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sheriffs of London. Writ of supersedeas , by mainprise of John Synore of Tuwyng, Robert Teukesbury, William Smyth of Tuwyng and John Synore the younger of Hertfordshire, in favour of John Pykenham of Essex at suit of Richard Estbroke citizen

Stephen London of London, John Brampton of Middlesex, John Sherpbarowe of London and John Walker of Stretforde, in favour of John Vikersman of Westhame, otherwise called John Cresse of Hame, in regard to John Rolfe, John Halman and Thomas Rowke.

a cottage whereof John Wodelonde otherwise Carpinter and Clarice his wife are tenants for life. Witnesses: Edmund Leversegge, John Merlaunde, Richard Paveley, John Mountfort, Thomas Bathe, Walter Sylveyn, William Orum, Henry Donkerton, William Colesbourne, John Cayner, John Norton. Dated Frome

Walworthe, John Phelippot, Edmund Olyver, John Southam, John Sewale. Dated ( as the last ). Godfrey Cyfrewast son and heir of Roger Cyfrewast knight, to Robert Beleknap knight, Henry Sturmy, John Turk, Adam de Hertyngdon, John Shepeye, John Bokyngham, John

sheriff of Cantebrigge. Writ of supersedeas , by mainprise of John Belesby of Lincolnshire, John de Billyngforde of Suffolk and James de Billyngforde of Norffolk, in favour of Richard Bronde of Thrippelowe at suit of John Dengayne knight for trespass.

Robert Neuport to John Doreward, Clement Spice, Thomas Lampet and John Boys. Recognisance for 6,000 l ., to be levied etc. in Essex. Cancelled on payment, acknowledged by John Dorewarde and Thomas Lampet . Dec. 2. Westminster. John Kyneston and

suit of John Bristal for trespass. Dec. 18. Westminster. To the sheriff of Worcester. Writ of supersedeas , by mainprise of John Ippesley of Worcestershire, John Kent, Thomas Hore 'bocher' and John Wynchecombe of Middlesex, in favour of John Humflesley

of John Dobson 'carpenter,' Stephen London 'uphalder,' John Lilye 'haberbassher,' all of London, and John Stone of Kent, and upon the undertaking of John Wallere under a pain of 100 marks, in favour of the said John Wallere and John

Norhamptonshire. Order in presence of the next friends of John son and heir of John Lovell, or of their attorneys, to assign dower to Eleanor who was wife of the said John Lovell. Like writs to the escheators in the

Warrewyk. Like writ, mutatis mutandis , by mainprise of John Charnels of Warwickshire, William Benet of Suffolk, William Kirkestede and John Mendham of Kent, in favour of Nicholas Wodeward of Pakyngton at suit of John Marchall of Walton for trespass.

Sir John de Sutton of Wyvenho knight, his heirs and assigns, of the advowson of the church of Tendringge co. Essex in the diocese of London. Witnesses: Sir John de Playz, Sir John de Braham knights, Edmund de Brokesbourne, John

of Robert Bernes, Geoffrey Husey 'taillour,' John Hyde 'draper' and John Odyan 'salter,' all of London, to set free Alice wife of John Clyfton, imprisoned in default of finding mainpernors at suit of John Smythe of London 'tyler' averring threats.

the sheriff of Somerset. Order to cause John de Preston to have seisin of 2 messuages, 121/2 acres of land and 1 acre of meadow in Preston Plokenet, which John son of John Edward of Preston Plokenet held, who was

to put John de Stonore in default for not appearing on Monday, the morrow of the month of Easter last, in the suit between John son of Adam son of John de Repynghale, demandant, and the said John de Stonore

Close Rolls, Richard II January 1389 January 1389 Jan. 30. Westminster. John Beneyt of New Sarum to John de Wylyngham of London 'vynter.' Recognisance for 10 l ., to be levied etc. in Wiltesir.

Close Rolls, Henry IV May 1411 May 1411 May 20. Westminster. John Newerk clerk to John Stokes clerk. Recognisance for 200 l ., to be levied etc. in Notynghamshire. Cancelled on payment .

John White, John Hill, John Wode glover, David Chapman, Thomas Aleyne, Thomas May, Richard Hore, at request of Thomas Masham alias Marchall, 'laborer' of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, to John Dawson 'felmonger,' Thomas Hore, John Booull, William Hunt 'couper,'

Godefelawe and John Bolle of London to set free John Elys, if taken at suit of John Clode for trespass. Dec. 18. Westminster. To the sheriff of Bukingham. Writ of supersedeas , by mainprise of John Billyoun, John Shirburne and

Waltham, John Shadworthe, Robert Neuport, Thomas Charleton, William de Wakefelde, John Fray, John Gedeney, Robert Warner, John Waryn of Walden, William Bryght clerk, Richard Scot, Henry Dalby, John Teynton and John Neuport clerks, and to the heirs of John Teynton,

II by John de Bolton of York 'taillour,' John de York 'mercer,' Stephen Barnebyman 'bocher,' Thomas son of John de Santon 'draper,' John Crosseby 'taillour,' John Candeler of Jubretgate, John Chaffere 'bocher,' Henry Chaloner 'webster,' John Fisshere 'carpenter,' John Benetson

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