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The Production and Use of English Manuscripts 1060 to 1220 icon

The Production and Use of English Manuscripts 1060 to 1220

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M., 'An Edition of Seven Homilies from Lambeth Palace Library MS. 487' (unpublished doctoral thesis, University of Oxford, 1985) Pope, John C., ed., Homilies of Aelfric: A Supplementary Collection , EETS, OS 259 and 260 (London: Oxford University Press, 1967-68)

Liber Ecclesi~x00e6~ Wygorn was added in the top margin of fol. iir and subsequently erased. The manuscript was annotated by John Joscelyn and was a source for his Anglo-Saxon glossaries in London, Lambeth Palace 692, fol. 37. Written at Worcester

Carola Hicks (Stamford: Paul Watkins, 1992), pp. 267-83 Raine, Angelo, Mediaeval York: A Topographical Survey based on Original Sources (London: John Murray, 1955) Raine, James, ed., The Historians of the Church of York and its Archbishops , Rolls Series 71,

629). Harley 55 is one of the manuscripts used by Lambarde for his Archaionomia , 1568. The manuscript belonged to John Selden (1584-1655), who presented it to Sir Simonds D'Ewes (1602-1650), in 1648/49 (Letter of thanks in British Library Harley

item 336 Grein, C. W. M, and R. P Wülker, Bibliothek der angelsächsischen Poesie , 3 vols (1881- 98) Kemble, John M., ed., The Dialogue of Salomon and Saturnus , ~x00e6~lfric Society 8 (London: ~x00e6~lfric Society, 1848) Ker, N. R.,

by him at the said libraries, now in the old dormitory of Westminster school; and also by Robert Gosling; and John Brindley, 1734) Doane, Alger Nicolaus, '303. London, British Library Royal 15 B. xxii: ~x00e6~lfric's "Grammar"', in Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts in

1957 , it is identifiable in a medieval catalogue of the library at Christ Church, Canterbury . Owned by Lord John Lumley . The manuscript went to the Royal collection probably as a gift after his death in 1609 .

it is not certain, with much of the evidence adduced being circular. Belonged to Archbishop Parker . The name of John Parker , written in red pencil on fol. iiiv, has been erased ( Wanley , p. 130). Bequeathed to

et Ordo Temporalis siue Proprium de Tempore totius anni (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1882; repr. Farnborough, Hants: Gregg, 1970) Riddle, John M., '"Pseudo- Dioscorides" Ex herbis femininis and Early Medieval Medical Botany', Journal of the History of Biology , 14

which is written in insular minuscule, includes miniatures of the seraphim positioned before the gospels of Luke (fol. 93v) and John (fol. 146v). The Gospel-Book is now mutilated at the beginning, and is also missing a leaf, presumably containing another

Tremulous Hand ( Colgrave and Hyde 1962 , pp. 74-5). s. xiii ex No decoration. The leaf was found by John Siedzik , Curator of Manuscripts of the Spencer Library, in a copy of Kingsmill Long's translation of Barclay his

Skeat 1881-1900 , pp. 358-62, ll. 312-81 fols 23v/21 - 25r/12 ~x00e6~lfric, First Series of Homilies [Catholic Homilies I] , John the Baptist, Gospel-text only 23v/21 Of S anctus Ioh ann e baptiste. English 23v/21-22 Se Godspellere lucas aƿrat on

( Graham 2003 ). It was at Exeter until at least s. xiv 3/4 , evidenced by notes written by John of Grandisson , bishop of Exeter. Acquired by Parker during his term as archbishop of Canterbury ( Graham 2003

of Secular Learning , Annotated Bibliographies of Old and Middle English Literature (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 1992), vol. 4 Kemble, John M., ed., The Dialogue of Salomon and Saturnus , ~x00e6~lfric Society 8 (London: ~x00e6~lfric Society, 1848) Ker, N. R.,

Record Keeping: Exploring the Preservation of Medieval Memoranda , ed. by Jonathan Herold ( , accessed in 2010) Kemble, John M., Codex Diplomaticus Aevi Saxonici , 6 vols (London: Sumptibus Societatis, 1839-48) Ker, N. R., 'Hemming's Cartulary: A Description

Hunt, W., Two Chartularies of the Priory of St. Peter at Bath , vii (London: Harrison and Sons, 1893) Kemble, John M., and Charles Hardwick, The Gospel According to Saint Matthew in Anglo-Saxon and Northumbrian Versions Synoptically Arranged, with Collations

in a consistent sequence of green, red, blue. These large initials are offset. Rebound in tanned goatskin in 1953 by John Gray ; the previous binding was eighteenth-century. According to Wanley , the title Spell boc wintres and sumeres was

O beata et i n temerata et i n et er nu m benedicta , and another dedicated to St John: O Sancte iohannes . Fol. 52rv, passim, a later hand, s. xi 2 , annotated masculine Latin ending with

by Hill (1966) as S er Thomas Stone (or Stow) and S er John Newson (p. 200), although Laing and McIntosh (1995) read the second name as John Newbor e (p. 43). fol. 1r contains a 16th-century table of contents,

(Durham, Cathedral B III. 32), and potentially Worcester ( 'Producing A Library', p. 162). The manuscript was also used by John Joscelyn in s. xvi . Given by Archbishop Parker in 1574 no. 23 in the list of his gifts,

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