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garners, and j privey, iiij li. x s..basyng and mendyng of an ouchote..iij s. iiij d. (1362) Reg.Edw.Blk.Pr. 4.434 [Sir John de Berners. Edmund Pernill..two mills there, with the fishery & the] outshotes. c1275(?a1216) Owl & N. Clg A.9

hym to his purge for the grete parte of the mater of disclaunder that ys thus..putte apon hym. (c1462) Stonor 1.57 Uppon the whiche sklaunder and untrue noyse, the seid John Frende hath made his purge with meny worshippfull gentilmen.

in Sharpe Cal.Coron.R.Lond. 26 Balstaf. (1326) Coroner R. in Sharpe Cal.Coron.R.Lond. 162 [Agnes taking a staff called] Balghstaf..[struck the said John]. (1336-7) Coroner R. in Sharpe Cal.Coron.R.Lond. 180 [With staves called] balghstaves [lying in kill him]. (1340) Coroner R.

10 62 Willmo Gerlyn. (1296-7) in Reaney Dict.Br.Surnames 78 Adam Girdelyon. (1305) Let.Bk.Lond.C Gldh LetBk C 143 William Querdelion. (1327) in Reaney Dict.Br.Surnames 78 John Qwerdelyng. (1327) in Reaney Dict.Br.Surnames 78 Robert Gerling. (1365) in Reaney Dict.Br.Surnames 78 Thomas Querdelyng.

yre and foure quyntowes. (1401) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 7.96 [Of the iron 28 tons and 3] quyntowes [are in the keeping of John Gardyner and Nicholas Neeth]. (1408) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO) 7.201 [Hemp reckoned at 48] quyntoes. c1436 Ipswich Domesday(2) Add 25011 191 Of

ratoun n. A ratcatcher. (1327) in Thuresson ME Occup.Terms 158 Margeria le Ratonner. (1388-9) Rec.Norwich 2 50 John Ratoner. c1400(a1376) PPl.A(1) Trin-C R.3.14 5.164 Cisse þe soutere sat on þe bench..Dawe þe dykere & a duszeyn oþere, A ribibour, a

rapaciously, greedily; (c) by violence. (c1437) Pet.Chanc.PRO ser.CP 1 file 12 no.156 John Hoton grete parcell of the saide bestes ymonge the saide mysdoers..yave and departid, and parcell of the same bestes ther ymonge hem rauenously ete. a1456 Marmaduke SSecr.

government, God, etc.; a disobedient person. (1422) Plea & Mem. in Bk.Lond.E. 130/275 William Brigis and John his man ben Rebellours ayenst þe Officers of þe Cite. a1500(1422) Yonge SSecr. Rwl B.490 206/25 Soner Is graciously hardyn oone Prayere of

hym there..cometh one Piers Venables..with many othere unknowen..with force and armes, and made a rescours and toke awey the saide John Forman fro theym. (1447-8) Shillingford 107 As to the answere to the rescours made by Hugh Lucays, they seyn

Femina Trin-C B.14.40 17 De deinz le gorge est gargate Et pluis par founde la gist le rate: With ynne þe þrote ys þe gargule And more deppere so lyþ þe ryngbon. (1281) Extent Banham in Nrf.Archaeol.14 35 John Ryngbon.

sovereyne lorde. (1472-3) RParl. 6.36a The said Thomas Flete, Thomas Knyght..and Richard Croppe, arraied in maner of werre, riottously assembled theym togider, ayenst the Kyngs peas..felonsly..lay in awaite of the said John Glyn; and then and there..hym felonsly..slewe and murdred.

irobet . From robe n. To clothe (sb.); ppl. robed , clothed, dressed. a1400(c1300) NHom.(1) John Bapt. Phys-E p.41 Quat yed se In wildernes..A man robed in wlank wede? c1400(a1376) PPl.A(1) Trin-C R.3.14 9.1 Thus, yrobid [vr. yrobit; C

can rede and syng, to be and that shal be there resident, in the fest of the Nativite of Seynt John the Baptist..and so from thensforth dayly imperpetuite. (1458) Will York in Sur.Soc.30 226 Thai may purchese any kirke or

that by the seide auctorite a speciall Commission be made to the chief procede of areignement of the seide John in all godely haste, uppon the seide Murdre and Roberie. (1455) Let.Bk.Lond.K Gldh LetBk K 371 That in the

n. & folk . Relatives, blood relations, kinsfolk. (1459) Paston 3.147 I [John Fastolf]..for the helthe of my soule..the soule of Dame Milcent, my wiff..and for the soulez of othyr of myn..kynsefolke..ordeyn..this my last will. (1459) Paston 156 Item, I

servise . Land tenure on condition of military service. (1436) RParl. 4.498a John Duc of Bedford youre noble Uncle..the whiche helde of yowe by Knyghtservice in chief. (1439) Doc. in Leach Educ.Chart. 403 Londes, tenementes, Rentes, and seruices such as

of labii in a hymn to St. John the Baptist. Mus. The sixth degree or note of Guido d'Arezzo's hexachordal scales. c1380 Vncomly in Arun 292 p.292 I fayle faste in the fa..ȝet ther ben other notes, sol and ut

; seint jones de , seint jon (the) , the Church of St. John Lateran. c1325(c1300) Glo.Chron.A Clg A.11 1568,1573 Þis gidie wrecche [Nero]..let hit rere a noble court..& clupede laterane [B : hit court Lateran] after þe frogge iwis..Þe

in Camd.86 Add 46846 110 We were the rather inclined and benevolent to desyre of said do all his peyne..for delyverance of the said lord. (1472-3) RParl. 6.35b If the said John Glyn..not sue..their Maisters, Frendes, Welwillers, or Benevolentes.

syllable of solve in the hymn to St. John the Baptist beginning 'Ut queant.' Mus. The fifth degree or note of Guido d'Arezzo's hexachordal scales. c1380 Vncomly in Arun 292 41 ȝet þer ben oþer notes: sol and vt and

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