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John Twyford and John Clerke of Totenham, in favour of John Brounynge at suit of John Cosyn. June 8. Westminster. To the sheriff of Kent. Like writ, mutatis mutandis , by mainprise of Philip Herberger, John Shipton of Dorset,

John Fraunceys, Thomas Bachous, William Derby, John de Maundeville, John de Wygenhale, John de Canterbury, Pentecoste Russel, John de Bloxsham, John de Altone, Henry de Burtone, Henry de Notyngham, John Bukke, Edmund Newman, John Imme (?), John de Faveresham,

of John Bernes. Witnesses: John Shordiche, John Boterwyk, William Heryoun, John Clerke, John Haverynge the elder, John Haverynge the younger, John Goldynge, William Marnham, Robert Skyu and Richard atte Watere of Middlesex, William Essex, Geoffrey Waldene, Robert Warewyk, John Wilyngham,

chaplain, John Stywarde 'bailyf,' John Constable, Peter Spyndeler, John 'Jonnesservant Stywarde' and William 'Jonnesservant Stywarde' at suit of Stephen Curteys. July 22. Westminster. To the sheriff of Kent. Like writ, mutatis mutandis , by mainprise of Richard Roudoun 'bruer,' John

By p.s. [6527. ] John atte Wode to John Countesse and John Howe of Middlesex. Letter of attorney, appointing them to deliver to William Loueney esquire, Thomas Charlton the younger, Robert Warner, Robert Haxey, John Olney, John Lilleston, Thomas Grene

Brokhole and elsewhere in Norhamptonshire, with the advowson of Hayforde church. Witnesses: John Mauntell of Hayforde, John Haldenby of Haldenby, Richard Lumley, John Cursoun, both of Herleston esquires, John Youn of Flore. Dated Herleston, 7 October 20 Henry VI. Ralph

Phelipp knight, Thomas Chaucers esquire, Thomas Derham, John Throgmarton, all now deceased, and John Wode, feoffees to the use and profit of John Phelipp knight likewise deceased, made a feoffment to the said John Phelipp and Alice then his wife,

and John Berfair citizens of London, their heirs and assigns. Quitclaim with warranty of all their lands in Fynchesle and Hendon co. Middlesex sometime of John Horwode the father. Witnesses: John Boterwik, John Wakefeld, Michael Cornwaille, John Litlecote, John Litle

Moigne knight, John Mulso, John Geffroun, John Treton, John Fosbroke. Dated Oundelle, 28 January 15 Richard II. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 12 February. Geoffrey Laysyngcroft, son and heir of John Laysyngcroft, to Nicholas Gascoun, William Gascoun, John Woderoue, John Amyas and

Writ of supersedeas , and order by mainprise of John Chynnore 'grocer,' Thomas Neuport 'fisshmonger,' John Branthwayt 'clothpakker' and James Briggeham 'cocer,' all of London, to set free John Southam and John Southam chaplain, if taken at suit of Richard

of Richard Plommer at suit of John Berman and Agnes his wife. Aug. 4. Westminster. To the same. Like writ, mutatis mutandis , by mainprise of Richard Broun of London 'bakere,' John Symond and John Brenchesley of Surrey and Henry

of Elizabeth late the wife of John Fryke and daughter of Sampson Norton otherwise Dykes, to Nicholas Wollebergh citizen and fishmonger of London, Thomas Squery (Sqwery) of 'West Wikham,' John Whitwelle, John Hille and John Stachesden citizens of London, their

Close Rolls, Henry V 1422 1422 Nicholas Carreu to Roger Heroun, John Brymmesgrove clerks, John Martyn, John Cornwaleys, Thomas Hayton and John Gaynesforde, their heirs and assigns. Charter with warranty of the manors of Nutfelde, Karsalton, Norbury and Bedyngton

Berwyk, William Bullok and John Bradshawe, and to the heirs and assigns of Richard Marchall. Charter with warranty of the manor of Thorleigh cos. Hertforde and Essex. Witnesses: Geoffrey Josselyn, John Blecche, Robert House, Robert Huberd, John Drye. Dated 15

1466 Membrane 19 d . 953 Sept. 18. Indenture between John Wilteshyre on the one part and John Asplon on the other, witnesseth: that John Wilteshyre demised to farm to John Asplon his manor of Heyden, and all other lands

John Elryngton etc. in capital demesne as of fee etc. Witnesses: Henry Fissher clerk, Bartholomew Burton, Richard and John Nicoll, Ralph Smyth, Alan Braynt, John Lambe. Dated 2 December, 17 Edward IV. Letter of attorney of Edward Chalkhill, appointing

John Warde, £5; Nicholas Brembre, £5; William Walworth, £5; John Pyel, £5; Adam Stable, £5; John Redyng, £5; Nicholas Twyford, £4; Robert Launde, £4; John Kyrketone, £4; John Estone, £4; John Clyvelee, £4; Thomas Reynham, £4; John Hoo, £4;

of John Clausi 11/2 d. of Mr. John Hanse 1/2 d. Obit of Ralph Ergham nil , because accounted for by the communar and the annuellars' college of John Menyman, 2nd year 1 l. 6 s. 8 d. of John

7. 97 . William Babyngton, Henry Barton, Richard Bokelond, Nicholas James, John Guy, John Lenyng, the elder, John Lenyng, the younger, Richard Osbarn, John Carpenter, the younger, and John Stafford, and Richard Marlawe, citizen and "iremonger" of London. The manor

and counsel John,John and John in the expedition of the matters aforesaid. [ Ibid . ] The like for the following: John Randolf, with John de Batesford and John de Kirkeby, for cos. Southampton, Surrey and Sussex. John de

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