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original of this Indenture is a draft on paper in Ancient Deeds , C. 6967 . This indenture made between John Sant , Abbot of the Monastery of oure Lady of Abyngdon in the Counte of Berkshire , Thomas Say

183. JOHN CROKE TO WILLIAM STONOR [? 1477 ] Elizabeth Stonor had two brothers called John ; the writer must be John the elder, since John the younger was apparently under age when their father died in the autumn of

this some, iiij. s; for Hacomby, ij. s. viij. d.; Douysby, ij. s. Delyvered to John Torner: for Aslaby , ij. s; Kyrbye, xviij. d.; Loughton and Loughton , xij d.; for [Gr ] ayby, viij d. Delivered to Thomas

be certain whether this was addressed to Thomas or to William Stonor . But the reference to John Fortescue the younger ( Sir John Fortescue of Punsborne, who was a son of the elder Richard Fortescue , and died in

199. JOHN , ABBOT OF NORTON TO SIR WILLIAM STONOR [ after 1477 ] The rectory of Pyrton belonged to the Abbey of Norton in Cheshire , which was a house of the Austin Canons. John occurs as abbot in

200. SIR JOHN WESTON TO SIR WILLIAM STONOR [ after 1477 ] The date cannot be earlier than 1478 as Stonor is a knight. Sir John Weston became Prior of St. John in 1477 , he was absent from England

other four skins are: (2) Reeves accounts: for Cundycote ( John Cook ), Bourton ( Richard Henry ), Harnhull ( John Ryver), and Hembury ( Thomas Saundres). (3) Account of John Kent , collector of rents at Wattecombe, Hoo ,

the charge and receyte betwene Thomas Stonore and John Forde , the seyde Thomas ovyth to the seyde John xvij. s. iij. d. And the seyde Thomas payde to the seyde John forthewith the seyde xvij. s. iij. d. the

By your Chapelyn þe Vyc. of Ermyngton, William Fortescu, William Strechlegh, the older, William Strechlegh, þe younger. Adam Byrde, John Trych, John Huchyn, Walter Frende, with all oþer your servantes and loveers. Thys letter be delivered to William Stonore, knyght,

' , and that Roger gate John of Saynte John . [NOTE.—That is to say:— . . . St. John Roger (I) of St. JohnJohn (I), died Jan. 1230 Roger (II), killed 1265 John (II), a minor in 1243

DOYLY TO JOHN HANKOKE [ before 1474 ] A Geoffrey Doyle of Dover , gentleman alias esquire, had a pardon on 11 June , 1463 ( Cal . Pat . Rolls , Edw . IV , i, 267). He may

299. JOHN SHYNNER TO SIR WILLIAM STONOR [ c. 1481 ] There is nothing to show the date except that it is not earlier than 1478 . It is probably later than No. 298. It is placed here for convenience

320. JOHN WALLER TO SIR WILLIAM STONOR 6 AUGUST 1482 " Twenty day " is clearly an error; probably for " twenty-two " . This is confirmed by the reference to " my lord of Salisbury , " which almost

. JOHN ' S COLL . CAMB . MS. B. 15. Carta redempcionis Wotyth now all that ben here And after schal be leue and dere That I ihesu of nazareth For loue of man hath suffred dede Vp-on a

his quarter wage, xx. d. To Rich . Clay vij. d. Payd to John Hosbourne for a quarter wages. Payd for colory ng of xxij ti yardes of clothe, v. s. x. d. Payd to the ffuller for fferyng of

60. JOHN ELMES TO THOMAS STONOR 6th FEB. [? 1457 ] The 6th of February fell on a Sunday in 1452 , 1457 , 1463 , and 1474 . If the writer may be identified with John Elmys, the merchant

63. JOHN FRENDE TO THOMAS STONOR [? APRIL , 1462 ] This seems to be the earliest letter relating to the dispute between Thomas Stonor and Richard Fortescue . We know that Stonor was at Ermington on 10 May ,

DAME KATHERINE ARUNDELL TO THOMAS STONOR 27 JAN. [? 1473 ] Katherine Arundell , daughter of Sir John Chiddiock, was wife of Sir John Arundell of Lanherne , Cornwall , and on his death married—after Feb., 1475 — Sir Roger

contynw: doyng yow to wytt that John Blakall browtt to Stonor a dyker for to make yowr dykes in . . . . . feld betwen the hy way and the ew tre: and John Mathew and I wolde a

In Exchequer (K.R.) Accounts 515/22 there is an account between John Colyngrygge and his mother-in-law, which is worth insertion here:— " This bylle makythe mensyon of the goodys þe whiche John Colyngrygge hathe receyvyd of Margrete Makney for his wyfes

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