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Witnesses: John Bassyngbourne, John Blecche, Nicholas Colman, Nicholas Hiwish, Henry atte Wode. Dated Sabrichesworth, 16 August 1 Henry IV. Memorandum of acknowledgmen t, 18 August. Aug. 18. Westminster. John de Leventhorp, William Burstede of Halyngbury and William Wilflete to John

supersedeas , by mainprise of John Martyn, John Lyllyngston, John Smyth, John Grendoun and William Couele, each of London 'cordewaner,' in favour of John Godeman, Thomas Fretenham and John Kent cordewaners at suit of John Portesmouth 'sherman' averring threats. Dec.

John, - Simon, xxv n. - Thomas, Beaulou , Robert de, Beble , Geoffrey, chaplain, n. Beche , Philip atte, Bechesworthe , John de, journeyman cordwainer, Becles , John de, Bedeford , John de, - Thomas de, Bedefunte ,

John de Fordham bishop of Durham, John de Waltham clerk, Sir Thomas de Erpyngham knight, Sir John de Burgh knight, Sir Stephen de Hales knight, Sir William de Wynkefelde knight, William Rikhille, John Chircheman, Walter Malet clerk, Thomas Weylonde,

Barbour, John Hogyn, Ellis Skynner, John Skynner, Lawrence Cooke, John Maltby, Thomas Bagley, William Wright, Richard Haile, John Littester, William Candeler, John Dowefe, William Welde, John Cam, Robert Skynner, John Capper, John Dalbury, William Swanne, Thomas Barker, John Thwaite, John

etc. in Mokkyng and Chaldewelle sometime of John de Mokkyng, which they had by feoffment of William Heywarde. Witnesses: John Tyrell, Thomas Malgrave, John Cooke esquires, Richard Birle, John Salman of Essex, John Bray of London. Dated 1 July 7

Sharp, Richard Churcheman, and John Herying, and John Roket, and Edith, his wife. Premises in Hoxton. Anno 4. 15 . John Broughton, the younger, John Boteler, Thomas Reynys, John Asshefeld, and John Girton, clerk, and John Graunt, and Cecilia, his

14 November. Membrane 38 d . John Fulbrooke, attorney for the purposes of their suit for Robert Gardiner, John Vielle, William Somerwelle, John Bryt, John Boorde, John Palmer, John Baroun, John Loue and John Candevere plaintiffs, and Payn Dore merchant

1386 April 1386 April 18. Westminster. To the sheriff of Bukingham. Writ of supersedeas , by mainprise of John Meisy of Wiltesir, John Wilton of Wiltesir and Thomas Benyton of Hertfordshire, in favour of William atte Welle of Aston Clinton

8. Westminster. To the same. Like writ, mutatis mutandis , by mainprise of Thomas Brynkeley 'taillour,' John Padestou 'fisshemonger,' Richard Dalwodde 'vynter' and John Broghton 'steynour,' all of London, in favour of Joan Catewey at suit of William Drye and

Feb. 26. Westminster. To the constable of Wyndesore castle and his lieutenant. Order to deliver to the bearer John Horstede and John del Boterye who are in that castle in custody it is said, to be brought before the king

sometime of John Scoffe to the south, all as fully as the grantor held the same by virtue of the king's charter. Witnesses: John Chamberleyn then mayor of Calais, Robert Pryket, John Wodehalle, Thomas Tirwhit, John Ultyng, John Sussex, Thomas

Close Rolls, Richard II February 1395 February 1395 Feb. 13. - John Cassy of Wightfelde and John Rede of Chacundene to Guy Mone clerk and William Hampton. Recognisance for 200 l ., to be levied etc. in Gloucestershire. 1

December 1405 December 1405 Dec. 24. Westminster. Walter Gybbes clerk, Richard Credy and John Brenchesle of Surrey, John Credy the elder of Somerset, John Greylonde 'fysshemonger' and John Iforde 'brewer,' both of London, to the king. Recognisance for 1,000 marks,

Henry IV August 1407 August 1407 Aug. 11. Cranbrook. Thomas Horden and James Bokhirst to John Somery. Recognisance for 200 l ., to be levied etc. in Kent. John Somery to Thomas Horden and James Bokhirst. ( Like ) recognisance.

Close Rolls, Henry IV February 1408 February 1408 Feb. 11. Westminster. John Kirkeby esquire of the county of Suthampton to John Uvedale esquire of the same. Recognisance for 100 l . payable at Easter 1409, to be levied etc.

William de Sancto Marco, William de Folkesworth and John son of John de Arderna made to Nicholas son of John de Sancto Marco his father for life, with remainder to the said John son of Nicholas and the heirs male

Henry de Rocheforde, Reynold West knights, John Alnewyke, Nicholas Dixon clerks, William Alyngton, Roger Floure, John Hotoft esquires, Richard Pynchebeke, Richard Welby, John Sturgeoun, John Fray, John Kyme, Thomas Wandesforde of London, Robert Frampton, John Derynge, the said William Flete

28. Westminster. John Stodeley and John Clerk to Nicholas Rysshton. Recognisance for 20 l ., to be levied etc. in Worcestershire and the city of London. 1 Condition, that John Stodeley shall pay 8 l . to John Bermyngham at

Close Rolls, Henry VI November 1454 November 1454 Nov. 12. Westminster. John Roger chaplain, to Thomas Wymbyssh and John Eyleston of Lincoln. Recognisance for 20 l . 3 s . 51/4 d ., to be levied etc. of his

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