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criste techiþ vs in þe gospel in dyuers placis, wher he saiþ: " leue ȝe þe werkis, for whi by John x. [38 ] , and xiv. [11. ] her werkis ȝe schul knowe hem. " And þis rule is

XLVIII . ] Ego sum pastor bonus. — JOHN X. [II. ] CHRIST telliþ in þis gospel þe maners of a good herde, so þat herbi we may witen how oure herdis failen now. And defaute of siche heerdis is

. ] Amen, Amen, dico vobis, si quid petieritis. — JOHN xvi. [23. ] CRIST telliþ in þis gospel hou his disciplis shulden be helpid by vertue of her preier, whan he was styed in to hevene. And first he

] Non turbetur So in E; A has turbentur. cor vestrum. — JOHN xiv. [I. ] ÞIS gospel telliþ, how Crist confortide his disciplis upon Shire Þursdaie, as he dide comunli in wordis þat he seide hem þanne. Joon telliþ

DAI OF SEINT JOHN BAPTIST IN HERVEST, ÞE GOSPEL. [SERMON CXVI . ] Misit Herodes. — MARK vi. [17. ] ÞIS gospel telliþ þe cause and forme whi þat Baptist was do to deþ, and seiþ, how þat Heroude þe

CXVIII . ] Nunc judicium est mundi. — JOHN xii. [31. ] ÞIS gospel telliþ how þat Crist in al his liif was aȝens þe fend, and speciali in his passioun þat he suffride of so greet love. And þus

number of the last chapter of which he gives the summary. The headings given in this fragment correspond exactly with John Morton ' s Englishing of Bonaventura ' s Vita Christi , printed by Caxton and by Wynkyn de Worde.

i-confermed hit. And þese ben þey þe which þis grauntyng and confermyng haue i-made Nigell that tyme Deene of Oxonforde, John Kepeherme and Henry fiȝt Sigrim þen Aldirman, laurence Kepeherme and thomas of tadmarton, þen pretores or pletoures Latin is

At Oxenforde were take ser John Blount and ser Benet Sely , knyȝtis, and Thomas Wyntereshille squyer, and were beheddid and quartrid. And the same yeer at Pritwelle in Essex , in a mille, ser John Holond duke of Excestre

by John of Ickford , of no. 70. JOHN of Hicford confirms to Godstow the yardland given by his father His ancestor? Bartholomew , viz. that which Henry le flemyng held. Witnesses: John son of Nigel , knight; John of

III, see note 5, p. 36. , Afore Master Roger offSeyton, Master Richard Stanes , John of Cobeham, Master Raph off ffrenyngham, Thomas Welonde, And John louetofte, Justices, and other true men of the Kynges thenne there present, bitwene Adam

þe peple of hem, þei ben giltif of loos of cristene soulis. Also ion þe euaungelist seiþ: ȝif ony 1 John iii. 17. man see his broþer haue nede & schitte his purs & mercy fro hym, charite dwelliþ not

ne priuely, als ferr as þai may lett it. For þe gospel of Jon saiþ þat bischopis and pharises sayden John xi. [47. ] of criste: " If we leuen hym þus alle men schul byleue in hym, and romayns

XLIII . ] Abiit Jesus trans mare. — JOHN vi. [I. ] ÞIS gospel telliþ þe first feste þat Crist made to þe puple, bi multipliynge of mete, as þre gospelis tellen. Þe story telliþ þat Jesus wente over þe

. ] Cum esset sero die una. — JOHN XX . [19. ] ÞIS gospel telliþ of þe fifþe apperynge, þat was þe last, and late done upon Paske daie, and þis is told wiþ oþer to conferme bileve of

] Vado ad eum qui misit me. — JOHN xvi. [5. ] ÞIS gospel of Joon telliþ hie pryvete of þing þat is to come bifore þe day of dome. And, for Cristis assencioun is neyȝ, þerfore Crist telliþ a

LII . ] Cum venerit Paraclitus. — JOHN XV . [26. ] CRIST telliþ his disciplis of comyng of þe Confortour, þe which is þe Holy Goost, and what lyf þei shal after lede. And ech man shulde cunne here

. ] Si quis diligit me. — JOHN xiv. So in E; both A and B have xviii , erroneously. [23. ] IN þis gospel moveþ Crist his children to love, for charite is þe best cloiþ þat ony man

. ] Erat homo ex Phariseeis Nychodeme. — JOHN iii. [I. ] ÞIS gospel undir a story telliþ of þe Trinite, and boþe þes ben harde, as comounly is Jones gospel. Þe storye telliþ þat þer was a man of

[SERMON LVI . ] Hoc est preceptum meum. — JOHN xv. [12. ] . ÞIS gospel techiþ Cristis apostlis, and in hem al Cristis Chirche, how þei shulden holde charite ech man to oþer. Crist seiþ, Þis is my comandement,

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