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and by whiche lawes sche, purveiable [L prouida], kepith the grete world. (1450) Paston (Gairdner) 2.200 I desyre that, and John Berney or onye man can mete wyth Dallyng, that fals undre eschetor, in onye place proviable, that he may

I-hereþ nv one Jes-O 29 579 Heo clepede hyne mayster, þet is, rabony [rime: mercy]. (c1384) WBible(1) Dc 369(2) John 20.16 She..seith to him, 'Rabbony' [WB(2) : Rabony; L Rabboni], that is seid, 'maistir'. a1500(a1460) Towneley Pl. Hnt HM 1

the] ryngeldie [and] raglotie [of Turkelin, in the principality of Wales]. (1347) Reg.Edw.Blk.Pr. 1.141 [The prince..has granted for life to John de Chirebury the] raglotie [of the commote of Nancon and the] havotrie [of the exchange for the bailiwicks

rapely þerinne I watz restayed. c1450 Burgh Cato(1) Arun 168 116 Rasshe [Rwl C: Such iayissh folk been in conceitis blynde; The witles word auaileth nat a myte]. (1316) Pat.R.Edw.II 484 John Rasshe. (1428) Feudal Aids 4 197 Willelmus Rasshe.

, -ionis . Rebuilding; a work of rebuilding. (1473) RParl. 6.94b John Lord Scrop, souveiour of the reparations and reedifications of the houses and edifiyngs within the Toune..late brent, distroied, and desolate. (1474) Let.Hexham in Sur.Soc.44 p.cvi Re-edificacion of our

prendre les a sa volunte. (1443-50) Doc.Chanc. in Seld.Soc.10 [OD col.] He and his auncestres..haue been seised of the said John Bysship and of his auncestres as villeyns regardantz to the said Maner fro the tyme that no mynde is.

responsible for testing something; (b) a taster of a monarch's food. (1422) Plea & Mem. in Bk.Lond.E. 129/241 John of Ely hath take a charge..for to do kepe þe assay of oistrez, that þe oistrez be gode, holsome, and in

þou þe wardes of þi cloyster, þat no..euylle styrrynges hafe in-gate in the. (c1475) Doc. in Bk.Brome Brm 143 John of maner of Cryssygham with all hys pertinences..with þe lyberte of in-gate and owtte [L ingressu et egressu]

Carders and Spynners, and other Biers and Sellers yerof. (1241) Close R.Hen.III 293 Willelmus le Kemer. (1313) Sub.R.Bristol(1) in BGAS 19 249 Rogerus le Kembere. (1327) Sub.R.Sus. in Sus.RS 10 116 Joh. le Kembar. (1357) Reg.Edw.Blk.Pr. 4.200 John le Kymbere.

none of yow..shryve yow to non confessour..but to such as es ordayned and licencyat by us. a1525(?1424) Cov.Leet Bk. 96,97 John prechid v daies togethur in the Lytull-parke, seyng þat he was lycenciate & licens had to preche of

181 myche The smethyng, yif he be necligent & mysrule his Iron, that he wirkithe be onkynd hetes or elles in oder maner. a1525(?1435) Cov.Leet Bk. 184 John Stafford graunted to ocupie the craft of smethyng & brakyng.

domus vocatae le Stywardasen dalbanda et spargettand, iii s., iiii d. (1411) Fabric R.Norwich in Nrf.Archaeol.15 183 [Item, paid to John Marwe, mason, for] spargettyng [of the morage loft new made for his hire by three days taking by the

a wod spek. (1165-6) in Pipe R.Soc.8 114 Alfwinus Spec. (1180) in Pipe R.Soc.29 131 Ailfwinus Speke. (1206) Fine R.King John 343 Walterus Le Spec. (1275) Hundred R.Tower 1 75 Wills le Spek. (1279) Assize R.Nhb. in Sur.Soc.88 352 Walteri

or spoons; (b) in surnames. (1331) in Fransson Surn. 166 John de Blitheburgh, le Sponer. (1390) Doc.Beverley in Seld.Soc.14 33 Ordinatum est..quod quilibet artifices..viz. mercers et drapers..horners, sponers, ladilers, [etc.]. (1179) in Reaney Dict.Br.Surnames 329 Roger Lesponere. (1221) in Reaney

[Ch.(4) : subdiuisiouns; Ch.(2) : vnderdyuysioun] of þe operacions of Cirurgie. -?-(a1450) Chron.Repton 76 Nowe is to be noted that John Bailloll gave his part, beinge a third parte of a iiijt part of the Mannor of Repingdon unto the

fonte, & bið up abroȝdon fram synnum aðwoȝen. a1200(OE) Hat.Gosp. Hat 38 Mat.26.23 Se ðe be-depð [L intingit] on disce mid me his hand. a1200(OE) Hat.Gosp. Hat 38 John 13.26 He is se þe ic raeche be-dyppedne [vr. be-dypte] hlaf.

wyse: Decenter, eleganter. (1450) Anc.Deed (PRO) 4 327 [Proctour should come to the] Hall of Broghton and ther tawly besek John of be his gode master. c1540(?a1400) Destr.Troy Htrn 388 8813 When this taburnacle atyrit was tally to end,

Surn. 102 Galfr. Taseler..Taslere. (1301) in Reaney Dict.Br.Surnames 343 Matilda la Taselere. (1313) Sub.R.Glo.(1) in BGAS 19 248 Robertus le Teselere. (1332) in Fransson Surn. 102 Ric. le Tesler. (1333) EPNSoc.12 (Ess.) 11 Taseleresbrok. (1375) EPNSoc.12 (Ess.) 11 John Taseler.

manasses, wyttnessynge here be trew testyficacion þat maydenys childe xal be prince of pes. (1478) Deed in Sur.Soc.57 272 We John Fereby, marchaunt, mayre of the said cite..have to the partes of this same writynge put the sayde seal of

who works with tin; also, a tinker; (b) as surname. (a1450) Pet.Chanc.PRO ser.CP 1 file 12 no.202 John Nansederne..Tynner..hys tynwerk entryd, brake, & maynvryd. (a1461) Proc.Chanc. in Cal.PCEliz. 1.p.lviii Thomas Harry..tynner..hath doon divers grete wronges, [etc.]. ?a1475 PParv. Win 483

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