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Geographies of Orthodoxy: Mapping English Pseudo-Bonaventuran Lives of Christ, 1350-1550 icon

Geographies of Orthodoxy: Mapping English Pseudo-Bonaventuran Lives of Christ, 1350-1550

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rear flyleaf of the book, C17. The manuscript belonged to the former Master of Trinity College and Archbishop of Canterbury, John Whitgift (b.1530-1, d. 1604), whose parchment books were bequested to Trinity College. Notes The original manuscript (items 1-4) would

Christ's five appearances, Ascension. 33 : the sending of the Holy Ghost, a commendation of St. John, on the Lord's special love of John, the 'essencyable' and 'accidental' joys of Heaven, John's perfection, on the prayer 'O Intemerata' and its

and worship at the Cross; arrival at the grave; ignoring the angel's words How Petur and John come to the graue Peter and John arrive at the empty grave; Magdalene's sorrow How Jhesu apperede to Mary Magdalene in the garthyn

large number of the Latin chapters on the active and contemplative lives, two chapters on the capture and execution of John the Baptist, as well as several short chapters on the early miracles of Christ’s ministry. Some of the main

to marked sections of text. The idea that this book was compiled for use by a Parson is certainly plausible. "John Cuttyng worsted in comitatu", C15-C16. "This is the boke ser Robt Hawe", C16. A.I. Doyle notes that a Robert

that of Thomas Brewes , a significant member of the Norfolk/Suffolk gentry and father of the Margery Brewes who married John Paston III. It may be that the prophecy for 1436 affords the best opportunity of dating the book, as

(London, 1908), no. 147. Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique, Brussels, English Illuminated MSS, 700-1500 (1973), no. 84 [links the MS with John Rylands MS Eng. 1]. Kathleen L. Scott, Later Gothic Manuscripts 1390-1490 (1996) no. 98, Ills. 375-377, 381. _ _

15*v: 'amen [Ser?] Thomas clerkson' (among a variety of pen trials in Latin and English, and amateurish capitals). Fol. 97v: 'John p er kyns'; 'mych y as [nicholas?] froste'; 'Tales nycios [nicholas?]', all penned in the same hand, early C16?

right side, INRI inscription on plaque above Christ. On right side (damaged) Mary in blue robe head bowed. On left John giving sign of the benediction. Below the Cross white skull and five white bones. Background left and right tripartite

Catalogue , in BL Royal 17. A.xxvii, fol. 83v and on fol. 178r of the MS associated with the Cistercian John Northwood, BL Add. 37787; fol. 88v.   Book 2, booklet 3   21. Admonitory verses, unique to this MS,

559 and Longleat MS 29, however, would certainly appear to be warranted. 24. Memoriae of saints in Latin: John the Baptist (54v), John the Evangelist (55v), Blasius (56v), Antony (57v), Osmund, text begins: 'O Osmunde pastor bone solita clementia Gregem

book, and that of the probably contemporary scribe who penned Bodley 938 and Cambridge University Library MS Ff. 6. 31 (John Colop's Common Profit book), may indicate, as Hanna argues, patterns of migration, and the tendency to bring texts circulating

biblical commentators, or extended moral application that feature in the longer and later Vita Christi of Ludolph of Saxony, or John Fewterer's printed translation of Ulrich Pinder's Speculum Passionis , The Myrrour or Glasse of Christes Passion . As a

Passionis by Ulrich Pinder. Both these works were adapted into English, Pinder's text in the form of the translation by John Fewterer of Syon known as The Myroure or Glasse of Christes Passion (printed 1534). A number of striking overlaps

'Dufay's Motet Balsamus et munda cera and the Papal Ceremony', in  Music and Medieval Manuscripts: Paleography and Performance , ed. John Haines and Randall Rosenfeld (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2004), pp. 329-348. 'Houses of Benedictine nuns: Abbey of Barking', A History of

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