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79 Fonteneye , John de, 61, 70 Forest , John, 23 Forster , John, 52, 57 Fotehede , John, 55 Fox , Edward, 8, 68 Fox , John, 84 Fox , Richard, 34, 56 Frank , John, 30, 44, 52,

of supersedeas , by mainprise of Thomas Hunte of Oxford, John Prentys of Norhampton 'fuller' and John Dorchestre of Oxford, in favour of John Veyne 'hostyler' at suit of John Newebolde clerk for an account while he was the plaintiff's

Muskham clerks, John Herlyngton. Dated Westminster, 26 January 47 Edward III. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 28 January. Charter of William de Thorp knight, giving with warranty to John Knyvet knight, Richard de Treton clerk, John de Herlaston clerk and John de

said Guy and John Shakel, 17 December. Membrane 28 d . Sept. 19. Westminster. To John de Cavendissh, John Holt, Roger Harleston, William Bateman, Edmund Lystere mayor of Cantebrigge, John Morice the elder, John Payn and John Scotton appointed on

as John son and heir of John de Burgherssh has proved his age before John de Evesham. By p.s. (as above). Dec. 4. Westminster. To Roger de Wolfreton escheator in Essex. Order to cause John son and heir of John

of John Freberne the elder and Katherine his wife at suit of John Saveray for trespass. Feb. 22. Westminster. To the sheriffs of London. Writ of supersedeas omnino , by mainprise of John Charlton of Gloucestershire, John Hauke and John

40 l . which were of John Wepere, John Loft and Robert Wepere, indicted for manslaughter of John Seriche, if forfeit for that cause and in the bailiff's custody; as Walter Fitz Wauter and John de Lancastre knights have mainperned

Bekcote, William Dagelyn, John Louwelle and John Kyngesmille of Oxfordshire, in favour of Richard Garston, late servant and attorney of John de Bereford late burgess and draper of Oxford, at suit of Idonea who was wife of John de Gonewardeby

of Leycester. Writ of supersedeas , by mainprise of Robert de Rodyngton, John Westhorp of Notynghamshire, Walter Biere of Dorset and William Elyngton of Yorkshire, in favour of John Harwedoun and Alice his wife at suit of Thomas Prendregeste for

Weyvyle esquire to Walter Metforde clerk, William Pawelet, John Martyn, William Gosse, William Scot, William Russell clerk, Thomas Fycays, William Hastyng, Richard Sherefelde, John Bradeley clerk, Hugh Cary, John Blast and John Bolne. Quitclaim of the manor of Bykenaldre co.

warranty of all her messuages, lands etc. in Ayleston in the parish of Modbury. Witnesses: John Dymmoke, James Beaucombe, John Fouhelle, John Mathewe, Richard Huchoun, John Wilberdoun of Kyngesbrigge. Dated Monday before Michaelmas 5 Henry VI. Memorandum of acknowledgment at

Close Rolls, Henry VI December 1429 December 1429 Dec. 16. Westminster. John Stywarde and John Skydemore knights to the king. Recognisance for 100 l ., to be levied etc. in Herefordshire. Condition, that Thomas Styklane shall appear in person

Nov. 17. Westminster. William Gascoigne knight and John Thwaytes to William Brocas esquire. Recognisance for 400 marks, to be levied etc. in Yorkshire. John Chaumbre esquire to Master Thomas Lyes, Nicholas Hulme, John Radclyf, Stephen Austell, James Oculshagh clerks and

May 10. Westminster. John Bette of Teukesbury co. Gloucester 'gentilman' to John Vampage. Recognisance for 50 l ., to be levied etc. in Gloucestershire. May 7. Westminster. John Halle of New Sarum co. Wiltesir 'mercer' to John Whittokesmede. Recognisance for

year. John Sampson of Louth chaplain to John Louth of Louth co. Lincoln 'gentilman' for life, with remainder to Richard Argum and the heirs of his body, remainder to John Prisot, Walter Taillard, John Sudbury vicar of Louth, John Williamson

1451 June 26. Westminster. John Penyngton late of Mulcastre co. Cumberland and John Neuport of Suborton co. Suthampton esquires to John Tychebourne esquire. Recognisance for 600 marks, to be levied etc. in the said counties. John Clothall citizen and 'sherman'

January 1372 January 1372 Jan. 5. Westminster. William de Wyngefeld knight, John de Pelham clerk and Simon Longe to Richard de Ravenesere keeper of the hanaper of chancery and John de Wythornwyk clerk. Recognisance for 60 l ., to be

Close Rolls, Edward III January 1375 January 1375 Jan. 20. Westminster. John de Clynton baron has the like writ.

the said Peter, William and John Russel granted to the said John Ware, John Goundeville and John Warner and to their heirs. Witnesses: John de Lisle, Hugh Camoys, Bernard Brocas, John Ticheborne knights, Nicholas Wodelok, John Faukener, Richard Scoteneye, Thomas

IV 1402 1402 John de Chydyoke, son and heir of John de Chydyoke knight ( militis ), to Alice countess of Kent and dame Wake, Richard de Chydyoke, John Holme, Richard Slade, Robert Crosse, Thomas Dackome, John Stalbrigge, Walter Goly,

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