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Middle English Grammar Corpus

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& alis Walkar & John Chambyrlan & sir John Douson & Will a m Esyngwald gaf vp y er costom and y er tenement es be y e New Custom a-gayen y e ald custom And John bankest er gaf

of the . forsaid Maykynnes the whech was in kepyng of the forsaid Ric in p re cence of Sir John of Stanley . knyght James of Strangwais & othir at loncastr the Thursday next be-fore the fest of the

s ir . John And of Will a m Maulenewr Chr & Jonet his wyfe tother of yo here of ye seyd s ir John is put in Award and orden a nce & Jugement of John Thwayt es and

day of dome qwarfore we Will a m Thomas & John sett es to y i s wrytyng oure seels h in y e p re sence f S ir John Bower p re ste & Thomas Mikylton 3oman wyrtyn

t And y er -fore it is for to haue in mynd yat we ar fully accordit & Thir witnes John of Strothir & Rob er t of horsley Wrytyn Jn ye New Castell of Tyne ye ix day of

swyer dede for thaym & for the childr of the sayd will a m on A part And John Maners the elder John Maners the yonger & all other p er sou n s partie to the no m mperage

layborne . William of leuens . John Redmane . & Ric Duket . to be as euen men for bothe y e p ar tyse . / y e whilk Nicholas . William . John & Ric Doket ; hase

or other Don vnto theym be the sayde John of Salkeld or any other of his p ar te for his makis Also we award Anne the wyfe of the sayd John of Salkeld his Brether his sonn es his

of Thom a s of Merkyngfelde . x li of golde vn-to ye be-hufe and huse of my maister sir John Nevyle ye son of my lorde of westem er land ye qwilk x li ye forsayde thom a s

er of qwyrest of the word scho lyued a gap; the last four lines at the end of the dorse John Mule hath a dosen places of the gyft of myn vnkyll es hochon sergeant es by-syde thes þ t

jt em we say that the said john Cobcroft made affray vppon the said s ir symond y er fore we am er cy hym symbol ij d jt em we say that john Daweson made affr vppon the armorer

if defect to be amended by m er temas in payne of xl d jt em that henry Coup er john Raghton and Richard Esthorp amend a+layne ende and a sewer by the said payne in payne xl d jt

was not haldon n & p ar cel of ye payment is be-hynde y er -to Berus wytnes John n haryson John n y e ward Som ur ford Raundphus Swetenh a m de Som ur ford here-to we seston

Jn wytnes off yis Ayther p ar te hcreasee Sette yaire Sele yis wytnes Nicholl off Troghton John off vekers the eldyr John Scharpe Richard Benson wylliame off Pele hole other Gewyne the tent day off Fewyr3ere in the 3ere

Celle of Coldingh a m and my brod brothere Dau n John Ell and espe ciell for yo ur good mantill thatt yhe sennt to me be my brothere John Pencher besekynge yow eu er moore of yowr good co

t whare Tho ma s siggeswyk noyse vs y t we suld haue A tenement & land gyfen n by john n of Ellirton n in walburn till o ur vse & o ur power . we answer playnely &

besyche yow and alle the Co n vent for the luffe of god / owr lady sanct marye / sant John n of baptiste / And alle y e hoyle cowrte of hevyne / That 3 e wolde resaue me

at do w t ye sayde Margaret fleschly than John n the son of the sayde wil3am to wed the sayde Mara tear in the margin And if the sayde John n dye as god defend a-fore he hafe at

& Alis walkar & John chambyrlan & syr John Douson & Will a m Esyng.... gaft vp y er custome ..... & y er tenament to y e new custome agan y e ald custome & John Banster gaf vp

had & solemnypt by-thwyx y e said John lowthre & lucie schall infeffe or make to be infeffyt y e said John & lucie & to y e heyre3 of y e said John body begottyn in land es &

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