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mainprise of John atte Weer of Devon, John Hylle of London 'chaundeler,' John Sparowe and Richard Beeston, each of London 'taillour,' in favour of John Fouler of London 'cooke' in regard to Robert Russell and Thomas 'Robertservant Russell.' John Wakerynge,

demise of John Aske, Peter de la Hay, John Dysne, John Loturell, Thomas Sutton, Thomas Meers, Thomas Claymonde and John Wessyngton. Witnesses: Philip le Despenser, Robert Hakbeche, John Holbeche and Philip Braunche of Lincolnshire knights, Robert Hylton, John Routhe and

enfeoffed John Fynch of Ultyng, Thomas Fuller of Hatfeld, John Hawkyn, John Veryng, the said Thomas Hexun, John Spylman, John Penywhite, the elder, John Gilliam, the younger, John Pypere and Henry Chaundeler thereof; and reciting that the said John Spylman

John Holomme, John Wotton, Robert Saltmarsche, Richard Lytster, William Cowyke, Robert Lytster, John de Marflete, John Hardgryppe, Robert Fynch, John Lorimer 'harpour,' John Holme, Henry Santon, John Skynner, John Santon, John Barbour 'ryche,' John Aby, John Maysterson, William Lyndesay,

39, 57 Brucy , John de, 62 Bruer , Gilbert de, 17 Brunton , see Brinton Bruton , John 7 Bryan (Brian), Reginald, 14, 56 Buckingham , John, 14 Buketon (Buckton), John de, 16 Burdett , John, 63 Burdon ,

Perne 'sadeler,' John Kyrkeby 'sadeler' and John Clopton of Middlesex, in favour of John Costantyn, ordered to be put in exigents or to be taken to content the king for his ransom for that he had not John Gayton of

Robert and to Sir John Stywarde knight, John Selby 'barbour' of the parish of Chesthunt co. Hertford and John Gladewynd, their heirs and assigns, John Stywarde and John Selby having made a quitclaim thereof to John Gladewyne and the said

heir of John Poghull to Roger Bolter precentor of the cathedral church of St. Peter Exeter, John Mulys, John Wolston, Nicholas Radeforde and Thomasia his wife and to the heirs and assigns of the said Roger, John,John and Nicholas.

Danby, Thomas Witham, John Wens lawe, Henry Suthull and John Harper, to John Mylewater of Clyfford esquire, Agnes his wife, Miles Scull, Thomas Fitz Harry, Thomas Barnaby and Thomas Treharn, and to the heirs and assigns of John Mylewater. Charter

taken at suit of John Pope of Waltham for trespass. July 22. Westminster. To the sheriffs of London. Writ of supersedeas , and order by mainprise of John Peke, Thomas Bakwelle, John Wygan, John Westbury and John Hereforde, each of

John, of Lopham, canon of Tuam, rector of Thelnetham, 189. -, Ralph, priest, 328. Wadesword , Wadisword, John, of London, treasurer of Dublin, 66, 67. Wadham , John, knight, 508. -, -, Walter his son, clerk, 508. Wadisword ,

counties. Defeasance thereof, upon condition that John and the others pay 40 l . on each of two days named. Cancelled on payment, acknowledged by the said Thomas . The said John,John and John to the said Alice and

third at 'Badekenescroft' by land of John Stevene in the south side, rendering yearly 1 d . at Christmas for all services. Witnesses: John Payne, Thomas Halle, John Chaumpeneys, John Mouton, Robert Prest, John Stevene, Nicholas Walsyngham. Dated Toftes, 11

Miles Stapylton, Simon Felbrigge, William Clopton, Walter Clopton, Robert Berney, John Strange knights, John Gurnay, John Wynter, John Yelverton, John Thorp parson of Erpingham, John parson of Salle and John Poyte parson of Estharlynge, their heirs and assigns. Quitclaim with

Bukinghamshire. Order to give John son and heir of John Cyfrewast knight seisin of the third part of a yearly rent of 10 s . in Chesham, issuing from lands which were held of the said John by knight service

Witnesses: Edmund fitz Herberd, William Percy, Edward Seint Johan knights, Robert de Loxley, John Pedeferre. Dated Petworth, 2 November 7 Richard II. John de Akom and John de Mitford to Richard del Strode. Letter of attorney, appointing him to give

of John Cranemere, John Bisshey, John Brounyng, Roger atte Hurst, William Stoppesle, Roger Walsshe, John Boket, John Pokethorp, John Gerbode, Robert Whitbred, John Smyth, William Swayn, William Chaury, John Hayward, William Caunvylle, Thomas Adam, John Alfrith, John Lyvynge, John atte

supersedeas , and order by mainprise of John Forde, John Storke of Dorset, John Frome of Somerset and John Scot of Wiltesir to set free John Makerell, if taken at suit of John Chynghoun the younger for trespass. Feb. 28.

Bertilmewe Frestlynge John Lovekyn, Maire John of Burys A xxxiiij e . John of Banys Symonde Dolse, Maire Symond of Bodyngton A xxxv e . John of Chechester This yere was the threde Pestelence. John Wrothe, Maire John Denys A

41 days. Huntingdonshire. Robert Waryn and John Herlyngton 16 l . for 40 days. Cambridgeshire. John Dengayne knight and Robert Parys 15 l . 12 s . for 39 days. Norffolk. John Straunge and John Whyte knights 16 l .

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