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Gayler, John Grene, John Bolle and Robert Chirche, all of Sandewich, to the king. Recognisance for 100 l ., to be levied etc. in Kent. 1 Condition, that they shall appear before the council on Monday before St. John Baptist

14. Westminster. John Norton of Nottele co. Suthampton esquire to John Beke of Oxfordshire. Recognisance for 40 l ., to be levied etc. in the county of Suthampton. Walter de la Pole knight and Elizabeth his wife to John Rounhangre

IV 1464 1464 364 Roger Salyng of Merton co. Surrey, John Salyng of Stanford Ryvers co. Essex the elder and John Salyng of Merton the younger his sons, to John Saverey, William Wake and William Shelton, their heirs and assigns.

23 Forest , John, 49 Forster , John, 22 Fox , John, 18, 28, 31, 39, 49 Foxley , John, 56 Franks , John, 39 Frisby , John, 44 Frost , Robert, 41, 49 Fyton , John, 19 ( bis

Whiteherne, 606. Cabrespino , John de, 439. Cadbury , North, Cadebury, North Cadereby [co. Somerset ] , 65, 363. Cadder , Cader [co. Lanark ] , 539. -, -, prebend of Glasgow, 201. Cader , John de, 589. Cadingdon ,

60.) To Hugh de Tesdale, B.C.L. Provision of the treasurership of Dublin, void by the resignation of John Gate, made by his proctor, John Liberd, priest, of the diocese of Lincoln. [ Cal. Pet . i. 311, 338. ] Concurrent

370, 456. Macadam , John, 531. -, -, canon, 603. MacAEda , Malacby, archbishop of Tuam, 171, 235, 279. Macarthig , Cormack, 145. Macchyng , Thomas, 509. -, -, Margery his wife, 509. McCoffot , John, 396. Maccotyr , Thomas,

Close Rolls, Edward I May 1301 May 1301 May 14. Kempsey. To John de Batesford. Order not to put John de Roches in default for not appearing on Thursday the eve of the Epiphany at the assize of mort

to put John son of Roger Sharp in default for not appearing on Sunday the octaves of Holy Trinity and on the following Monday in the suit before them between William Sharp, demandant, and the said John and John de

Rolls, Edward II December 1319 December 1319 Dec. 20. York. Richard Plaiz, knight, Thomas Utghtred, John de Stapelton, knight, John son of Roger Darcy, and John de Wollaston acknowledge that they owe to William Ridel 140 marks; to be levied,

Bench. Order not to put John de Insula of Wodeburn in default for his failure to appear before them on Monday the morrow of a month from Easter last in the action between the said John, demandant, and Thomas del

Edward II January 1323 January 1323 Jan. 6. Cowick. To Master John Walewayn, escheator beyond Trent. Order to cause dower to be assigned to Margery, late the wife of John Chaunceux, tenant in chief, upon her taking oath not to

to cause John de Ifeld to have seisin of the manor of Gomshulve, as the king learns by inquisition taken by the sheriff that Roger le Sauvage, who was outlawed for felony, held the manor of the said John, and

Close Rolls, Edward III January 1333 January 1333 Jan. 18. Pocklington. John son of John de Grantham of York acknowledges that he owes to Thomas son of John de Grantham of York 6 marks; to be levied, in default

Close Rolls, Edward III January 1342 January 1342 Jan. 23. Nottingham. To John de Berneye. Order, upon pain of forfeiture, to be at Northampton with John Dengayne, on a day arranged between them, to hold their sessions there, and

John Pathorne for ten years rendering 60 marks a year, the forfeitures in the said statute being reserved to the king: mainpernors, Thomas de Clyfford knight, William Thirkeld knight and William de Souleby of Westmorland and John de Berden,

8. Westminster. To John Colvylle knight, Henry Englyssh, William Gamboun, Thomas Bradfelde, John Walter, John Elyngham, John Kyngeston, John Aleyn of Teversham, Richard Cryspe, William Goodrede, John Hipcote the elder, John Halman, William Royham, Robert Russell and John Erythe, appointed

Close Rolls, Edward II December 1313 December 1313 Dec. 8. Minster-in-Thanet. To John Abel, escheator this side Trent. Order not to intermeddle further with the lands of John de Nevill, and to restore the issues of the same, as it

William Bourghchier knight, John Baryngton, Thomas Godeston, Thomas Tuwe, John Ewelle, John Hokkele, John Warde, John Smyth of Hatfelde, John Caunbregge. Dated 11 July 13 Henry IV. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 13 July. Robert Chalons knight to John de Leventhorp, Robert

Thomas Symonde, John Custance, William Somersweyn, all of Berlee, Peter de Bury, William Starlyng of Berlee, John Gatewarde 'wryght,' William Chercheman of Berlee, John Kyne, John Parker, both of Berlee, Thomas Wryght 'fermer,' William Bregge of Northampstede, John Page and

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