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in foreign parts. Dec. 10. Westminster. John Norwich has like letters addressed to John Crede for payment of 7 l . in foreign parts. John de Brampton clerk has like letters addressed to John Crede for payment of 40 marks

the city of London. Order that John Cory clerk be not put in default etc. because of his absence on Monday and Tuesday after the Conception last in a cause between the said John and the abbot of St. Albans

, by mainprise of John Bather and John Wylde of Hertfordshire, Thomas Belgrave of London and Robert Ode of Yorkshire, in favour of William de Bereford at suit of the king for his ransom for disseising John de Langeford of

they jointly had by feoffment of William de Pakenho 'gurdeler' of London and Edith his wife. Witnesses: John Scorfeyn, John Reyner, William Stapulte, John Folvyle, Sampson de Soham. Dated London, Bredestret ward, St. Barnabas' day 51 Edward III. Memorandum of

Close Rolls, Richard II 1380 1380 John Wiliot, William Berton, John Maundour, Thomas Styne, Walter Staunton, John Ballard and Richard Fitz Simond clerks to the king, his heirs and assigns. Quitclaim of an inn or messuage in Oxford in

May 30. Westminster. To the sheriff of Sussex. ( Like ) writ, by mainprise of Henry Lechour, John Wrythe, John Hoke and John Gray of Kent, and upon his own recognisance, in favour of Bartholomew Wilmyngton, farmer of a manor

a pain of 40 l ., made in chancery 17 January this year by John Burneby of London serjeant at arms, John Tregos of Cornwall, and John Elmede and William Smyth of Devon for Robert Yeo, and of an undertaking

Close Rolls, Richard II 1391 1391 Membrane 46 d . John son of John Goldingham knight to John de Sutton and Richard de Sutton knights, their heirs and assigns. Quitclaim of the manor of Goldyngham. Dated Wednesday the eve

etc. in that county. Jan 17. Westminster. John Spenser of Hungre Hattele to John Broun and John Hobeldod. Recognisance for 20 l ., to be levied etc. in Cambridgeshire. Jan. 23. Westminster. John son of Henry de Castel of Pertenay

Writ of supersedeas , and order by mainprise of Walter atte Welle 'grocer,' John Feyraunter 'haberdassher,' John Ingram 'armorer' and Robert Verne 'fleccher,' all of London, to set free John Vilers, if taken at suit of Michael Mordoun averring threats.

John Kete of Little Ocley to John Weldoun, his heirs and assigns. Quitclaim with warranty of all the lands in Little Ocley which John Weldoun and William Fox of Ocley had by his grant. Witnesses: Robert Warde, John Warde,

of supersedeas in respect of taking of John Boucher 'clerke' any security for keeping the peace at suit of Robert Bertvil 'boucher,' and order by mainprise of Peter Excestre 'draper,' John Reynald 'fullere,' John Burgh and Nicholas Whyte, all of

Close Rolls, Richard II 1398 1398 Membrane 24 d . John Norton citizen and grocer of London to John Garton esquire, his heirs and assigns. Charter with warranty of all his lands, rents and services in Leesnes, Erhithe, Earde,

patent concerning a maintenance which John Bretoun the king's serjeant, yeoman of his chamber, takes of that house at command of the king, and to admit John Hastynge yeoman of the ewery and the said John Bretoun to their house,

Writ of supersedeas , and order by mainprise of Stephen Pennoke 'cordewaner,' John Hervy 'skynner,' William Laneham 'taillour,' and John Tynmouth 'fuller,' all of London, to set free John Haune, if taken at suit of the king and William de

Westminster. To the sheriffs of London. Order by mainprise of John Goldhauke 'vynter,' Stephen Jewell 'vynter,' William Heygrate 'vynter' and John Reynolde 'fuller,' all of London, to set free John Sholle; as they have mainperned in chancery, that he shall

mutatis mutandis , by mainprise of William Tadcastre 'boklermaker,' John Middelton 'taillour,' Thomas Barton 'draper' and Adam Kirkeby 'latoner' of 'Fletestrete' London, in favour of Robert Capoun, John Barbour and John van Asshe a 'Flemyng' at suit of Philip Bernard

Douceby of Fulburne co. Cantebrigge to John Olyver citizen and draper of London. Quitclaim of all lands in Fulburne, sometime of John Hanyfelde of Fulburne, which the said William had by feoffment of John Olyver; and general release of all

in chancery 15 November this year by Thomas Erpyngham of Norffolk, John Pelham of Sussex, Richard Vernoun of Staffordshire, John Cokayn of Warwickshire, Henry Inglos of Norffolk knights and John Mynour of Staffordshire esquire for Eleanor Dame Dagworth, that she

Witnesses: Peter Goldesborowe, John Fynden, John Robert, John atte Hatche, John Twyforde. Dated Neesdoun, 15 February 7 Henry V. Memorandum of acknowledgment in chancery at Westminster, 24 June this year. Membrane 21 d . May 24. Westminster. John Botreaux of

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