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levied etc. in co. Southampton. John de Bradele of London, merchant, acknowledges that he owes to John de Northhalle, 20 l .; to be levied etc. in co. Middlesex. Dec. 10. The Tower. Master John de Kylnhirst, parson of Botehill

, John, butcher, 84; clerk, 56 Wyre , John atte, weaver, 84 Wyrkelot , John, 208 — — Emma, w. of, 208 Wysebech , John, of Cambridge, 241 Wysmar , Katerine, mercer, 75 Wytemay , John, 290 Wyther , John,

Roger de Depham, John atte Pole, Agnes la Forester, Henry Goldyng, Margery Arnold, William le Vikere, John de Wyrhale, William le Keu, Sabina Patriks, Robert Bachiler, Augustine Kerlyt, John le Rede, John Patrik, John Colle, John Skyn, John Hemmyng, Thomas

John de Pounteney on the south and the high way on the north, which John Page with others had by feoffment of William Strete of 'Oldeforde.' Witnesses: Walter Grene esquire, John Tregous, John Stykker, Thomas Skelton, John Gybbys 'brewer,'

Brook, John Humber, William Repon, John Davy, John Riche, "taillour," Henry Sadelere, John Ballard, Robert Wandelyng, John Trum, Alexander Marcowe, John Gryffyn, Reginald Becham, John Riche, junior, John Parkere, John Serle, William Englisshe, Elyas Herdyll, John Chapman, John Sherman, John

John Malewayn 80 l .; to be levied, in default of payment, of his lands and chattels in the county of Buckingham. Cancelled on payment . Enrolment of release by Edmund Hardel, citizen of London, to John son of

de Ayate, John Clerc, John Blyseworth, both of Shaldeston, Robert Undurne, John Herber de and Walter Blundell of Shaldeston, if taken at suit of John prior of Luffelde and brother Adam de Estneston monk his fellow averring threats. John Sondes

which he had by feoffment of John Longe, John Cooke and Alice his wife. Witnesses: Geoffrey Chaucer, Hugh de Midelton, Richard Rowe, John Fox, Thomas Baker, William Couper, John Longe, William Symond of Grenewyche, John Cheseman of Depford. Dated Combe,

earl of Stafforde, Lewis Robbyssart lord Bourghchier, Reynold West, Maurice Bruyn, Edward Benstede knights, John Merbury, Richard Baynarde, Robert Darcy, John Terell, John Russell, Lewis John, Richard Fox, Robert Molyngton esquires, Richard Durivalle chaplain and William Fawkeswelle, their heirs and

immovable, his property and debts whatsoever in the city of London or elsewhere within the realm. Witnesses: John Bate, William Hill, John Shawe, John Louthe. Dated 28 June 8 Henry VI. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 24 July this year. Tested by

and John Clypsham and to the heirs and assigns of John Clypsham. Quitclaim of the manor of Cottesmore co. Roteland. Dated 18 February 11 Henry VI. Memorandum of acknowledgment, 19 February. John Penne citizen and mercer of London to John

Westminster. John Aleyn citizen and mercer of London to John Holande esquire. Recognisance for 30 l ., to be levied etc. in the city of London. Condition, that he shall pay 30 l . wherein he is bound to John

Tomkyns and John Carles. Quitclaim with warranty of all lands, rents and services in Tatynton co. Hereforde late of Robert Awbrey his grandfather and William his father. Witnesses: Thomas Walleweyn of Stoke, John Mattyston, John Coke, John Page, John Mouger.

20 d . Alice late the wife of John Fairfax of Bayford and Richard Fairfax their son, to John Fortescu knight, John Cheyne of Pynner esquire, Thomas Yong, John Gogh, John Nicoll, John West, William Boteler, Robert Hawde and William

Rolls, Edward IV 1469 1469 167 Henry Bedefelde clerk, William Harpoll and Henry Lote, to Sir John Cheyne, Thomas Lokton esquire, John Weste and John Asplon 'gentilman,' Thomas Gylmyn and Robert Holder, their heirs and assigns. Charter of 221/2 acres

of Thame, is bound to William de Hilton, Sir John Wyndout and John James in 111 l . 13 s . 4 d . by the preceding recognisance, William, John and John grant that if the abbot and convent of

21 days. Cornwall. John de Albo Monasterio and William Brun 12 l . 8 s . for 31 days. Lancashire. William de Atherton and John de Holcroft 12 l . 8 s . for 31 days. Herefordshire. John Eynesford and

York. Like writ, mutatis mutandis , by mainprise of John Tirsalle, John Kendall, John Thornlay and John de Glatton, in favour of John Kent of Wakefeld, Adam Robert of Wakefeld, John Robert of Wakefeld, William del Chambre of Wakefeld and

the said Eleanor. Witnesses: John Burgeis, John Hervy, William Hervy, William Laurence, John Snyterle, John Clement, John Batman. Dated Wrastlingworth, 28 August 44 Edward III. Adam de Kent of Wrestelinworth and John Tubbe of Grantisdene to John Broun citizen of

before John Knyvet, Thomas de Ingelby and John de Cavendyssh or two of them at days and places of which he shall have notice, and bringing this writ; as the king has appointed the said John Knyvet, Thomas and John

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