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a surname. c1150(?OE) PDidax. Hrl 6258b 45/28 Wyrc þann swa greate clymppan feowur þa [read: swa] litle aeceran. c1300 SLeg. LdMisc 108 424/130 In heor net huy nomen ane clompe of ys. a1500(1385) Cart.Boarstall in OHS 88 135 John Clompe.

(c1390) Chaucer CT.NP. Manly-Rickert B.4405 A colfox, ful of sly iniquitee..The same nyght..brast Into the yerd. (1221) Justice in Eyre R. in Seld.Soc.53 1104 John Colfox. (1274) Hundred R.Tower 2 92 Ricardus Colvox. (1412) Feudal Aids 6 501 Nicholaus Colfox.

to card. One who cards wool. (1297) in Fransson Surn. 82 John le Combestere. (1310) Court R.Colchester 1 3 Helena la Cambstere. (1327) in Fransson Surn. 82 Rog. Camester. (1334) in Fransson Surn. 82 Thom. le Comestere. (1341) in Fransson

7.397 Steven..monke at France..takynge with hym his condisciple [Trev.: oon of his scole feres; L condiscipulo], with whom he usede to say the sawter dayly. ?a1475(?a1425) Higd.(2) Ctn. Hrl 2261 444 The seide maister John [Wyclif] & his condisciples.

over of þe Duc of Orleance. (1438) Proc.Privy C. 5.294 Þat þe same John come ayen with þe said shippes for þe conduyctyng of hem. (1438) Proc.Privy C. 5.412 Þe saide shippes wer stuffed of men for þe conduyctyng of

le Cumbere. (1275) in Fransson Surn. 196 Will. le Cumbar'. (1276) Hundred R.Tower 1 11 Rogerus le Coumber. (1285) Pat.R.Edw.I 203 William le Cumber. (1300-1) Let.Bk.Lond.C Gldh LetBk C 89 John Cumbier. (1332) in Fransson Surn. 196 Henr' le Coumbar.

[occupy]. (1411) Close R.Hen.IV 72 Willielmus Pratte, White tawyer. (1415) Plea & Mem.R.Lond.Gildh. 25 [Award of John Caston, John Swan, William Carter and John Bright in a dispute between William Stone,] whitawier, [and William Audre, clerk]. (1425-6) Red Paper Bk.Colchester

seid Vynteners by this present escrite and composicon they bynden the seid Bayllyfs. (1430) Doc. in Flasdieck Origurk. 95 John Shardelow and Thomas Hoo be bounden by here escript obligatorie to the seid Thomas Chaucer yn X M li

of John Deken, executrice with his othir coexecutours. (1444) Will Daubeney in Som.RS 19 343 My Wille is yt my wyf be my chef Executrice. (1445) in Webb Rec.St.Barth 1.500 The executrix of the testament of the same John. (1470-1)

(c1384) WBible(1) Dc 369(2) Luke 20.27 Sadducees, that denyen aȝenrysinge [vr. resurreccioun] to be, neiȝeden. (c1384) WBible(1) Dc 369(2) John 11.24-5 `He schal ryse aȝen in the aȝenrysing in the laste day.' Jhesu seith to hir, `I am aȝenrisyng and

of walls: in line horizontally and vertically. (c1445) Plea & Mem.R.Lond.Gildh A 70.3b John Derke byhoveth to haue lyne right & plumright atte the same Estende accordyng with the Estsides of a post stondyng there in the northest Cornere of

R.Soc.n.s.4 25 Ricardus Pode. (1275) in Reaney Dict.Br.Surnames 277 John le Pod. (1289) EPNSoc.17 (Not.) 165 Podehaye. (1325) Close R.Edw.II 537 Nicholas Pod. (1325) Feet Fines Kent in Archaeol.Cant.15 295 John Pode. (1335) EPNSoc.17 (Not.) 165 Poddehagh. (1346) Feudal Aids

183 Per le Portewey usque Staunford. (1281) Hundred R.Tower 2 612 Matild. de la Portweye. (1380) Deed Norris in LCRS 93 152 [A strip in] le portewayschot [betw. the lands of John le Norres and John s. Hen. le Smyht].

[vr. demaynus]. (1200) Fine R.King John 63 Homines de Mainesfeud dant Regi xx m. pro habenda communa pasture in parco Clipeston. (1296) Sub.R.Sus. in Sus.RS 10 100 Harnold de Manewelk. (1301) Valuat.Dartford in Archaeol.Cant.9 296 John Mainware. (1327) Sub.R.Sus. in

Gr. The master of the feast at Cana in Galilee (John 2.1-10); -- both as common noun and proper name. c1250 Louerd asse þu ard Trin-C B.14.39 272 Wateir he turnide to win..He heit þat me sulde it þen archtriclin

champmen [Roy: chepmenne] to huting. c1330 Degare Auch 577 Þan was þer long houting [vr. noyse] and cri; þe King was sor asschamed forþi. (1461) Will Herne in Archaeol.Cant.28 93 John Houting. (1471-2) Will Herne in Archaeol.Cant.28 99 John Howting.

Sub.R.Oxf. in Rogers Oxf.CDoc. [OD col.] 10 De Marrabilla Terre, Netmaker, xij d. (1411) Close R.12 Hen.IV dorso [OD col.] John Mannyng, netmaker. a1425 Medulla Stnh A.1.10 12b/a Cassiarius: a nette maker. a1425 Medulla Stnh A.1.10 36b/a Laniarius: a nette

in his office, and nought withstondyng, þis John of Ely lateþ this office to ferme to wymmen, þat conne not. (c1384) Doc. in Bk.Lond.E. 231/49 Then schall hit be lefull vn-to the seyd John the seyde soyle with All

ij oliuiers] hem for to resten. (1205) Fine R.King John 246 Alanus Oliver. (1249) Close R.Hen.III 242 Ernaldum Oliver et alios complices eorum. (1320) Feet Fines Kent in Archaeol.Cant.14 266 John Olyuer. c1450(1369) Chaucer BD Benson-Robinson 1122 The false Genelloun..purchased

Þis arcite and þis Palamon..quietely [Heng: quitly] were out of prison gon. a1475 Godstow Reg. Rwl B.408 27/17 John of synt John hathe grauntyd..the lande..quietly. a1475 Godstow Reg. Rwl B.408 33/12 To be hold and to be had, frely and

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