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addition or increment, accrue. (1440) Paston 2.47 Be the vertue of qwch outlagare, all maner of chattell to the seide John Lyston apperteynyng arn acruwyed on to the Kyng. 1543(1464) Hardyng Chron.B Grafton 17 Why should ye not then be

Tosare of wulle or other lyke: Carptrix. (1249) in Fransson Surn. 83 Joh. Le Tosere. (1275) in Fransson Surn. 83 Will. le Thosere. (1280) Pleas Som. in Som.RS 11 304 William le Tosere. (1333) in Reaney Dict.Br.Surnames 353 John Tosere.

a manor. (1464) RParl. 5.535b Provided that this Acte extend not unto John Langley as for any Graunte or Grauntes unto hym made for a rente to be perceyved of the issues of oure Maner of Hohne Fryth of the

(1372) Plea & Mem.R.Lond.Gildh. 148 [Hugh atte Noke, John Barkere,] underman underman, [and Edmund Brewer, brewers, were committed for similar offences]. a1425(c1300) NHom.(1) Peter & P. Ashm 42 65,76 Prelates & maistirs þaire vndirmen so felli faistirs Wiþ chidinge Þat

Reg. 161/18 To all cristen men Thomas, Abbot of Oseney and John, prior of þe priory of Merton helth In the Sauiour of all men and vndowtefull feith to þese presente writynges to ȝeve. ?a1475 Ludus C. Vsp D.8 75/108

þinges þe gyewes oþer þinges þouȝte ffoure Wiþ muche hi þouȝte oure lord to skorny and vnhonoure. (c1384) WBible(1) Dc 369(2) John 8.49 Jhesu answeride 'I haue not a deuel, but I honoure my fadir, and ȝe han vnhonourid me.'

Cursor Vsp A.3 21045 An jmperur, domician wend him [St. John] to mat In a tun was welland hat Bot noþer him harmd, hefd ne fott, For als he was o lust vn-lame [Got: vnlam], Als was vnwemmed his licam.

unperfourmede and not executed that thenne it be levefull to you, Soverain Lorde to take into your hondes, alle the seide Castellez, Manerz, [etc.]. (1483) RParl. 6.261a The said last Wille of the said John Don ever shall reste unperfourmed.

v.(1). Unmarketed, unsold. (1463) Case King Council in Seld.Soc.35 111a John Proute commaunded all maner broucours, weyers, porters and other officers of the seid Staple that they in noo wyse shuld suffer but utterly lett and restraine the sale or

372 Vellys [marginal note opposite: Chalices: Furst j Chalice with j patent bothe through gilt with a Crucifixe Marie and John with asire enamyled in the fote of the chalice Item, ij Chalices with ij patents both with asire enamyled].

named Vidimus, sealed under the autentyke Seales, and approved, as to ye Originall of youre seid Letters. (1436) RParl. 4.501a John hath graunted and delivered the Vidimus of youre said Save Conduyt sealed under his Seale yt calleth hym self

(a) A white horse; (b) as surname: White-head. a1500(a1450) Gener.(2) Trin-C O.5.2 6066 To blanchard his stede he saide, `Blanchard..thow dost me neuer fayle.' (1207) Fine R.King John 454 Henricus Blanchard. (1326) Plea R.Edw.II in WSAS 10 68 Wm. Blaunchard.

ser.CP 1 file 12 no.4 Of trouthe sho was neuer executrice ne administre as executrice of the testament of the saide John Knyght. (1464) Paston 4.115 The Kyng shall not..favour any other persone..ayens any the seid administers, executores, or feffes.

woodes and the medewes wyde With gret habundaunce of verydyte [vr. vyridite]. a1500(?c1425) Spec.Sacer. Add 36791 166/24 In the nyȝt of Seynt John churches and howsus ben honowred with herbes and leues and viriditees, that is, with alle grene thyngis.

Burer. (1244) Close R.Hen.III 263 Galfridus le Burer. (1332) in Thuresson ME Occup.Terms 123 Rob. le Bourere. (1375) in Thuresson ME Occup.Terms 123 Joh. Bourere. (1402) in Thuresson ME Occup.Terms 123 Joh. Bourere, turnour. (1432) Close R.Hen.VI 202 John Bourer.

10 56 To Peter Tynker for brasyng þe bels..vij d. (c1462) Doc. in HMC Rep.5 App. 522b Paid to John at Wyk for amendyng of a gunne and the brassyng 20 d. (c1464) Acc.St.Mary Thame in BBOAJ 10 88 To

le Briggere. (1327) Sub.R.Sus. in Sus.RS 10 165 Johannes Brugger. (1327) Sub.R.Sus. in Sus.RS 10 208 Walt. Bregger. (1332) in Thuresson ME Occup.Terms 151 Joh. Brugere. (1418) in Fransson Surn. 195 John Brygger. (1428) Feudal Aids 5 164 Johannes Bregger.

occupied by country people or farmers; ?also, land held by cottagers. (1204) Fine R.King John 203 Rueland de le Bureland. (1296) Sub.R.Sus. in Sus.RS 10 61 Rogerus Borlond. (1303) Feudal Aids 4 303 Willelmus atte Borlond. (1346) Feudal Aids 4

Bdf.HRS 2 28 A grene bed of borde alisaundre wt þe hole sile armes of John Cheyne Squier..wt iij corteyns reed. (1429) Will Braybroke in Ess.AST 5 304 A bedde with a demy ciel and iij curtynes..for the chapel

assente, Thorugh myn abet, that he [Troilus] thyn honour shente]. (a1443) Pet.Chanc.PRO ser.CP 1 file 12 no.196 William Thomas knyght, Thomas Herbert exitacion and abbettyng of oon John Twenyng monke..with stronge honde and grete the saide Priorie entred.

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