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d . Joan Davers, sometime wife of William Davers of Stanton co. Derby, to Thomas Chelreye and John Peeche esquires, John Spencer and John Broun clerks, their heirs and assigns. Quitclaim with warranty of the manor of Little Merlewe co.

de Mortuo Mari, Sir Kynard de la Bere knights, Sir Thomas Overtone, Sir John de Kepstone, Sir John Wike, Sir John de Fekkenham chaplains, John Babbelake, John Venour esquires and William Bigot clerk. Quitclaim of the manor of Cavendisshe called

Leycestershire, to have John Lanchestre in chancery in the quinzaine of Easter next in order to answer touching what shall be laid against him. Membrane 2 d . Nicholas Nevile citizen of London to John Austyn, John Jurdan citizens of

Witnesses: John Hilles, John Donott, John Childe, John Hamme, John Coupere. Dated Horton Kirkeby, 6 February 9 Henry V. Memorandum of acknowledgment by the said Richard, 6 February. Nicholas Carreu to Roger Heroun, John Brymmesgrove clerks, John Martyn, John Cornwaleys,

Memorandum of acknowledgment, 15 February. Nicholas atte Lee of Gravele co. Hertford to Reynold Cobham knight, John Bayhalle, John Haselyngfelde, Thomas atte Herst, John Shawe and William Henxman. General release of all personal actions. Dated 16 February 1 Henry V.

a fine levied in 5 Henry IV, whereby Reynold lord de Grey Ruthyn ( sic ), John Hervy, John Brent, John Merlonde, John Strecche, John Sparwe, Matthew Coker and William Oterhampton clerk were seised of the said manor to them

Gowche, John Stamford. Dated 15 November, 9 Edward IV. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 16 December. Membrane 19 d . 363 John Swancote, 'merchant' of Bristol, to William Hastynges, lord Hastynges, William Notingham esquire, John Eyton, merchant of Bristol, and John Gryme,

of John Turgis and John Morce, to be held by the above Thomas Bryce etc. in capital demesne as of fee etc. Dated 11 October, 11 Edward IV. Witnesses: Thomas Raynold 'pulter,' Thomas Raynold of Slade, John Mathew carpenter, John

Henry VII 4 d. at the burial of John Turnpeny 41/2 d. on the anniversary of John Gunthorppe 1/2 d. at the burial of John Holme 2 d. at the burial of John Fox 1 s. 11/2 d. Obits: Thomas

To the same. Order not to put John de Marny in default for not appearing on Saturday the morrow of Midsummer last in the suit before them between John de Insula, demandant, and John de Marny, tenant, concerning a moiety

Norwich. John de Haneworth acknowledges that he owes to John de Cove 6 l .; to be levied, in default of payment, of his lands and chattels in co. Suffolk. Adam Munk of Bungeye acknowledges that he owes to John

of John de Ifeld, and that the manor has been in the king's hands for a year and a day, and that John de Pulteneye had the king's year, day and waste thereof-ordered the sheriff of Surrey to cause John

of supersedeas , by mainprise of John Dymmok, John Bifelde, John de Louthe and John Hurst 'taillours' of the city of London, in favour of John Amondesham tailor of London at suit of John Walsshe citizen and goldsmith of London

Close Rolls, Richard II 1382 1382 Membrane 33 d . John Walssh of London 'goldsmyth' to John Bosham of London 'mercer' and Felicia his wife and to the heirs of John Bosham. Quitclaim with warranty of a moiety of two

Westminster. John Rose yeoman of the king's robes is sent to the abbess and convent of Shaftesbury, to take for life such maintenance in that house as John Ireland deceased had. By p.s. [2407. ] Sept. 11. Westminster. John Elys

the said John, his heirs and assigns, in every court and place. Witnesses: Sir Richard de Ponyngges lord of Ponyngges, John Faldesle, Edward Dalyngerugge, William Percy, Bernard Brocas, Hugh Camoys, John Sonde knights, Thomas Chelrey, William Stormy, John Cobeham, Thomas

Haukedene, John de Coventre, William de Nortone, "taillour.," William Chelry, Roger le Wyse, John de Hoo, John Grigge, John Swan, John Bruggewater, Hereman Settere, and David le Cordewaner, who say on oath that the said John de Wysbeche and John

Fastolf, John Doget, William Gilder, John Wade, John Claydoun, William Sunneman, John Wylughby and John Frankeleyn of London, in favour of Robert Lytle 'fisshemonger,' Thomas Neel 'vynter,' Thomas Prentys 'fleccher,' Stephen Seder 'fleccher,' Walter Lynot 'taverner,' William Poull 'botelmaker,' John

mainprise of Robert Skootte, John More, John Baldocke of Cambridgeshire and William Doudale of Sussex, in favour of John Grene the younger, John Grene the elder, Thomas Grene, Robert Roper, Walter Reyngelage, John Germaker 'baker' and John Germaker (Gertmaker, Bermaker)

and Southmenstre called Luttherne, sometime of John Gros and now held for life by John Durward. Witnesses: John Plays, Thomas de Maundevile the younger knights, John Boys, John Filioll, Clement Spice, Walter Godmaneston, John Batayle. Dated Benteleye aforesaid, 1 April

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