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Royer and John Wilforde of Somerset, in favour of William Hethe clerk at suit of John abbot of Glastonbury for trespass. Dec. 2. Westminster. To the sheriffs of London. Writ of supersedeas , and order by mainprise of John Ecclesale,

Kent. Writ of supersedeas , and order by mainprise of John Maycote and Thomas Maycote of Kent, John Felde of Middlesex and Bartholomew Devenysshe of London 'mercer' to set free John Elys, if taken at suit of the king and

, by mainprise of William Crosse, Peter Fairchilde and John de Hilton of Yorkshire and John Talworth of London, in favour of William de Tyryngham parson of Shyryngton at suit of John Bukyngham bishop of Lincoln for debt. Vacated, because

lately gave by charter to John Willersey rector of St. Mary Guldeford, John Pedefer and Richard Farnhurst chaplains, their heirs and assigns, and they by charter gave to the said Master Arnald, William and John West and to their heirs.

Derham and John Symonde of Bristol 'dyer' any security for keeping the peace at suit of Thomas Yonge of Bristol, and order by mainprise of John Penne 'skynner,' Ralph Wiltshire 'skynner,' John Leget 'fysshemonger,' all of London, and John Wachet

, and order by mainprise of John Chesilden parson of Newenton, William Fouler esquire, John Wilton, both of Middlesex, and Richard Knappe of the town of Westminster to set free William Lambroke clerk and John Peny, if taken at suit

4. Westminster. To the sheriffs of London. Like writ, mutatis mutandis , by mainprise of John Buns 'taillour,' William Haukyns 'masoun,' John Haukyns 'tyler' and John West 'cordewaner,' all of London, in favour of Robert Draper of London 'taverner' at

Aug. 11. Beaulieu. John Esmonde to the king. Recognisance for 100 l ., to be levied etc. in Norffolk. Condition, that no hurt or harm shall happen to John Arnolde, Richard Brasier, John Michell, Edmund Sterre, John Elot and Richard

13. Westminster. William Fromonde of Winchester 'marchaunt' to John Hertilpole clerk. Recognisance for 8 l ., to be levied etc. in the county of Suthampton. Cancelled on payment . Feb. 15. Westminster. John Knyght of Bristol 'marchaunt' to William Boteler

the said John is bound to Thomas Echyngham, Thomas Leukenore knight, John Rykhylle and Joan his wife, and shall acquit and discharge him toward them. Feb. 23. Westminster. John de la Hay of Reanham co. Kent to John Franke clerk.

April 1428 April 1428 April 1. Westminster. John Cheyne of Isnamstede Cheyne co. Bukingham esquire to William Flete of Rykemersworth co. Hertford. Recognisance for 200 l ., to be levied etc. in Bukinghamshire. John Taillour late of New Sarum co.

9 l . to John Pakkere. Nov. 8. Westminster. The said Alexander for 7 marks payable to John Clerk chaplain and Richard Elewarde. Nov. 8. Westminster. The said Alexander for 5 marks payable to brother John Sylvestre of the order

John Cros, Richard Whitacre, Richard Buscelle, William Fitz John,John Beket. Dated Waltham Holy Cross, 19 January 7 Henry VI. Memorandum of acknowledgment, by Richard Veel 23 January, and by John Bernyngham 4 January this year. John Aston to

to the sheriff of Gloucester in regard to John Saundres, who is too sick and aged. Oct. 20. Westminster. Like order, mutatis mutandis , to the sheriff of Middlesex in regard to John Shordyche, who is insufficiently qualified. Nov. 1.

May 24. Westminster. To the escheator in Yorkshire. Order to take the fealty of John Babthorp, who has taken to wife Joan daughter and heir of John Lely, and to give him and the said Joan seisin of the lands

of London 'dyer' to John Hygdon of London 'dyer' and John Stable clerk, their executors and assigns. Gift of all his goods and chattels in London and elsewhere within the realm. Witnesses: Thomas Breuwode 'dyer,' John Ludford 'dyer,' Robert James,

body, with remainder to John Wodehous his brother and to the heirs of his body, remainder to Jerome Wodehous brother of John and to the heirs of his body, remainder to the right heirs of John Wodehous esquire their father,

Close Rolls, Henry VI 1452 1452 William Geffrey of London 'coryour' to John Woulfrey 'gentilman,' John Mostell 'gentilman' and John Layner of London, their executors and assigns. Gift with warranty of all his goods and chattels, property and debts

Close Rolls, Edward IV 1462 1462 156 John Porter, 'yoman' of Suthwerk, to Thomas Burgchier esquire, John Benet 'gentilman.' William Taverne, Adam Crofte and John Jurdan, their executors and assigns. Gift of all his goods, debts and chattels within

Westminster. John Lyeche of Clyve acknowledges that he owes to Henry de Walton, archdeacon of Rychemund, 100 marks; to be levied, in default of payment, of his lands and chattels in the county of Northampton. John son of John Pygot

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