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a bitter opponent of Lollardy, to whom the Lanterne of Liȝt was handed over for examination at the trial of John Claydon (see Introduction, p. viii). The text runs as follows: ' Licentia concessa Willelmo Lyndewode ab archiepiscopo Cant .

thank Christ for forgiveness 343 Arguments of Antichrist from James v. 16; from the raising of Lazarus ; and from John ' s baptism, shown not to bear on private confession to priests 343 Exhortation to priests to attend to

the flom Jordan ; of the hed of seynt John the Baptist ; and of the vsages of the Samaritanes. ] THREE myle fra Iericho es þe Deed See. Betwene Iericho and þat see es þe cuntree of Engaddy. And

Þare also did oure Lord þe first miracle at þe wedding of Architriclyne, sc. architriclinus, the governor of the feast, John ii. 8. when he turned water in to wyne. In þe marchez of Galilee betwene þe mountaynes was þe

ryalle estate of Prestre John and of a riche man that made a merueyllous castelle and cleped it Paradys; and of his sotyltee. ] THIS emperour Prestre Iohn has many diuerse cuntreez vnder his empire, in þe whilk er many

customes of folk in dyuerse yles that ben abounten in the lordschipe of Prestre John . A LYTILL fra þat place toward þe water of Phison es a grete meruaile. For þare es a vale betwene twa hilles þat es

heres, and saue þam and kepe þam in body and saule, and after þis lyf bring þam to þe cuntree whare ioy es and endl es rest and peesse with outen end. Amen. HERE ENDEZ ÞE BUKE OF JOHN MAUNDEUILE.

and makers of Prov. uiij o . lawe discernen iust þingis. And he haþ ȝeuen to Ihu Crist þe sone John u o . al dome, and haþ ȝeuen him power to mak and do dome, for he is mannis


reign of Henry VIII . ] ÞE GOSPEL ON SEINT ANDREUS EVYN. [SERMON LXXXVI . ] Stabat Johannes . — JOHN i. [29. ] ÞIS gospel telliþ in storie, how Crist gederide his disciplis, and seiþ, þat Joon stood and

myȝt not be The paynus þat y hadde wer full smert The swerde of sorow persedde her hert When seyn john y her betoke She caste on me a drwly loke As þowȝ y hadde her all forsake And to

childer two — him fehlt. twa Ful blisced childer both war þo: barnes st. childer. bath. þa. More Jams and John þe euangelist, James . Þat ful dere was with Jhesu Crist . þat derrest was. Þe ȝongest mayden of

dere; He þat in camell-hare es cled And oþer þat ware with hym sted, Ms. oþier. He said, him-self was John baptist And oþer prophetes war poplist; Þe kny gtes, he said, war merters gude Ms. kyngtes. meriters. Þat here

wyþ) D. sawe. Þurgh be D. goddys wurd yn þe gospel, Þys may be preuyd ryȝt wel. [The Bible-story of John the Baptist ' s Death . ] [ Mark vi . 22-28 ] Hyt speketh spekþ O, þer it

. ' men. ' and on Englys, ' Þat Frenshe men synne yn lecherye, And Englys men yn enuye. ' John Morley , Speech in Daily News , June 27, 1894 :— " There is no better test of character

his gracious vesityng; Be-ware serys, I ȝou pray, And ȝour mysdedis loke ȝe amend Be-tyme, lest ȝe be chamyd and schend, fore al is good þat haþ good end Þus counsels ȝoue þe blynd audlay. John Audelay, the blind poet.

knight Placidas, otherwise called Eustas, who was martyred for the pro|fession of Jhesus Christ , gathered in Engl. verse by John Partridge , in the year of our lord 1566 . Imprinted at London by Henrye Denham for Thomas Hacket

T. S.), u. andere Prosastücke (wie Leben Alexanders des Gr.). Die Legenden dieses Ms. sind: S. Cristofer fol. 122b; S. John Euangelist fol. 231 b, in 14 zeil. Strophen und Alliteration (diese bindet je 2 Langverse), den alliter. Dichtungen (wie

of exigi facias was accordingly issued on 11 May for the appearance of Fortescue , Hugh Helier, William Saunder , John Robard and William Scryche on the octaves of St. Martin — " quod breve xxx o die Maii deliberatum

made hale þat was seke xxxviii. ȝere. And þare oure Lorde said vntil him, Tolle grabatum tuum et ambula , John v. 8. þat es at say, " Take þi bedd and ga. " And a lytil þeine was þe

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