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in the counte aforseide' f79, mentioning Bishop Bonner (c. 1540-69); 'Richard lyon', f69; 'John Jaclin & Elizabethe his wellebelouede liffe', f74; 'robert ascue / askewe', ff75v, 82; 'John Bargains Ann[o] 1551' f84; 'Radufus [sic] wilcockes', f94v; 'Thomas onslow', 'Edmound huncok(?),

Sefton, priest (ii verso), William Troutbeck (iii v), Ellyen Troutbecke. Also Peter Hawes, Thomas Massy. John del Dedwode Chester records after 1431, probably father of John Dedwod for whom book made. The Troutbecks and Dedwodes were major land owners around

lines per page in rusty brown ink. Writing Space: ca. 200 x 90 mm Other Names (not owners): Hand of John Stow adds titles and marginal notation.After Stow, the manuscript went to a George Willmer of West Ham, Essex (d.

aunt, Lady Catherine Burghe [widow of William de Burgh] to whom it descended from her mother, Elizabeth [daughter of Sir John Blount, mistress of Henry VIII, and] wife, successively, of [Gilbert Talboys] Lord Talboys, and [Edward Clinton] Lord Clinton, afterwards

the three Chaucers owned by Sir John Weld (d. 1674); before 1697 the manuscript passed to Bishop Moore (d. 1714) and from him to the University of Cambridge in 1715. Further Information: Manly, John M. and Rickert, E. The Text

McKitterick, ' Catherine Coppley' and 'mager[y] gerarde' on f2; Bereys hafflyn at London (f24); 'John Trauers hath Recued' (f29v); 'Receued of hary caswall' and 'memorandum that John Trauers hath' (f44); 'My lady Coley (f62); 'Thomas Coppley' (f63v, three times) (All

Marks: Blue with red flourishing and gold with blue flourishing. Other Names (not owners): In the 16th century, owned by John Hay whose ownership mark may be seen on the verso of the mutilated f13; 'liber dm Johannis hay de

f8vb, begins 'Welth & wurship to my / worthy & wurshipfull / lord sire Thomas lord / of Barkeleie. I John / Treuisa your prest & your bede / man obedient & buxum to worch / your wille''; text of

(not owners): On f101 top in 15th c. script 'John pyperdys'; also 'h' in a circle as modern @, followed by 'rate'; f101v, 'Henry ywess' or simply'Henry wess; and again 'John Peperedeye'; just many pentrials and false starts on f

MS Appellation: The meroure of Wisdome Title: The meroure of Wisdome, Mother of God Author: Hoccleve and John Ireland Contents: Meroure of Wisdome, John Ireland; Mother of God, Hoccleve (20 stanzas) which begins half way down 112v and ends half

of Lydgate; poems and motto of Shirley on flyleaves. Language: English Date Range: 1440-1465 Scribal Hands: Hand 1 Hand 2 John Shirley Material: Parchment No of Folios: 1 marbled matches pastedown + 1 paper contemporary with this (fol.i) + 4

of Thopas. Other Names (not owners): Sixteenth century owners may have been the 'Thomas Devynysh' (f16r) of Sussex or a 'John Eglysfield'. See Manly and Rickert I: 417 for the transcription of a note from a fly-leaf of a copy

the Congreve family of Staffordshire, having seen a marriage connection between the granddaughter of Thomas Hoord (see early owners)and a John Congreve who died before 1535. This was on the basis of a faint pencilled note and the initials I.C

and Rickert) Title: Canterbury Tales Author: Chaucer Contents: Canterbury Tales Language: English Date Range: Before 1440 Scribal Hands: John Duxworth Dialect: No LP; County : Lincs Material: Paper and parchment No of Folios: 2 vellum leaves + iii(1 paper flyleaf

Lady Language: English Scribal Hands: Beryn Scribe Dialect: Lydgate wrote this in 1415-1422, therefore after those dates; see Derek Pearsall, John Lydgate (1371-1449): A Bio-bibliography, English Literary Studies (University of Victoria), Monograph series, no. 71 (1997), p50. Material: Paper No

red ground with white highlights. Flourished Initials: 2-line blue lombard initials with red penwork decoration. Other Names (not owners): f105 'John'; f105v 'James', 'quod William Le Neue (or Nens) Anagra Novem(?), 'Will LeNeve' all 16th or 17th century hands Flourished

Blue mainly 2-line initials with red flourishing. Other Names (not owners): On f2 in the lower margin 'Given me by John Archbishop of York anno 1699'. T. Gale Flourished Initials: Blue mainly 2-line initials with red flourishing. Further Information: On

2-line lombard initials, sometimes alternating with blue. Other Names (not owners): In the lower margin of f232 'Right wylbe louyd John Hays' in a fifteenth century hand but not the scribe's. Flourished Initials: Plain red 2-line lombard initials, sometimes alternating

[first few words cropped off completely, rest top line partly cropped] ...was wrighten to King Henry the sixt by Sir John Fortescue Lord Chancelor' Added by another hand in similar style but apparently writing after the first, 'De Domino Regali

in MS. Royal 10 B. ix and monogram in MS Selden supra 65. Again, according to Seymour, 'he corresponded with John Tiptoft, earl of Worcester, at whose manor at Selling, Kent, MS Laud misc. 416 was written'. This is a

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