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plumer n. From plum(e n. A dealer in plumes or feathers. (1282) Let.Bk.Lond.A Gldh LetBk A 46 [John de Cestrehunte], plumer..[John de Cestrehunte], Fethermongere.

administror n. From administren . One who manages the estate of a deceased person. (1464) Paston 4.115 John Paston, or any other executor, administror, or feffe of the seid Sir John Fastolf.

galocher n. OF galochier A maker or seller of galoches . (1306) Will Court Hust. Gldh 1.181 John le Galocher.

mauncher n. ?From maunche . ?A maker of sleeves. (1305) Court R.Lond. 174 [John de Ware] mauncher.

baptistre n. OF (John) the Baptist. c1225 Wor.Bod.Gloss. Jun 121 25 (Iohannes): baptistre.

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Middle English Grammar Corpus

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the foresayde l et res patentes vnto the foresayd John Saynell and John lake as in the releshe of the sayd John n leuenthorp made vnto the foresayd John Saynell and John lake more pleynly is contened of the whilk

prest es Raynald Tolle Nichus Vnderhyll John Fyssher John Newport will a m Cook John Clerk John Skryven will a m Taylo ur Henr Grasseley and willm lorett es say expressely as the said John meu er ell sayd in

the sayde John whitfeld to entre into the sayde halfe of the Man er of Rydale & loghryg w t all the ap ur tinance And the sayde John Flemyng to pay to gros+som to the sayd John whitfeld spacefiller

John Raulyn and John hor heires and hor assignes for eu er -more as in A dede to the foresaides Jenkyn John Raulyn and John therof made more playnly ys made menshone that the saides Jenkyn John Raulyn and

being wytnes Syr John of Peny n gton knyght william Flemy n g John n of Troghton John of wekers Robyn Dicson of Mytyrdale John n Nicholson Richard Nicholson williatear Nicholson John n Scharpe the helder John Scharpe the yonger

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British History Online

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sheriffs of London. Writ of supersedeas , by mainprise of John Pakeman, John Ernesby, John Broun of Leycestershire and John Whytyng of Norhamptonshire, in favour of Simon Scaldeford chaplain and John de Kirkeby vicar of Roteby, at suit of Maud

John Southwode, Robert Saresson, John Hardgrave, John Meryweder, John Harlynge, John Wryght, Richard Barkere, John Webster, John Prentys, Hugh Scut, Thomas Curteys, John Northfolke, John Rery, John Berton, Thomas Brekles, Thomas Freresbaxster, Henry Disse, Henry Purchas 'barkere,' John Faireheved,

John Kyrkeby 'dyer,' Richard Walesby and William Toller of London to set free John Shelforde 'Walssheman,' if taken at suit of John Gace and Joan his wife against the said John Shelforde, John his brother and Richard 'brother of

in favour of John Mapelysden of London 'goldsmyth' at suit of Ralph Ryed citizen of London, Parnell his wife, Roger White, Thomas White, John Bryan the younger, Richard Rede, John Sheldewyche, John Staundoun, John Walter and John Clerke for trespass.

Kent. Like writ, mutatis mutandis , by mainprise of Robert Hawe, John Slapton, John Hawe and John Derby, in favour of John and William Ecarde. April 24. Westminster. John Wonford of Somerset to William Louedene chaplain, Richard Ewyas and Robert

Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858 icon

Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858

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Employment: provost of the collegiate church of St John, Beverley. Location: Beverley, St John (YorkshireEastRiding) Place(s): Collegiate Church of St John the Evangalist, Beverley (ecclesia beati Johannis Beverl') : undefined Participant: John Waltham [de Waltham] Role: defendant Details: male Employment:

Participant: John Rollnethebince [Rollnethebince] Role: witness Details: male; 28; free Location: Beverley, St John (YorkshireEastRiding) Place(s): Beverley (Beverlaco) : town Notes: Cannot identify surname 'Rollnethebince'. Participant: William Young [Yonge] Role: witness Details: male; 30; free Location: Beverley, St John (YorkshireEastRiding)

St John (YorkshireEastRiding) Place(s): Tickton (Tykton) : township Participant: Robert Wragby [de Wrageby] Role: witness Details: male; 40; clerk Employment: vicar choral of the college of Beverley, St John Location: Beverley, St John (YorkshireEastRiding) Place(s): Collegiate Church of St John

Details:2 Pieces; No deposition; No libel; No sentence Outcome: Date: 1396 — 1396 People & Places Participant: John Salter [Salter] Alternate name: John son of Henry Salter [Salter] Role: plaintiff Details: male Location: Stanhope (Durham) Place(s): Snape Gate (Snape) :

contract) Details:3 Pieces; Has deposition; Has libel; Has sentence Outcome: Date: 26/04/1335 — 1336 People & Places Participant: John son of John Role: plaintiff Details: male Location: North Dalton (YorkshireEastRiding) Place(s): North Dalton (Northedalton, Northdalton) : ecclesiastical parish Participant: Emma

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