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The Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse

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. [SERMON LVII . ] Haec mando vobis. — JOHN xv. [17. ] ÞIS gospel telliþ sharpli, as Crist doiþ ofte bi Joon , how men shulden love togidere and putte awei þe lettingis, for þe bigyn|nynge and þe eendinge

LIX . ] Nisi granum frumenti. — JOHN xii. [24. ] ÞIS gospel moveþ men bi wordis of Crist to martirdom. And first Crist spekiþ þus bi symylitude in kynde. But if þe corn of whete fallinge in erþe be

V at the Council of Vienne in 1312 ; they were after|wards given out in a fully digested form by John XXII in 1316 . They treat of various points of canon law and church discipline, and are sup|plementary to

There has been much dispute who this Zacharias was. From the time of Origen, who relates that the father of John the Baptist was killed in the temple, many of the Greek Fathers have maintained that this is the person

CXXII . ] Respiciens Jesus in discipulos. — JOHN xvii. [II. ] In the modern Roman missal this gospel belongs to the mass ' for the removal of Schism; ' the gospel for All Hallows eve is taken from Luke

þat hie wenden þat hit were crist self. and senden here erendrakes to him þus queðinde. Tu quis es? [ John i. 19|23. ] hwat art tu? [E ] t respondit. [N ] on sum ego Christus . Ne ami

þis ilk sweuene— Ich take to witnesse god of heuene— þe wedenysday bifore þe decollacioun of seint Ion Decollation of John the Baptist , Aug. 29 .— Nicolas . , It is more þan twelue moneþ gon. God me graunte

(de Bellomont), earl of Leicester ( 1118 -68 ); Milo of Gloucester , constable; Robert of Olley ; John of St. John ; Engelram of Sai . ] A chartur of fredams I-grauntyd by watur, archedecun of Oxenforde. A.D. 1138

toune þat men calles Saffre, Sepphoris, Seffûrieh. and it es sette apon anoþer hill. Þare was sayn Jame and sayn John borne; and in þe place of þaire birthe þer es a faire kirke standand. Also fra Acon til a

sayd oure Lord till his moder, when he hang on þe crosse, apon þis wyse, Mulier, ecce, filius tuus , John xix. 26. þat es to say, " Womman, loo, þare þi son, " and he ment of sayne Iohn

AND OF THE FLOM JORDAN ; OF THE HED OF SEYNT JOHN THE BAPTIST , & OF THE VSAGES OF THE SAMARITANES. AND fro Jerico a .iij. myle is the dede see; Aboute þat see growetℏ moche Alom & of

pursuen hem to þe deþ, þei slen hem, and ioon þe euaungelist seiþ as to here dampnacion. Ȝif þei l John iii. 15. conforten men to slee here breþren in false werris, by open prechynge or preuei conseilynge, or vndirtakynge

not to 1 Cor . i. 17. cristene men; and ion þe ewangelist seiþ, ȝif a man see his 1 John iii. 17. broþer haue nede & close his mercy fro him haþ not charite. moche more ȝif men ben

XLIV . ] Quis ex vobis arguet. — JOHN viii. [46. ] ÞIS gospel techiþ bileve by hie wordis þat Crist spake, and hou men shulden lyve þere after, and trowen in Crist and suen him. First axiþ Crist þat

diceret: ego sponsus non sum, sed amicus sponsi sum. ' But our author, possibly from imperfectly remembering the pas|sage, calls John the Baptist the spouse of our Lord, a title of dignity which I cannot find was ever con|ferred upon

him was best to gang. To Mari hows he whent onone whent st. went. Þat moder was of James and John : For þare war of his frendes Inew Þat in þe trowth of Crist war trew And lufed him

autem gaudebit vos autem contristabimini. sed tristicia uestra vertetur in gaudium & gaudium vestrum. nemo tollet a vobis ' Vulg. John xvi. 20, 22. ‖ Treweli I seie to ȝou þe trouþe.̉ ȝe schal greete & weepe/ forsoþe þis world

of Holi Scripture, but also in Holi Scrip|ture. Forwhi in Holi Scripture, Genes. xli e . c ., vpon See John xv. 1; Matth . xvii. 12. the dreem of Pharao is is seid thus: The vij. faire kijn and

Könige in Berwick geleistet und später verschiedentlich wiederholt hatten (v. 33-34), crhob sich im Jahre 1303 ein neuer Aufstand unter John Comyn und Simon Fraser . Der Bischof von Glasgow erschien nebst anderen geistlichen Würdenträgern als Krieger in den Reihen

1445 A.D. , the story is illustrated by nine miniatures; in the borders of the first appear the arms of John Talbot , first Earl of Shrewsbury , and those of Henry VI . and his Queen Margaret of Anjou

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