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12 or 19 October Richard and John Wynslade, or Wydeslade, were father and uncle of Lady Stonor ' s first husband. In Early Chancery Proceedings , 10/257, the latter is described as " John Wydeslade, senior, of London , gentilman

a letter from the executors of John de Foxle to Edmund de Stonor . From A.C. , xlvi, 31. Trescher Syre , porceque vooz ministres ount pris une destresse de mon meistre, monsyr John de Foxle , pur certeinez summes

xl. s. It., to Syr John Butteler , xxvij. s. It., to Twenyo, xiij. s. iiij. d. It., for þe rewarde to þe Jur., xxij. s. viij. d. It., yn expences for Bryan and John Yoman, vj. s. v. d.

not aftir þe face. Also oure lord ihū bad his enemys bileue John vii. 24. to his werkis þouȝ þei wolden not bileue to him, & bad þat John x. 38. men schulden not bileue to hym ȝif he dide

judge ' s younger brother, is noticed on p. 36 above. Wytbury is probably the John Wydbury of Cornwall , who occurs in conjunction with John Crokker of Lyneham , near Ermington , in February , 1422 ( Cal .

1480 (see No. 270). John Yeme was bailiff about 1466 (see No. 81). Orchard and John Gybbes were servants of Selenger (see No. 183, which apparently has to do with the conclusion of this dispute). For John Rytte, see No.

John Blakehall þe monday after þe twelffe day when þey comyn (?) to Harpeden togeder, ffor her dyner, ij. d. Also ffor horse met, j. d. when ȝe wer with Marmyun. Also for þe geldyng, j. d., when þat

messuages and lands in Crowthorne and Kynecote Hille, as heir of Agnes , daughter of John Wynnard; these lands had descended to her from John and Agnes Bevyle ( Placita de Banco , Roll 880, mm. 447, 448; see also

and 6s. 8d. BE hit i-knowe to all men that whenne, bytwene John of Hanborowgh and William of Seynte Eweyne of þe oon partie, and John Probably John Leche, abbot 1235 -49 . Abbot and Couent of Oseney of þe

, John Her|buriour, John Acastre, and iiij hensemen, and but fewe mo of squyers. Ther come with hym ȝemen of chambre, Rychard Nylder, John Doore , Rychard Boltone, John South , Grene , Lane , and moo other; John of

sumtyme Willyam of Saynte John , person of the church of more Barton , of owr Mille of Barton , that Robert of Arsich confermyd to hym. The saide Willyam, person aforesaide, feffid John of Saynte John , clerke '

. [162. ] About 1270 . Grant to Oseney, by John le free, of an acre, with its pasture|rights. KNOWE ȝe that Be present and to Be that I, John lee ffree of Westcote Barton , ȝafe, grauntid, and with

a draft of some contemplated proceedings in 1466 , when the complaint of John Frende was presented in Chancery —see No. 80. More is possibly Sir John More , the father of Sir Thomas More . For Reyny, who was

letter relates to the estates of Agnes Stonor the date must be in 1480 . John Speke was her cousin, and was clearly steward of some of her manors. As to Worthe , see the two previous letters. Richard Germyn,

pese, the wycche Thomas Horne hathe ayenst me, y have aperyd therto and have y-putte yn iij seuryteys, John Kyrton ys on, John Frende of Seynte Jely ' s parysche ys the secunde, and a cosyn of myn ys the

at Thomas Prattes in the presens of Richerd Balaam and Tho. Pratt , vj. s. viij. d. It., delyverd to John Bucher be the commandment off my seyde mayster ffor freche watyr ffysche for my lorde off Lyncolne, iij. s.

Ch. Misc. , 37, ix. 23. Md. that we Ric . Gardener , mercer and Alderman of London , and John Elys, cytizen and mercer of the same Cyttye, have ℞. xxiiij day of Janyver anno dni. xiiij c lxxv

at Watlyngton, iiij. d. To London T. Wood and othyr to fett home my lady, xvij. d. To attourney for John Fenn , xiij. s. iiij. d. To my lady at London at ij tymes xv. li. vj. s. viij.

than 1478 . From A.C., xlvi, 104. Worschipful Maistyr, I recommend me unto your gud maisterschep, beyng reght hevy þat John Mathew is deessyd or sek, but I trust to God þat he sal do ryght weil, and so doth

A.C. , xlvi, 264. Ryght trusty ffrend, I comand me to you: lettyng you wet þat ȝe shall resseyve of John Somer þe elder j but off Romeny pris iiij. li. Item j but j pipe of Red wyn pris

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