayr of parrand [of Will. Coldcots].

ayet n. ?Agate. (c1450) Instrum.Pax in Antiq.33 212 [A pax at St. Stephen's, London, described as of] tre glassyd for the hygh auter and ij ayett with j Crucifix Mary and John.

hemmere n. From hemmen . One who puts ornamental borders or fringes on cloth, etc.; -- also as surname. (1301) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 1.640 John le Hemmer. ?c1475 Cath.Angl. Add 15562 62b A hemmer: limbator.

hithnesse n. From height adj. As an honorific: your , your highness. (c1456) Let.Oxf. in OHS 35 336 Yt hath plesyd youre noble hythnesse tendrely to wryte..that we schuld chese..John Andrew.

hodove n. ?Cp. MScot. huddoun . A whale. (?c1370) John of Bridlington in RS 14.1 Dom A.9 & Roy 8.C.17 196 Et grandia cete, Anglice, hodoves [?read: hodones].

attemptaciọn n. L Law. The act of bringing suit, suing. (1425) Paston 2.24 It shall cause the attemptacion of diverses matieres a geyn summe frendes of the seyd John to cese.

Northerner n. Also northerere . From northern(e & norther . Man from the North of England; -- only in surn. (1283) Pat.R.Edw.I 56 John le Northerner. (1327) Sub.R.Som. in Som.RS 3 176 Henricus Northerere.

noticiọn n. OF noticion Knowledge, information. (1453) Paston 2.17 Please it youre good grace to haue notycion that I haue late a place of youre in quiche John Rycheman dvellyd.

olsom n. ?Cp. ollen v. Some kind of inexpensive cloth. (1465) Acc.Howard in RC 57 311 mastyr bout of the seid John xxiij elles of olsom, prise the elle, iij d.

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