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ostensiọn n. L ostensio & OF ostension . Manifestation, appearance. a1500(?c1425) Spec.Sacer. Add 36791 167/32 The childe John..was in deserte vnto the day of his ostension and shewynge.

reteanable adj. From reteinen v. Of a court action: capable of being heard. (1445) in Webb Rec.St.Barth 1.500 John Spencer toke an accion of dette ageynst the said priour reteanable before the justice of the comyn place.

berge n. Cp. OF berge , berche a slope. A sloping roof. (a1472) Acc.Bodmin in Camd.n.s.14 15 Item to John Hancok for x jornays..apon goter stonys and bergis of the punyon, v s.

underporter n. From porter n. An assistant to a gatekeeper. (1439) Will in Anc.10 18 Item, John Everton, undirporter of the Tour, I forgife hym xi s.

blacchestere n. Cp. blaccher n. ?A maker or seller of ink. (1305) in Fransson Surn. 109 Felic' la Blacchester'. (1334) in Fransson Surn. 109 John le Blachester.

vent n.(3) Shortened form of ventail(e n. = ventail(e n. (b). (1400) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 7.49 [John Godefray has ] basinet [with] vent, [2 lances].

captenesse n. From capten , vr. of capitain . Head of a household, mistress. (1465) Paston 4.140 I have left John Paston the older at Caster, to kype the place..for I had be captensse here then at Caster.

chẹser n. From chẹse . One who makes or sells cheese. (1316) in Fransson Surn. 66 Joh. de Hugat, cheser. (1350) in Fransson Surn. 66 John le Chesar.

cliver n.(1) From clif n. (1). One who dwells at or on a cliff. (1287) Pleas Crown in BGAS 22 175 John le Clyvare. (1327) in Fransson Surn. 195 Ric. Clyuyr.

cocanoun n. Cp. canoun . A fellow canon. (1445) in Webb Rec.St.Barth 1.500 The whiche acquittance was..sealled in the name of the said John Spenser by the said priour and one Elys his cochanon.

Eg 1995 171 There was a batylle in Smethefylde by twyne two men of Fevyrsham, that on John Upton, pellaunte, and that othyr John Downe, fendaunte. c1475 Gregory's Chron. Eg 1995 201 Bothe partys consentyde to fyght, with alle the

gelder . From gilden v. A goldsmith, a gilder. (1302-3) Chart.Bristol in BGAS 44 131 John le Guldare. (1305-6) Let.Bk.Lond.C Gldh LetBk C 202 [John] le Gilder. (1327) Doc. in Riley Mem.Lond. 158 [William de Stokwelle..did cause all the painters,

(1464) Paston 4.114 The Kyng grauntith to help..the seid John Paston to opteyne..such goods as were the seid Fastolfs deseitfully aloyned out of the possession and knowlech of the seid John Paston. (1473-5) Proc.Chanc. in Cal.PCEliz. 1.p.xcvii The same Thomas

Plea & Mem.R.Lond.Gildh. 164 [John Hawardyn, shearman, to William Blyton, gentleman, John Stokwell], pastiller, [and another]. (1440) PParv. Hrl 221 385 Pastlere: Ceragius, pastillarius. (1447) Plea & Mem.R.Lond.Gildh. 171 [John Ederiche, pinner, to John Stokwell], pasteller, [John Joye, brewer, and

the same monythe there was a batylle in Smethefylde by twyne two men of Fevyrsham, that on John Upton, pellaunte, and that othyr John Downe, fendaunte. a1486 Arms Chivalry Mrg M 775 44 The day that the Pelaunt [vr. Appellaunt]

to Seint Wallrens in Normandie an hoye of Dorderyght. (1497) Acc.Navy in NRS 8 95 The John van Orlowe, hoy of Midelborowe..An hoy of Andwarpe, John Williamsons owne. (1497) Acc.Navy in NRS 8 96 An hoy of Tergo, Adrian Laurenson.

expressly. (1447-8) Shillingford 132 Y John Shillynford..byseke yow..that hit like yow so to rule the seide Bysshop, Dean, and Chapitre that they yn pleyn wyse, nude and open, may put yn yn wrytyng alle thyngs the whiche they fele ham

avantag(i)er To benefit (sb.). (1459) Will Fastolf in Nrf.Archaeol.2 230 It was the very wille..of ye said Sir John yat the said John Paston shulde be thus avauntaged, and in no wise hurte of his proper goods. (1472-3) RParl. 6.22a

Chanons of the Churche of Welles, residenters of the same churche. (1453) Will York in Sur.Soc.30 191 Where John, yat was my son..was writen for one of myne executores, yare to be understonde..Maister John Marsshall, resedenter of the same mynster.

(1426) Close R.Hen.VI 265 [George Herdewyke, yeoman,] scalder [in the king's kitchen]. (1454) Proc.Privy C. 6.232 Scalders: John Bolde, yoman; William Doget, grome; John Curteis, page. (1373) in Thuresson ME Occup.Terms 126 Thom. Scalder. (1455) in Thuresson ME Occup.Terms 126

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