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for no such astounding legend was even afloat concerning John the Baptist or his martyrdom, so far at least as I can discover,— but simply as meaning, ' in this sense John the Baptist , after he was thrown into

I do not know where Mr. Wharton makes this state|ment. This is ascribed to Wycliffe also by Robert Vaughan ( John de Wycliffe, D. D. , 1853 , Appendix, p. 533). See also Cat . of Ash . MSS. under

made erl of Derby ; ser Edward , the dukis sone of York , he made erl of Roteland; ser John Holond , the erlis brothir of Kent , he made erl of Huntyngdoun; ser Thomas Mowbray , erl of

of Kyng Alisandre ; and wherfore the Emperour of Ynde is clept Prestre John . ] BEȜOND þis ile es anoþer ile gude and grete and full of folk; and þai er gude folk and trewe and of gude faith

sum-tyme my keper ' quondam custodis mei. ' , when the hundrede whas þere i-callid to-gedur in the tyme of John of Worton ' de Wottona. ' baylyff of þe same hundrede, And þat, as ' sicut tunc limitacio facta

sodom and gomor. first, crist seiþ in þe gospel of seyn ion þat he was boren & cam in-to þe John xviii. 37. world for þis ende, to betere inserted X. bere witnesse to treuþe; also crist cam in-to þis

criste did and commaundid þe to ȝeue fulle credence to his glose, whan he saide: " ȝif ȝe leue not John x. [38 ] , xiv. [11. ] me for my wordis, leue ȝe þe dedis. " And if þu

the sixteenth-century standard Clementine edition of the Vulgate (C) than that used by the writer of the tract. Compare: 1 John ii. 18. L. of L. ' Nunc autem sunt multi antichristi. ' W. V. ' Now many antecristes ben

John Russells Boke of Nurture. Harl . MS. 4011 , Fol. 171. In nomine patris, god kepe me / et filij for charite, Et spiritus sancti, where that y goo by lond or els by see! an vsshere y

and he [viz. Jacques de Vitry ] is responsible for the statement that saint John baptised them, only in so far as he incidentally mentions St. John the Baptist in speaking of the confession of sins. " The whole trend

ACCOUNT OF JOHN COVENTRE, UNDER-SHERIFF FOR OXFORD AND BERKS 1427 -8 Thomas Stonor was sheriff in 1423 -4 and 1427 -8 . He and Thomas Chaucer sat for the county of Oxford in the Parliament of Sept. 1427 . Con

71. JOHN FRENDE TO THOMAS STONOR [? 1463 ] This would seem to be later than Nos. 63 and 64, and probably of nearly the same date as No. 72. Ugborough is 3 miles N.E. of Ermington , Mod|bury 2

crucyfixe and drops. Item, j hangyng for þe awter y-steynud with j crucyfixe, þe ymages of owre lady and seynt John . Item, ij curteyns and a noþer beneþe þe awter of þe same wrke wyth iij ymages. Item, j

said cooexecutours: and that also the said William shall suffre his said Moder to have þe ward and mariage of John Gatton above rehersed, Jane Stonor claimed this wardship " wherof her said husband was possessed " . and all

and Danyell van de Rade , merchants of Bruges , appear in the Cely Papers (Nos. 2 and 10). Dr. John Coke was employed in July , 1478 , to treat with Thomas de Plana, the representative of Maximilian and

[Of seynt John the euangelist; and of Ypocras doughter transformed from a womman to a dragoun. ] AND if all it be so þat þire thynges touche noȝt to teching of þe way to þe haly land, neuer þe les

is out of charite þat helpiþ not his broþer in bodely nede, ȝif he may wel, as ioon þe [1 John iii. 17. ] euaungelist seiþ; myche more is a man nedid bi charite to releue his broþeres soule out

& ȝif þou seie þat popis lawe spekiþ oþer wise of jugement, haue þe popis lawe more suspette; siþ goddis John vii. 24. lawe spekeþ þus, and þus crist biddiþ þe iewis to iuge of him riȝt iugement. Lord, wheþer

& amende hem sone þerof, & iuge not by facis of men, for crist biddiþ: " Ne wole ȝee iuge John vii. [24. ] aftir þe face, but iuge ȝee iust iugement of þingis þat ȝee knowen wel. " &

did on þe contrari wise; for whan he was sowȝte to passion, he hidde hym sijlfe, as þe storie of John xviii. [4. ] hym telliþ. And whan he was callid to þe state of þe emperoure or worldly dignite,

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