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the lond of Albyon Be brought to grete confusion. teachings commands legitimate acquisition pleasure; (see note) (see note) Go To John Gower's In Praise of Peace Prophecy, Notes PROPHECY: NOTES 4 solas. Perhaps a double entendre, suggesting not only physical

manuscripts, see Connolly, John Shirley, pp. 77 and 152. 20 See Pearsall, Bio-Bibliography, pp. 17–18. 21 See Connolly, John Shirley, pp. 191–95, for a discussion of competing views of Shirley’s scribal activities and his reliability. 22 Connolly, John Shirley, p.

which the hero kills his opponent. In Percy's version John has been with Robin at Churchlees all the time, and Robin forbids him to take vengeance; in the garland version John arrives in response to his master's last call on

Balle, Model for John Ball's letter; gretyth, greets; doth . . . understande, lets you know. 31 everydele, in everything. 32 helpe to, to aid. 33-34 pur charit, by charity. 35 Prima . . . Balle, John Ball's first letter;

of London JOHN LYDGATE, MUMMING FOR THE GOLDSMITHS OF LONDON: FOOTNOTE 1 Intentionally delivered this ark into your keeping JOHN LYDGATE, MUMMING FOR THE GOLDSMITHS OF LONDON: EXPLANATORY NOTES ABBREVIATIONS: MED: Middle English Dictionary; MP: Minor Poems of John Lydgate,

Fouke the outlaw's brother, John, confronts a caravan of ten merchants transporting "expensive cloths, furs, spices, and dresses for the personal use of the king and queen of England" (p. 694). Likewise, in the Gest Little John and Much stop

John Gower, The Minor Latin Works: Eneidos bucolis Appendix: Eneidos bucolis Return to Menu of TEAMS Texts Copyright Information for this edition nor would it be the first or only time that he adopted a "philosophical" detachment to comment

2251 and Adds. 34360): A Contribution to the Bibliography of John Lydgate." Anglia 28 (1905), 1-28. ---. "A Scribe of Chaucer." Modern Philology 27 (1929), 26-33. Mooney, Linne R. "John Shirley's Heirs." In Yearbook of English Studies, Special Number 33

was much loved by all of them except John, with whom he quarreled frequently. It so happened that one day John and Fouke were sitting all alone in a room playing chess. John picked up the chess board and struck

Press, 1989. Pp. 109-23. Fredeman, Jane. "The Life of John Capgrave, O.E.S.A. (1393-1464)." Augustiniana 29 (1979), 197-237. ---. "Style and Characterization in John Capgrave's Life of St. Katherine." Bulletin of the John Rylands Library 62 (1979-80), 346-87. Gibson, Gail McMurray.

transcribed in Connolly, John Shirley, pp. 206–08). 3 Simpson, Oxford English Literary History, p. 52. 4 For comprehensive accounts of the poet’s biography and bibliography, see Schirmer, John Lydgate; Pearsall, John Lydgate (1970); and more recently Pearsall, John Lydgate (1997).

And closely linked with this phrase: great gain JOHN LYDGATE, MUMMING FOR THE MERCERS OF LONDON: EXPLANATORY NOTES ABBREVIATIONS: CT: Chaucer, Canterbury Tales; MED: Middle English Dictionary; MP: Minor Poems of John Lydgate, ed. MacCracken. Shirley claims that the Mumming

Matthew 3:2) 3 Here Jesus, looking at John while he is speaking, approaches John, who points at Jesus 4 Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. (See John 1:29) 5 The Holy Spirit descends

of his ways 3 Legitimately succeed to the throne, as the story teaches us JOHN LYDGATE, MUMMING AT WINDSOR: EXPLANATORY NOTES ABBREVIATIONS: MP: Minor Poems of John Lydgate, ed. MacCracken. The Mumming at Windsor tells the story of the conversion

sentence, the mater was well couth; And he was called "John with the gildyn mouth," Which concludith by sentence full notable, Wyves of custome be gladly variable. Aftir this John, the story seith also, In confirmacioun of ther fragilité, Howe

Richard, whose badge was a white hart). Henry was supposed the eagle because the symbol of John the Evangelist, namesake of his father, John of Gaunt, was an eagle, and because the badge of Edward III, his grandfather, was an

pulld off the bishops coat, And put it upon Little John; "By the faith of my body," then Robin said, "This cloath doth make thee a man." When Little John went into the quire, The people began for to laugh;

not please me; Come on't what will, I'll try my skill At yon brave archery." O then bespoke brave Little John: "Come, let us hither gang, Come listen to me, how it shall be That we need not be kend.

The Siege of Thebes circulated widely among country gentry. In 1463 John Baret of Bury bequeathed a copy of his "boke with the Sege of Thebes in englysh."29 John Paston III mentions his sister's copy of the poem in a

Chester John King Both Much King Much John Frier King Fitzwater King Chester King John King Frier King Frier King Frier King Robin Frier Robin Queene Frier John Frier Robin King Robin King Robin Frier [Windehornes. Enter King, Queene, John,

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