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their bodies, with remainder for lack of such an heir to the said John son of Richard and to Eleanor daughter of John son of the said John Mautravers and to the heirs of their bodies, and that the said

24. June 28. Westminster. To John Keynes escheator in Devon. Order to remove the king's hand and meddle no further with the manors of Blakeburgh and Wodeforde, delivering to Katherine who was wife of John Cobham of Blakeburgh knight any

etc. in Somerset. Cancelled on payment . Jan. 22. Westminster. Reynold Abbot, John Seller, John Hamond, Robert Devenisshe, John Broke, John Noble, William Purcas, John Everard, John Carioun, John Hert, Robert Longealeyn and Christiana de Stratteford to William de Wykeham

to cause a coroner to be elected instead of John de Wyrsop, who is insufficiently qualified. Aug. 15. Westminster. Order to the sheriff of York to cause a coroner to be elected instead of John Marples, who is insufficiently qualified.

for life, with remainder to John de Sutton etc. ( as above ); their heirs and assigns. Charter indented with warranty of the manor of Bromfelde co. Essex. Witnesses: John Plais, Robert Swynbourne knights, John Fillol, William Bedell, Peter atte

Kent. Writ of supersedeas , by mainprise of John Maykot, John Bakere, John Stavele and John Geffray of Kent, in favour of William Yonge, John Yonge, Robert Prekfelde, all of Ealdynge, and John Lestede of Chart at suit of Richard

sheriff of York. Writ of supersedeas , by mainprise of William Wassekyn and John de Seteryngton of Yorkshire and William Baseby of Hertfordshire, in favour of John de Gisburne servant of Master Richard de Conyngeston at suit of Thomas Vele

Beche and John Fysshe of Sussex and John Bolyngton of London 'vynter,' in favour of John Corslee at suit of William Echyngham for trespass. Dec. 16. Westminster. To the abbot and convent of Burton upon Trent. Nomination of John Coryngham,

December 1401 Dec. 29. Westminster. To the sheriff of Surrey. Writ of supersedeas , by mainprise of Thomas Lytewyn, William Halle, John Southeray and John Robert, in favour of Richard Purcer of Carselton at suit of William Waldoke for trespass.

pertaining, all which the grantors, with Thomas Hevyn now deceased, had by gift of John Chaundos knight. Witnesses: John Skydemore knight, John Brugge, John Russell, John Mylborne, Thomas Suggwas esquires. Dated Snodhulle, 24 April 8 Henr y V. Memorandum of

John Multon any security, wherefore John Multon was dismissed from the court . Memorandum of a mainprise under a pain of 100 l ., made in chancery the same day by John Cornewayle knight, John Terell, John Burgh esquires,

Nov. 24. Westminster. Richard Cryse esquire of Kent, William Mogge of Devon, Thomas Salle of Hertfordshire and John Knapp of Westminster to John Bemonde citizen and 'chaundelere' of London, Recognisance for 11 l . 7 s ., to be levied

John Howarde, William de Coggeshale, Thomas Marny knights, John Basset, John Hokkele, John House, John atte Parke, John Holyfolde, John Marler, William Aleyn, John Sabarun, John Dyer of Rameseye, Gilbert Paynot. Dated Wrabnase, Thursday after Trinity 4 Henry V.

Entries O O Oakley , Great, Great Okeley [co. Essex ] , 379. Oapnet , John de, 106. Oare , Ore, 124. Oath , John, 449. Obanan , Peter, 556. -, Thomas, 556. Obny . See Opnie. Obothill , Denis

to be holden at Cambridge on the octaves of St. Hilary before John de Berewyk and others. To John de Metingham. Order to send to the said John de Berewyk and his fellows at Cambridge on the said octaves all

Leventon, John le Breye, John de Coggeshal, John Mauveisyn, John Lyoun, Richard le Marchaunt, Ralph Shingel, Henry Shingel, John atte Place, Henry Schirlok, Nigel Tebaud, William Pykard, Robert de Cornerth, Richard Grubbe, Simon de Edwardeston, John Coleman, Simon Cok, John

Close Rolls, Edward III December 1330 December 1330 Dec. 10. Westminster. To John de Houton, escheator beyond Trent. Order not to distrain John de Moubray for his homage and fealty for the lands that he holds of the king,

eyre in co. Kent. Order to permit John de Cantebrigg' to be the king's serjeant in the eyre, as the king wills that he shall be his serjeant in the eyre, and John has taken oath hereupon before the king.

Close Rolls, Edward III November 1329 November 1329 Nov. 4. Kenilworth. Roger de Gildesburgh, in co. Northampton. John de Oxendene, in the same county. The bishop of Lincoln. John de Wodhous. William de Everdon.

Feb. 8. Westminster. Robert Fowecher of Osmoston to John Cokayn the elder. Recognisance for 500 marks, to be levied etc. in Derbyshire. Henry Fauconer and William Derlaston, both of Middlesex, to John Wyot of the same. Recognisance for 100 l

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