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Coggeshale, Clement Spice, John Corbet, Robert Rikedoun, John Berkamstede chaplain, John Somer, Walter Bacan, John Cumpton, John Gungee and the said John Rotere plaintiffs and the said John son of William deforciant, whereby the deforciant acknowledged John Rotere's right, and

, Adam de, 99 Washington , John de, 110 Waynflete (Patten), John, 74, 94 Welbourne , John, 49 Welles , John, 77 Welles , Nicholas de, 113 Wellesbourne , John, 58 Wellewyk , John de, 46, 56 Wellington , Robert,

1387. William bishop of Winchester, Thomas bishop of Ely, Robert Bealknap, David Hanner, John Holt, John Falwesle, Edward Dalyngrige, John Daundeseye knights, John Hesaston, William Herdewyk clerks, John Cockynge and Robert Pobelewe to Richard earl of Arundell and Surrey. Indenture

of supersedeas omnino , by mainprise of Thomas de Lee, William Rokesburgh, John Hervy and John Lavenham of Essex, in favour of John Baldewyn, John Meryweder and John Fyssher, in respect of the execution of any command of the justices

, by mainprise of Richard Perville 'yrmonger,' William Barton 'brewer,' William Eydoun 'brewer' and John Grace 'mercer,' all of London, in favour of John Daundelyoun of Gravesende in regard to John Waldeshif of Kent or any other of the people.

Ralph Asteley, Walter atte Watere, John Westwode, Nicholas Starlynge, Simon Besouthe. Dated Staundoun, 24 January 2 Henry VI. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 24 January. John de Reynes knight to William Westbury, Thomas Seman clerk and John Hertwelle of London 'mercer,' their

Walter Wodewarde, John Northgrove. Dated Pritewelle, 8 November 6 Henry VI. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 22 November. Joan Grafton, daughter of David Grafton deceased, to Thomas Wykes, John Broke of Snaxton, William Benet, William Emery of Canterbury, John Derby, John Bonyngton

Close Rolls, Henry VI Febuary 1431 Febuary 1431 Feb. 20. Westminster. John Lydyyerde of Glympton co. Oxford 'gentilman' to John Frank clerk. Recognisance for 200 l ., to be levied etc. in Oxfordshire. 1 Condition, that if in an

Order to take the fealties of William Cheyne knight, John Frank clerk, John Mulsho, Geoffrey Motte clerk and John Aston, and to give them livery of the manor of 'Barton Seint John,' and the issues thereof taken; as it is

fee to deliver to John Spenser parson of Howeton co. Dorset and late monk of Mochelney abbey, otherwise called John Spenseer late parson of Howeton and late monk of Muchelney abbey, otherwise John Spencer, otherwise John Spenser, by whatever name

Close Rolls, Henry VI 1443 1443 Membrane 20 d . John Aleyn to John Stopyndoun clerk keeper of the chancery rolls, John Metforde esquire and William Osbarne, their heirs and assigns. Charter indented with warranty of all his lands,

Close Rolls, Henry VI 1444 1444 Membrane 22 d . John Walrande of London 'gentilman' to John Burgh of Surrey, Henry Coventre of London esquires, John Bridlyngton 'gentilman' and John Osyn citizen of London, their executors and assigns. Gift of

dead in the borough of Suthwerk or elsewhere within the realm, in debts and other property. Witnesses: John Malton, Nicholas Preest, John Leper, John Maylemaker, Nicholas Twyst. Dated Suthwerk, 9 December 1446, 25 Henry VI. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 11 December.

'stokfisshmonger' of London to John Beford 'stokfisshmonger' and Thomas Onhond mercer citizens of London, their executors and assigns. Gift of all his goods and chattels, and all debts to him due. Witnesses: John Griston, Nicholas Peny, John Ruston, Robert Colyns,

acknowledgment, 11 June. John Vache 'gentilman' to Joan his wife, John Fray and William Eglysfeld, their executors and assigns. Gift of all his goods and chattels. Witnesses: Nicholas Drayton, Walter Brere, John Chaterys the elder, John Chaffynch, John Pynnor. Dated

to John Fortescu knight and John Prisot. ( Like ) bond. Dated ( as the last ). Memorandum of acknowledgment, 10 March. William bishop of Winchester, John bishop of Lincoln and John Beaumont viscount Beaumont, to John Fortescu and John

Stakpolle, Edmund Berle, John Passavaunt, John Beek, Walter Passavaunt the elder, John Foylle, Simon Hirdman, John Burley 'glover,' John Hyncle the elder, Richard Batyn, John Holdfast, Henry Walys, John Waryn, Roger Beek, Adam Boydon, John Boydon, John Willy, Roger Morton,

and John Fraunceys 'cordwaner' have found in chancery Andrew Otwy, Simon de Macchyng 'hosteler,' Roger Baret 'spicer' and John Hyndale 'brauderer' of London, who have mainperned under a pain of 40 l . that the said John Talbo and John

Thomas Cheyne and John Dunton of Cambridgeshire, bringing this writ before the justices of the Bench the day the writ of exigents is returnable; as the king has learned that John de Henxteworth is impleading the said John Dengayne before

potestatem which is on the file for this year. John de Lawneye knight to Sir John de Ulveston, Sir John Fastolfe knights, Alexander Fastolfe, John Bertelot clerk, Richard de Segyngton and John de Dorchestre clerks, their heirs and assigns. Charter

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