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is the felawship of a simple man nurisshed among sapient men than led and brought furth with feders of prudent men. a1500 Ripley CAlch. Ashm 1486 834 Of thys pryncypyll spekythe sapyent guydo. (1413) Reg.Mascall in Cant.Yk.S.21 158 John Sapient.

or sponge for cleaning out a gun bore, or a ramrod fitted with such a device. (1411) Close R.Hen.IV 294 [John] Brunne, skourer. (1454) Proc.Privy C. 6.229 Thoffice of þe kechyn..ij scourers..ij porters. ?c1475 Cath.Angl. Add 15562 99b A Pryvey

of land. (1434) Doc. in Morsbach Origurk. 16 William ffynch..hath betakyn..vnto john herry and to john atte parcellis of land, of wodis, and arable-land..þe seyde john and john to kepe þe shettis, withoute stripe or wast, be þe terme

Acc.St.John Peterb. in Antiq.51 410 Payd to the Plumer for makyng of the spowts of ledd & Sowdyr therto for schelyng of ledd & hyllyng of Saynt John Chapell. (1440) PParv. Hrl 221 446 Schyllynge, or owte cullynge: Separacio, segregacio.

other Smethys. (1413-4) Acc.R.Dur. in Sur.Soc.100 404 Et Roberto bellmaker capienti pro centenario, 4 s. (1428) Doc. in Sur.Soc.85 4 John Lyllyng had salde mykell swylk deceyvable tyn to bellemakers in to ye cuntre. c1540(?a1400) Destr.Troy Htrn 388 1589 Of

Swyn þen depertes he Al sengell to go, And singler is he tho. (a1472) Acc.Bodmin in Camd.n.s.14 23 Item, to John Nicolyn and Antony for makyng of too sengelere yn Ilde of Corpus Christi and yn the Chancelere, xvj d.

of contrition, impenitence. c1400 WBible(2) Gloss.1 John Hrl 5017 5.16 Synneth a synne not to deth: in excludinge fynal vnrepentaunce, bi which a man dieth in deedly synne a synne to deeth, that is, fynal vnrepentaunce, bi which a man

þei none [vr. no þyng] but of pore men, her houses were vntyled! (1431) Grocer Lond. Kingdon 202 Resseyvyd off John Wellys, Aldyrman, For an Olde voyde hous þt was vntyled, vij li. (c1468) Paston 1.537 Ye shall haue doubyll

þe blode of man-kynde to shedde. (?1464) Acc.Howard in RC 57 452 These ben the percellis that my maystyr Syr John Howard was asyngnyd to receyve the wyche my sayd mastyr hathe leyd doun now off late tyme lyke as

Cp. vaum-brace n., vaunt-ward(e n., & warde-brace n. Armor or a piece of armor. (1464) Acc.Howard in RC 57 195 John Korbete on is howen horse, And my mastyr lent hym a payr of smale curas wyth gardys and vumbarde

vavasoure, Wilaf kyng of Merce, he com to þat stoure. (1206) in Reaney Dict.Br.Surnames 376 Richard le Westrais. (1219) in Reaney Dict.Br.Surnames 376 William le Westreys. (1230) in Reaney Dict.Br.Surnames 376 Philip Westrays. (1372) in Reaney Dict.Br.Surnames 376 John Westrey.

Zelotis, [etc.]. (c1384) WBible(1) Dc 369(2) Deeds 1.13 Thei wenten vp into the hiȝere thingis, where thei dwelten, Petre and John Symound Zelotes, and Judas of James. a1400(a1325) Cursor Vsp A.3 21165 [S]ymon zelote [Frf: zelot] & chananeu Al was

App.1 2 William de Bredstrate, bokeler. (1277) in G.Otto Handwerkernamen 75 Bokeler. (1322) Deed St.Peter Glo.(1) in BGAS 38 36 John Bokelor. (c1400) Fabric R.Yk.Min. in Sur.Soc.35 20 Johannem Bukler. c1460(?c1435) Lydg. Let.Glo. Hrl 2255 43 In Boklerys-bury is noon

Fidejussio. (?c1450) in Aungier Syon Mon. 300 Yf sche be..oute of dette, borowage, seruyse, bondage. (c1464) Proc.Chanc. in Cal.PCEliz. 1.p.lxvii John Broddesworth..was fallen in dette and daunger of grete and notable sommes of goode, aswele by the menes of borowage,

unius parvi feodi Rogeri le Botor. (1279) in Thuresson ME Occup.Terms 86 Joh. Botere. (1301) in Thuresson ME Occup.Terms 86 John. le Botere. (1321) Coroner R. in Sharpe Cal.Coron.R.Lond. 41 Gilbert de Haryngeseye, botere. (1336) Coroner R. in Sharpe Cal.Coron.R.Lond.

said quire, sawf they shal no bowtels haf at all. (1450) Doc. in Dugdale Warwickshire (1730) 1.447 Richard Bird and John Haynes, Citizens and covenant to make..Reredoses of timber, with patands of timber, and a crest of fine entail,

Reg. 112/9 The church of Barton with þe pertinencis, whoos aduocacion they hauen of the ȝifte of Roger of Seynte John, of the same church patrone in-to þere owne vses. c1460 Oseney Reg. 172/11 Þe church of Pyrye & the

Fransson Surn. 148 Walt. le Pinnere. (1317) in Fransson Surn. 148 John le Pynnare. (1351) Cart.St.John in OHS 69 84 Walterus Pinner. (1469) Acc.All Sts. in BGAS 27 266 [John] Pynner. (1397) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 6.123 [There is a park called] Pynnorepark

hous he ȝede. c1390 St.Greg. Vrn 102/813 Þe portreue wuste what he ment. (a1443) Proc.Chanc. in Cal.PCEliz. 1.p.xxxix John atte Fenne and John do the office of bailliship and of portreve wythynne the saide burgh. (1449) RParl. 5.155b The

here trewe acquytaylle..j wil..that John Clopton esquyere be my supervisour and as oon of my executours in eche mater that longith to my testement. (1469) Will Bury in Camd.49 50 I will that..Denys myn wyfe, John Nune, and Edmunde myn

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