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his father, John Welles being mayor of London, Stephen Broun and John Hatherley sheriffs, William Estfelde alderman of the ward. Witnesses: John Caston, John Bunhede, Simon atte Welle, Thomas Martyn, John Spencer, Richard Strete, John Serle, William Petyvyle, John Northey.

Tetford , John, 142 - John, 267 Tetford , John, Johanna, daughter of, wife of John Northwode, 267 - - John, son of, 267 - - Margaret, wife of, afterwards wife of John Holym, 267 Teukesbury , John, 271 Teutonics

the court without special licence of the council. John Roulande clerk to John Juyn, Robert Hille of Spaxton, John Stourton the elder, Thomas Shelford clerk, John Knyght, John Stortwayth, John Reynolde and John Codforde clerks. Quitclaim of the manor of

held by John Beswyke, a croft sometime held by John atte Reke, a croft sometime held by John Schephyrde, one butt of land by 'Holbekgarth' sometime held by Robert Wryght, one butt by 'Mikylgat' sometime held by John Lytille, a

Purfrey and John Egeston, lately appointed justices to take an assize of novel diseisin concerning tenements in Coventre arraigned by John Northwode of Coventre, Nicholas Dudley, William Dilcok one of the bailiffs of Coventre, John Wymundeswolde of Coventre, John Happesforde

John Howetyng, concerning all demands, actions and plaints between the parties, so that the same be made before Christmas day next. John Howetyng to John Wade ( as above ). ( Like ) recognisance. 1 ( Like ) condition.

said messuage of John Balie. Witnesses: John Bryan, John Kedall, William Faxflet, William Saltmarssh, Thomas Payntour, all of Barton. Dated Barton, 17 April 7 Henry IV. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 26 May. John Syfrewast, son and heir of John Syfrewast knight

John Donati, citizen and apothecary of London, and Amy, his wife. Premises in Stanewell. Anno 13. 106 . John Shordych, the elder, John Roulond, clerk, John Shordych, the younger, John Henry, Geoffrey Martyn, John Neweman, clerk, John Canche, and

Bukinghamshire. Richard Wyot and John Barton the elder 20 l . 16 s . for 52 days. Huntingdonshire. Roger Hunt and John Burton 20 l . 16 s . for 52 days. Cambridgeshire. John Howarde and John Rocheforde knights 20

acknowledgment, 21 January. William Askham, William Crowemer, John Lodewyke, John Duresme and John Weston to John Hotoft esquire, Thomas Knolles grocer, Thomas Aleyn, John Aleyn, John Midilton mercers citizens of London, Simon Sloley, John Langevile, Henry Leycestre clerks and Robert

29 April. Master Peter Pryour rector of Heylisdoun co. Norffolk to Alice wife of John Howarde knight, Master John Wortham clerk, John Symond, Richard Foster and John Bakere, their heirs and assigns. Charter of demise of his whole manor of

Michaelmas day following. John de Lisle of Woditon and Richard Parkere to John Chyke and John Roucle and to the heirs male of the body of John Chyke, with reversion after the death of John Roucle to John de Lisle

west. Witnesses: Thomas Sprever, John Sprever, John Page, John Okham, Andrew Kebill, Richard Kebell, Lawrence Bocher. Dated 27 February 23 Henry VI. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 1 March. John Waleys clerk and John Story of Taunton to John Bysshop of Taunton,

Lyons his serjeant at arms, John Genyn and John Russheton of Somerset. Nov. 8. Northampton. The like to William Cary one of the guardians etc. in Devon, in favour of John Chichestre, by mainprise of John Janet of Somerset and

Norhamptonshire, John Underhulle of Gloucestershire and Thomas Aumenet of Herefordshire, in favour of John Chaundeler of New Sarum clerk, William Hyndon, Thomas Deghere of Crikkelade, John Wichford notary, William Bukke chaplain, John Cammel, John Juel, John Ribourgh, Thomas Brounmore, John

chancery file. Membrane 6 d . John Leventhorp esquire and John Ryggewyn of Staundoun co. Hertforde 'gentilman' to John Fray, William Aston, John Carpenter clerk, John Stafforde citizen and skinner of London, Sir John Newenden chaplain and William Wode, their

John Davy, brewer Benet Gerard, brewer 1408-9 John Michell, king's sergeant-at-arms Walter Bewe, butcher 1409-10 John Bradmore, surgeon 1410-11 John Michell, sergeant-at-arms Alan Bret, brewer and carpenter 1411-12 John Michell, sergeant-at-arms Alan Bret, brewer and carpenter 1414-15 John Mosley

and order by mainprise of John Sokelynge and John Andrewe of Kent, John Deys 'wodemongere' and John Smyth 'cordwaner,' both of London, to set free John Wybarne, if taken at suit of the king and John Wyche clerk for leaving

Peeke , John, 'gentilman,' 74. Peende , Thomas, 'bruer,' of London, 180. Peesmershe , John, esquire, 28. Pegge , William, 'gentilman,' of Loughborough, 147. Peke , John, 'iremonger,' of London, 257. -, John, the king's servant, 291. -, John, escheator

this year by John Selby of Huntingdonshire, John Toly of Norffolk, Richard parson of Keston of Huntingdonshire, William Rote of Suffolk, William Preest of London, John Stanton, John Horald and John Leget, all of London, for John Bulloke of Huntingdonshire,

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