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Add 10304 367 Fyrst of all Gentyles..Semyramys, qwene of Babylon, Described is. c1450 De CMulieribus Add 10304 982 Folowynge John Bochas, I haue described thies goddessys notable In lyke orderr as he in Latyne hase. (a1475) Fortescue Gov.E. LdMisc 593

& -estre (var. -ster ). A dyer. (1304) Pat.R.Edw.I 207 John le Dextere. (1326) in Fransson Surn. 105 Will. le Deyghester. (1327) in Thuresson ME Occup.Terms 207 Rad. le Dextere. (1360) in Thuresson ME Occup.Terms 207 Sim. le Dextere. (1399)

digges ben enewede. a1475 Liber Cocorum Sln 1986 p.9 Þandon for wylde digges, swannus, and piggus. 1607(?a1425) Chester Pl. Hrl 2124 55/189 Here are doves, diggs, drakes, redshankes runninge through the lakes. (1251) Inquis.PM Hen.III in Archaeol.Cant.2 303 John Digge.

failure to speak out, reticence. (c1456) Pecock Faith Trin-C B.14.45 153 Zacharie the fadir of John Baptist was punyschid bi doumbenes. ?a1475 Ludus C. Vsp D.8 116/35 The plage of dompnesse hise lippis lappyd lo. c1400 Wycl.DSins Bod 647 141

Commons..enclamyng the said ground to be thair common as parcell of the said Forest. (c1435) Proc.Chanc. in Cal.PCEliz. 1.p.xxxv John, late Erle of Arundell..enclaymyng the same maners and office as sone and heir. (c1439) Proc.Chanc.PRO ser.C 1 file 9 no.287

augmencacon and enlargeyng of her seyd college. (1448) in Willis & C.Cambridge 1 378 I wol..that the chirch of saint John, which muste be take into thenlargyng of my same College, be wel and sufficientli made agayn. (1463) Let.Bk.Lond.L Gldh

spots (instead of black on white); -- also as noun. (c1460) Bk.Arms in Anc.5 Hrl 2169 188 John Garther beryth of ix pecys ermyn and ermyne. (c1460) Bk.Arms in Anc.5 Hrl 2169 189 [Gules] A lyone of ermyne and ermyne

distress. (c1384) WBible(1) Dc 369(2) John 16.33 In the world ȝe schulen haue pressing, or ouerleying [WB(2) : disese; L pressuram], but triste ȝe, I haue ouercome the world. (c1384) WBible(1) Dc 369(2) Luke 21.25 And tokenes schulen be in

(1375) Close R.Edw.III 265 [Also, 5 1/4 d. yearly rent arising from land of] overlond [held by William Smyth; 2 1/2 d. and one third of one halfpenny of yearly rent arising from land of] overlond [held by John Hicke].

Barth. Add 27944 203b/a A Stone hatte petra, and petra is a name of grew and is to ben sadde and stedefast. (1201) Fine R.King John 120 Willielmus, filius Johannis de Harpetre. (1356-7) Freeman R. in KRec.18 207 Thomas Petriffelde.

littera est k qui denotat his knokyng; quando illi poppid hym and betten his chekis. c1443 Lond.Chron.Hrl.565 Hrl 565 130 John Ashele..hadde hym at myschief redy to a popped hym in the face with his dagger. 1483 Cath.Angl. Monson 168

prestre n. Also prestr , prester , prestur , preter . OF prestre (a) A priest; john [OF Prestre Jehan ], Prester John, legendary Christian ruler in central Asia; (b) in surnames. a1400 Þis world ys delyd Roy 13.D.1 p.272

sayn hit is lollere. c1450(c1430) Brut-1430 Glb E.8:Kingsf. 308 In the same yere of kynge henryis Regne the V, sir John Oldcastell..was arestid for lollerye and commyttid to the toure of london. a1500 Satir.Procl. Add 46846 167 For usyng of

23 The particion of ye saydes manerz, assent and grement of William ffencotz..And of William put in award..of john Thwaytes. c1540(?a1400) Destr.Troy Htrn 388 9692 Hit [a truce] was grauntid agayn by grement with-in. a1500(c1465) SEChron. Lamb 306

A knyȝhte of Lancastreschire movede gwerre in this yere agayne Thomas of Lancastre, his lorde. (1173) in Pipe R.Soc.19 51 David Laguerre. (1177) in Pipe R.Soc.26 23 Jordanus la Guerre. c1444(c1270) Cart.Lewes in Sus.RS 38 Vsp F.15 143 John Guer.

(1319) in Fransson Surn. 140 Rob. le Haneper..Thom. Haneper. (1327) in Fransson Surn. 140 Johanna la Hanyper..Walt. le Henepere..Will. Henyper..Reg. Heniper. (c1332) Acc.Eleanor in Archaeol.77 125 Johanni le Hanaper de Wodestret. (1348-9) Will Court Hust. Gldh 1.514 John le Hamper.

Heaumer of Fleet Street..who had been brought by Richard Brid], heaumer, [into the Sheriff's Court]. (1349) Will Court Hust. Gldh 1.576 [Thomas Canoun] healmer. (1364) Plea & Mem.R.Lond.Gildh. 4 [A bond..was entered into by William Seynt Albon..and John Scot], heaumer.

þan help na hali-heid, þat ga til hel þam most ned. a1400(a1325) Cursor Vsp A.3 13234 Herodias..hir dred, if..His hefed war til his bodi don, þat he [St. John] mond quiken als son, Thoru his mikel hali-hede [Trin-C: holy hede].

PParv. Hrl 221 14 A-reste or a-restynge: Arestacio. (1466) Stonor 1.77 The seid takyng, arestynge, or imprisonement of the seid John Frend. a1486 Ordin.Lists in RS 55.1 Lnsd 285 307 Arrestynges [vr. arestinges], yif any, shall be made by the

in Sur.Soc.99 243 Item, iiij nopsekez. (1472) Acc.R.Dur. in Sur.Soc.99 246 Item, ex dono d'ni Wi. Rodburne, j nopseke. ?c1475 Cath.Angl. Add 15562 86b A Noppe [Monson: a Noppe of clothe]: tuberus, tuber, tuberosus, tumentum. (1311) Pat.R.Edw.II 361 John Noppe.

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