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make a floor of planks for (sth.); ppl. planked , provided with planking. (1432) Rec.Norwich 2 390 John Marwe xal fynde almaner werkmanship and mater..that to the seyd kaye xal gon, that is to seyne, he xal take the ground,

thai þinc on domes dai, Thaim bird lef thair plihtful plai. a1400(c1300) NHom.(1) John & Boy Phys-E p.116 Fol felawes..tilles man til plihtful plawes. a1400(a1325) Cursor Vsp A.3 6614 Quen þai þis sagh, qua soth wil sai, þat plightful [Got:

in the city, unless he enters the gild]. (1212) CRR(2) 6 286 Ricardus le Puintur. (1308-14) Rec.Oriel in OHS 85 379 Bartholomeus le Pointer. (1327) Sub.R.Som. in Som.RS 3 96 Johannes Ponyter. a1500(1384) Cart.Boarstall in OHS 88 143 John Pontour.

of the Contres on this half the said Streytes brought and solde..Greyn, Oyle, Wex. (1443) Doc.Trade in BRS 7 76 John fflemmyng..reskewed þe seid ship of ffaro..and also fonde þerin lx men portingalers by a day and a nyght. a1450-a1500(1436)

potager n. Also poteger , pottiger & potinger , potenger , podenger . From potage n. A dish from which pottage or stew is eaten, porringer. (1415) Reg.Chichele in Cant.Yk.S.42 Lamb 69 47 Item, ij chargeours, vj potagers, xiiij

in any wise be prejudiciall unto William Herbert..All Grauntes..that come to oure handes or possession by the forfeiture of Sir John Skudamore Knyght oonly excepte and forprised oute of this proviso. (1467) Acc.Howard in RC 57 421 Item, for do

(1321) Chart. in Capes Hereford Cath. 195 Ego Adam, le marbriar, de Londoniis, recepi..decem libras sterlingorum. (1402) Close R.Hen.IV 549 [John Edward] marbeler. (c1457) Rec.Norwich 1 411 Thomas Marbeler. (1469-70) Fabric R.Yk.Min. in Sur.Soc.35 73 Roberto Spillesby..equitanti cum serviente pro

a1500(?c1450) Merlin Cmb Ff.3.11 230 The saisnes..all the contrey hadde robbed, and all the maryne and the portes toward Dover. (1279) Doc.St.James in BGAS 58 237 Willelmo de la marine. (c1313) Bristol Rebellion in BGAS 19 193 John atte Maryne.

627 Forge, fyre, tonge, below, marchel [glossing:] marcollus. -?-(1154-5) Red Bk.Exch. in RS 99 654 Willelmus Martel. (1200) Fine R.King John 62 Gilbertus Martel. (1231-7) Cart.St.John in OHS 66 345 Gilebertus Martel. (1254) R.Knight's Fees in Archaeol.Cant.12 233 Ricardus Martel.

(1245) EPNSoc.16 (Wil.) 310 Hakepen. (1249) EPNSoc.9 (Dev.) 538 Hakepen. (1318) EPNSoc.12 (Ess.) 132 Hakelond. (1444) EPNSoc.12 (Ess.) 186 Hakwell. (1199) Fine R.King John 18 Willielmus de Hake. (1238) Pat.R.Hen.III 219 Walter del Hake. (1256) Close R.Hen.III 409 Warinus Hake.

bestcornes pro hestcornes sinistre nominantes, rectores ecclesiarum et cultores terrarum multipliciter inquietant. ?a1645(a1500) Chart. in Birch Cart.Sax. 2.320 And till the seauen minister priests That serues God ther Saint John rests, All my hest corne [vr. herst corn] and meldrell.

Hospitaller; also, pl. the Order of Knights Hospitallers; hospitalaries of seint john . c1460 Oseney Reg. 102/23 A composicion Bitwene vs and þe Hospitalariys of þe chapell of Goseforde. c1460 Oseney Reg. 103/2-7 That þe saide Hospitalarijs [L hospitalarii] haue

Mr Henry Webber specially, of mere malice..manacyng the sayde tenantes. (1447-48) Shillingford 89 Hit is abovesaide first by one Maister John Gorewyll..Mr William Filham..and other som tyme chanons of þe said churche. (1465) Paston 4.123 I trowe Mr. Clement can

Htrn 388 7727 He neyt as a nagge at his nose thrilles. (1455) Will York in Sur.Soc.30 216 I gyffe..To John of Holme a lytill grecelled nage. (1466) Acc.Howard in RC 57 365 And I payd the same day to

Nauernes all. c1450(c1425) Brut-1419 Cmb Kk.1.12 344/3 Þer was a batayle ydo..betwene a skquyer of Nauerne þat was with þe king, and anoþer skquier þat me callid John Walsch, of poyntis of treson þat þis Nauerner put vp-on þis Walsch.

allegiance and service (of a tenant). (1426) Doc. in Collect.Topogr.4 250 John and Anne shall haue liuere of þe seide londes and tenements and attournement of þe tenauntz, whoos attournement beth nedefull onely in þe fourme aboueseide. c1436 Ipswich Domesday(2)

olden adj. Also holden , holdon . Infl. form of old ; cp. OE on ealdum dagum . (a) In phrases: bi daies, in dai , in former times, long ago; austin the , Augustine the venerable; (b) in

Myd wyl of wymynghede [read: wynnynghede] Aȝens þe ryȝt oȝeres wyl. (1425) Doc. in Morsbach Origurk. 11 Sche..put owt on john Eleyne, þanne holder and ower of þe same place and land. (1440) PParv. Hrl 221 447 Schyplord, or owere

the King's beast from Egypt called] Oure. (1365) Plea & Mem.R.Lond.Gildh. 18 [Roger del Ewerye, the King's barber, recovered from John Want the sum of £4 13 s. 4 d..for the custody of a certain beast called an] ore [from

ioȝen & ful out ioȝen [WB(2) : haue ioie and make ful out ioiyng; L gaudebitis et exsultabitis] vn-to euermor. (c1384) WBible(1) Dc 369(2) John 8.56 Abraham..ful out ioyede [WB(2) : gladide; vr. gloried] that he schulde se my day.

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