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Sancto Amando to Thomas Wykeham knight, John Wykeham clerk, John Barton the elder, John Barton the younger, John Wilcotes son of William Wilcotes deceased, John Bonke clerk, Richard Compton, John Hasilforde clerks and John Perot and to their heirs. Charter

Edward IV, bargained with John Ingham to buy of him three pieces of land of eight acres in the parish of Boxle, late of William Baker of Maydeston for twenty marks. And afterwards the said John died, and Joan his

John, 11, 12, 14 Donestaple , see Dunstaple Doneys , John, 41 Donne , John de, 57 Dorking , Roger de, 30 Dortorier , Ralph le, 33 Downton , John de, 20 Drax , Richard de, 17 Drokensford ,

Prebendaries Llanfair, first comportion PREBENDARIES OF LLANFAIR, FIRST COMPORTION M. John Crayford 1535. Occ. 1535 ( Valor IV 436).

To John de Shardelowe and his fellows, justices of assize in co. Norfolk. Order to continue in the same state in which it now is the assize of novel disseisin which John Fraunceys and Ela his wife and John son

cattle of John Broun of Esthamstede, Walter Wynebussh, John Forester, Thomas Mau and John Bennebury clerk of Froyle, and to keep the same until according to many former commands of the king he may replevy cattle of John Motte the

at York 3 January before John de Aske, by Thomas de Watton at Alnewyke 10 February before John de Mitford, and by Robert de Flyntehalgh at Alnewyke 11 March before John de Aske and John de Mitford, by virtue of

John de Ashton and John Tuxforde to the said Robert and John Waterton. Like recognisance, payable at Martinmas 1411. Richard de Veer earl of Oxford to John Hende, John Colepeper, John Preston, Robert de Teye, Clement Spyce, Robert Rykedoun,

John, 33 E- , 13 Eccleshale , John de, 35 Eden (Edon), Richard, 13 Edenham , John, 16, 21 Edington (Edyngdon), John de, 29 Edmunds , John, 19, 21 Edon , see Eden Edyngdon , see Edington Elham (Olham),

the lord of Parroke on the east, John Pette on the south and the high way on the north. Witnesses: John Pette, John Page, John Petygo, Robert Lenche, Walter Stace, John Acton, John Seman. Dated Melton, 8 March 6 Henry

Philippot , Philipot, Philpot, John, esquire, 104. -, John, son of John, 104. -, John, knight, 171, 173. -, John, mercer, son of John, knight, 171, 173. -, John, son of the mercer, 171, 173. -, John, of Kettlethorpe, 162.

and virgate of land and meadow in Staunton Drewe co. Somerset sometime held by John Watkyns. Witnesses: John Chokke, John Bavent, John Caudelle, John Mably, John Staunton. Dated 22 August 24 Henry VI. Memorandum of acknowledgment at Pensford 6 May

his charter of feoffment. Witnesses: Adam del Banke mayor of York, John de Wyton and John de Bedale sheriffs, John Bolton, John Hewyke, Robert Hayne, John Yarum, John Raskille, John Ragenhille clerk. Dated York, 1 March 6 Henry IV. Memorandum

462-3. -, John, esquire, 237, 267. -, John, learned in the law, 253. -, John, 'yoman,' of Hadley, 449. -, John, the younger, 'yoman,' of Chipping Barnet, 449. -, John, escheator in Kent and Middlesex, 106. -, John, of Gosfield,

atte Grove, Robert Wanlynge 'barbour,' Henry Gernoun 'sadeler' and John Ballard, all of London, in favour of John Piers chaplain in regard to William Hilton clerk, John Dawe 'skynner,' Bartholomew Dawe, John Nicholas 'bocher,' Thomas Forester 'barbour' or any other

John Bonham brother of Thomas the father. Witnesses: John Stourton, John Baynton knights, John Paulet, John Cheyne, John Sydenham, Richard Milborne, Dated 12 October 14 Henry VI. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 21 November. Nov. 27. Westminster. William Holt esquire to

John Bradston the younger, John Hatton 'bocher,' John Ludforde 'webbe,' John Wontenore 'bocher,' John Cullynge, John Portemon, Lewis Tuppa, John son of William Portemon, Richard Girres of Larden', John Smyth of Shipton, Robert Scot, John Bodenham, Robert Walle 'corvyser,'

mutatis mutandis , of the subsidy in Herefordshire for ten years from Easter last to John Boys of Hereforde, by mainprise of John Wyche and John Mey, both of Hereforde, taken by Thomas Oldecastell sheriff thereof, who shall be answerable

of Robert Louns, Adam Clerc chaplains, William Jay and Richard Hethe, and order by mainprise of John Salferton, John Okeham, Roger Bryseley 'criour' and John Hun 'criour,' all of London, to set them free, if taken at suit of the

Writ of supersedeas , by mainprise of John Haryngey, John Percokke, Robert Leme of Middlesex and William Leme, in favour of John Halyngbury at like suit of John Shordyche, John Sharp the elder, John Sharp the younger, William Sharp and

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